Carhartt CEO's vaccine mandate sparks boycott controversy among staff


    I. Introduction

    A. Carhartt appeals to both rural workers and urban hipsters with its rugged outdoor gear

    B. Controversy dividing Carhartt's customer base over workforce vaccine mandates


    II. Carhartt's response to Supreme Court ruling on vaccine mandates

    A. Internal memo from CEO Mark Valade

    B. Despite Supreme Court ruling, Carhartt maintains mandatory vaccination program

    C. Unvaccinated workforce poses both people and business risk

    III. Public reaction to Carhartt's vaccination stance

    A. Calls for boycott

    B. Division between support for vaccination requirements and seeing them as an intrusion on personal freedom

    C. Unvaccinated tend to be higher in Republican-leaning areas

    IV. Legal implications of vaccine mandates

    A. Supreme Court ruling on Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requiring employers to vaccinate or test workers

    B. Private companies still able to require staff to get vaccinated

    C. About 36% of Americans say employers require them to get vaccinated, according to Gallup

    V. Examples of companies with vaccine mandates

    A. Citigroup

    B. United and Delta airlines

    I. Introduction

    - Conservatives generally support private companies operating without government regulation

    - COVID-19 health regulations and vaccinations have become politicized

    II. Carhartt's vaccine mandate

    - Carhartt implemented its own vaccine mandate

    - Some conservatives criticize the mandate as "medical tyranny"

    - Carhartt reports that the majority of its employees are vaccinated

    - Exemptions were given for medical and religious reasons

    - The deadline for vaccination has been extended to February 15

    III. Carhartt's statement

    - Carhartt issued a statement explaining their decision to implement a vaccine mandate

    - The company believes vaccines are necessary to protect the workforce

    - Carhartt respects varying opinions on the topic

    IV. Conclusion

    - Carhartt's vaccine mandate has caused controversy among conservatives

    - The company stands by their decision to prioritize workplace safety


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