Discover 6 Incredible Ways to Stop Your Computer from Freezing (#5 Will Blow Your Mind!)

Is your computer experiencing random freezes and you don't know why? Do not despair! In this article, we will provide you with six solutions to prevent your computer from freezing constantly. Additionally, we will offer you a professional data recovery software such as MiniTool Power Data Recovery to help you recover any lost data.

Why Does "Computer Keeps Freezing" Happen?

According to, many users complain about their computer freezing. Take, for example, the following real-life case study:

    "I built my computer a few months ago, and now it randomly freezes. Sometimes it freezes for 5-10 minutes, and others I have to restart it manually. I even disabled some programs such as Skype, which fixed the problem for a week, but now it's doing it again."

    At this point, you may be curious about how to fix a computer that keeps freezing. This article covers all the possible causes and solutions for this issue, as well as providing you with professional file recovery software.

    Most Common Reasons for "Computer Keeps Freezing"

    To identify the actual causes of your computer freezing, it's essential to consider the following ten most common factors for Windows 10, Windows 8, and Windows 7.

    1. Multiple Programs Opening

    Every program needs internal and external resources to operate efficiently. If your computer runs multiple programs simultaneously, it may not have enough memory or computing power to support them all. Therefore, try right-clicking the Windows logo key and selecting "Task Manager." Under the "Processes" tab, locate the frozen program and click "End Task." We recommend running only the necessary programs at a time.

    2. Driver Corruption or Errors

    Drivers facilitate communication between hardware devices and the operating system. Outdated or damaged drivers could cause your Windows to freeze, so make sure always to keep your drivers updated.

    3. Overheating

    High-temperature levels can slow down your computer, eventually leading to freezing. If the temperature rises high enough, it can also damage your system's processor. Therefore, to avoid this, make sure your computer is adequately vented. Do not use computer casing in harsh environments.

    4. Low RAM

    If your computer frequently and regularly freezes, insufficient RAM may be the cause. Consider upgrading your RAM or reinstalling the operating system to solve this issue.

    5. Incorrect BIOS Settings

    Changing BIOS settings can cause your system to freeze. Resetting the BIOS to default settings could fix your freezing problem.

    6. Faulty External Devices

    Defective USB drives and external devices such as a mouse or keyboard can also cause your computer to freeze. Try connecting one device at a time to identify the root cause, and update the USB device drivers to resolve the "computer keeps freezing" issue.

    7. Malicious Software

    Computer viruses can be problematic, leading to system freezes. Regular antivirus scans are necessary to prevent this situation.

    8. Damaged or Deleted System Files

    Our findings suggest that missing or corrupted system files are among the primary reasons for computer freeze on Windows 10/7.

    9. Insufficient space on C drive

    Your operating system requires space to function correctly. When the C drive is running out of space, this can result in your computer freezing.

    10. Software Malfunctions

    Third-party software, regardless of the source, may cause your computer to freeze. Programs that consume a significant amount of memory or attempt to access resources beyond Windows' capacity might overwhelm your system, leading to hanging and freezing. Updating all third-party programs on your computer is a recommended solution.

    Other causes of computer freeze issues include damaged memory cards, insufficient disk space, and more. Our focus is to resolve "Computer Keeps Freezing" without affecting your data. Let's discuss how to safeguard your data while addressing the problem.

    How to Fix a Frozen Computer

    Method #1. Free Up C Drive Space

    The location of system files is on the C drive. When it's full, Windows 10/7 may start freezing. As a result, maintaining enough free disk space on C drive is essential. You can try removing unwanted data or software from your C drive to free up space or use MiniTool Partition Wizard to allocate more space.

    Method #2. Update Drivers to the Latest Version

    Utilize the best driver update software or use Windows Update to ensure all device drivers are updated. Follow the steps below:

      1. Right-click the Start button on Windows 10/8, or click Start on Windows 7. Then select Device Manager (You can use the search box to find Device Manager).

      2. Give priority to the device category you want to update.

      3. Click on the device icon or name and select Update driver (Update Driver Software on Windows 7).

      Method #3. Run Memory Check

      If you suspect your computer has memory issues, use the Windows Memory Diagnostic utility with these steps:

        Step 1: Press Windows + R, type mdsched.exe, then press Enter.

        Step 2: Choose between 'Restart now and check for problems (recommended)' for immediate scanning or 'Check for problems the next time I start my computer' if you prefer later scanning.

        Step 3: Windows will restart, and a tool will appear, showing the memory check's progress.

        Method #4. Run System File Checker

        To repair missing or corrupt system files, try the following steps:

          1. Launch a Command Prompt app with administrative privileges.

          2. Type sfc/scannow and press the Enter key.

          3. Windows will scan your computer and repair damaged system files if any issues arise.

          Step 1: Input the phrase Command Prompt into the search box on your Windows operating system and utilize a right-click on Command Prompt to select the Run as administrator option.

          Step 2: Following this, a pop-up window will appear and you should select Yes. Afterwards, type in the combination of letters and symbols sfc/scannow before finally pressing Enter.

          Step 3: Windows will autonomously scan your entire system, detecting and potentially repairing any corrupted files it discovers.

          Step 4: Type exit and press Enter to finish up the process.

          We recommend reading the informative article The Detailed Information about System File Checker Windows 10 for further insight into this method's intricacies.

          Method #5. Initiate a System Restore

          If the solutions provided above do not resolve the freezing issue on your Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7 computer, there may be overarching system corruption present. In that case, a system restoration should be attempted.

          Note: A system reinstallation, whilst it would resolve the "Computer keeps freezing" conundrum, would result in the loss of all data present on your PC. Backing up your data beforehand is highly advisable.

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