Fixing Your iPhone's Flashlight

If your iPad Pro or iPhone's flashlight isn't working or is grayed out, you may be wondering, "Why won't my flashlight turn on?" Given how often we use our smartphones, it's understandable that you'd like to find a solution as soon as possible.

For what reason won't my flashlight switch on?" If the flashlight feature on your iPad Pro or iPhone is disabled or grayed out, you'll want to restore it as soon as possible. After all, the iPhone's flashlight is a daily essential for the vast majority of us. Let's go over the steps to restore the light functionality of your iPhone, whether you have an older model like the iPhone 6 or 7 or a brand newer model like the iPhone 11 or 12.

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An Issue With Your iPhone's Flashlight Find Out How to Repair the iPhone's Flashlight

We've already covered the basics of accessing the flashlight on your iPhone, both from the Control Center and the Lock Screen, as well as adjusting its brightness. But what do you do if your iPhone's flashlight doesn't work, or if the icon for the flashlight is grayed out? Keeping in mind that only iPad Pros with a rear camera flash have flashlight capabilities, we'll do some iPhone troubleshooting below and get your iPad Pro or iPhone flashlight working again. Check out our daily Tip of the Day for more helpful iPhone guides. Okay, so let's get started.

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Nothing happens when you press the flashlight button, and the light doesn't turn on.

Can We Argue Your Point?

This may seem absurd, but we need to work backwards from the simplest explanations. When was the last time you upgraded your iPhone case? Remove your new iPhone case if its design prevents you from using the camera or flash. Further, your iPhone's camera may not work properly if your case is magnetic or metallic.  

Get in touch with Apple Technical Support

contact apple support

If the Flashlight icon or button is not grayed out on your iPhone, but the light still won't turn on, you may have a hardware issue and need to contact Apple support. Free assistance is available for the first 90 days after purchase. Devices covered by Apple Care or comparable insurance plans can be serviced for a service fee or deductible.  

Disabled Light Source Icon Fixing the iPhone's Flashlight

Have you charged your iPhone recently?

Having a low battery is a possible explanation for your iPhone's ineffective flashlight. When your iPhone is set to Low Power Mode, it reduces the amount of power it consumes, but you lose access to a number of features. Until you turn off Low Power Mode or your iPhone reaches 80% charge, it will remain on.   

Is There Too Much Heat or Cold on Your iPhone?

iphone too hot

No doubt you already know that extreme temperatures, such as those of -4 degrees Fahrenheit or more than 113 degrees Fahrenheit, can damage your phone. Your iPhone can get damaged in a few ways if it gets too hot. The charging process will slow down or stop altogether, the screen brightness will decrease or even turn off, the camera flash will be disabled until the phone cools down, and more. Let your phone return to room temperature if it gets too hot or cold, but don't put it in the fridge or freezer to hasten the process.

Eject your iPhone's memory card and quit the Camera app

Both the Camera app and the flashlight app on your iPhone use the same built-in LED flash. If your Flashlight icon is grayed out, it's because you're trying to use it while the Camera app is open.

Flip the switch in the camera app to activate and deactivate the flash.

Several users in this Apple support thread reported success after cycling the flash on and off while using the Camera app in Video mode. Then again, some users have reported success by turning on the flash in the Camera app and then closing it. That is to say:

  1. Bring up the camera program.
  2. Choose Video from the tabs at the very bottom, then the Flash icon up top.

    iphone photos app tap the flash icon

  3. Tap On
  4. Tap Off

    tap on turn iphone flash off

  5. Don't forget to quit the Camera app!

Please restart your iOS device.

If you're working on something in an app that doesn't automatically save, make sure to save your work before quitting. Once your iPhone has finished rebooting, try again.

Try a Full Reset on Your Apple Device

If your iOS device's flashlight continues to malfunction after a restart, you may need to perform a hard reset. Procedures vary marginally depending on whether or not the iPhone in question has a Home button.  

Modify Your Command Panel Preferences

Some iPhone owners have reported success with fixing their flashlight by removing it from the Control Center and then reinstating it. How? Read on!

  1. Launch the system preferences menu.  
  2. Use the Main Menu to Manage Everything

    iphone settings app iphone control cetner settings

  3. To disable the flashlight, select the minus sign in the red circle.
  4. Select "Remove" to take the torch off the Settings screen.

    tap the minus symbol next to flashlight remove item from iphone control center

To restore the flashlight after a hard restart, open Control Center Settings, and tap the plus sign inside the green circle next to Flashlight.

All iPhone Settings Will Be Reset

If tinkering with Control Center settings doesn't fix the problem, resetting your iPhone or iPad Pro to factory defaults might. Taking this action will not delete your data, but it will require you to undo any alterations you've made to the default settings. For this purpose:

  1. Release the app's settings
  2. Play the General

    iphone settings app general iphone settings

  3. Tap Reset
  4. Just hit the "Reset All Settings" button.

    reset all iphone settings

Take advantage of Apple's newest iOS version.

The reason we keep recommending updating your iPhone's software is because it actually does help with a wide variety of issues. Please update your iPhone to the most recent version of iOS right now. It's possible that this will fix not only the flashlight but also the other minor issues you've been having.  

Use an iCloud Backup to Restore Your iPhone

If your iPhone's flashlight is still malfunctioning, restoring it from a previous iCloud backup may help.  

In order to return your iPhone to its original settings, you must perform a factory reset.

You should try this before contacting Apple Support about a software problem. The contents of your iPhone's storage will be erased if you perform a factory reset, so it's imperative that you make an iCloud backup first.  

Apple Customer Service

You should contact Apple if you've already tried all of these solutions and the flashlight icon is still grayed out.  

Our sincere wish is that your flashlight is now shining brightly and efficiently. Next, you'll find out why and how to fix a common issue: shaky iPhone camera footage.

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