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How to Get Rid of House Flies and 5 Other Causes

Do you ever look around your home and wonder, "Why are there so many flies in here?" It may seem like the flies appear out of nowhere one minute, and then disappear again the next.

How many times have you looked around your home and thought, "Why are there so many flies?" You can be enjoying a fly-free home one minute, and the very next minute, it seems like flies are appearing out of thin air and buzzing all over the place. House flies tend to congregate in dirty areas, and their droppings can contaminate whatever they land on next.

One of the most common types of insect pests is the fly, specifically the common house fly. When they decide a house is where they want to be, they will usually be able to get inside without much trouble. It's not necessarily cause for alarm if one or two flies find their way inside your home, but it is reasonable to be concerned if swarms of flies begin to appear.

Learn the ins and outs of fly infestations and how to eliminate them with the help of specialized methods and commercial fly control products.

Flies in the home

You May Be Misled by Their Temporary Availability

There is a 15-30 day lifespan for an adult house fly. There may seem to be little point in trying to get rid of house flies when they only live for a month and die off on their own anyway.

But that never happens. For as long as an adult fly lives, it lays eggs every day, eventually producing enough offspring to take its place. Flies multiply while you wait for them to die, and soon your entire home is infested with them.

An adult house fly can quickly produce offspring.

The worst thing about a house fly is that it never stops reproducing. Throughout its lifetime, it is capable of producing between five and six clutches of eggs, each containing between one hundred fifty and one hundred seventy. This means that a single fly in your home has the potential to produce over a hundred offspring. You might think you're looking at a cute little creature, but its population can explode faster than a speeding bullet.

Their chances of survival are greatly increased in warm environments.

There is a delicate balance between the conditions necessary for the survival and development of the eggs laid by an adult fly. Typically, a temperature of 75 degrees or higher is quite conducive to the development of these flies.

If you see an increase in the number of flies in your home, you can stop them in their tracks by maintaining a consistent and warm temperature for the eggs. The only way to stop adult flies is to kill them once they emerge.  

Fourth, any amount of decaying matter can provide an ideal setting for growth.

The adult house fly will lay eggs in the filth, and the larva will develop into the later, adult stage of the fly by feeding on decaying matter. Having a trash can close to the entrance, or a garbage disposal unit that leaks or has other problems, are both potential sources of indoor pollution and should be addressed as soon as possible.

If you've noticed an unexpected increase in the number of house flies in your home, it's likely because of some putrid decaying organic matter (anything from food to feces) Because of the abundance of garbage, houseflies can and will migrate from great distances to breed there.

Fifth, you're not doing enough to keep them out.

Once the flies are inside your home, you will need to take additional measures to eliminate them. To get rid of them for good, you'll need to use tools that target adult flies and limit the amount of time females have to reproduce and deposit eggs inside the home. Put in place the necessary safeguards to stop the already laid eggs from developing into adult flies.

Methods for Eliminating a Fly Problem

If you have had it with the house flies, you should take immediate steps to get rid of them. The first step in getting rid of house flies is to identify the source of their rotting food and dispose of it. Once the area is cleaned up, the flies will typically leave on their own. You'll need professional-grade fly control products for the ones that stick around.

In most cases, a combination of treatments is required for successful fly control. To get rid of the last of the house flies, you should use a pesticide (like Pyrid Aerosol) and a trap (like Musca-Stik).

First, make sure your house is clean and sanitary.

Sanitize the home

The most effective method of house fly control for businesses, as well as homeowners and property managers, will be thorough sanitation. In order to reduce the number of flies in your home, you should get rid of the rotting food source, the breeding areas, and the odors that attract them.

  • Keep trash can lids closed tightly and install fly exclusion measures to keep the pests outside where they belong. Keeping flies at bay requires a number of preventative measures, including (screens on doors and windows, crack sealing, and hole repair. )
  • Don't let garbage pile up, and have regular trash pickups.
  • Getting rid of pet poop and dead rodents or food that flies can feast on and breed in will keep the flies away.
  • Clean up your kitchen by mopping the floor, wiping down the counters, and throwing away any spoiled or rotting food that you may have sitting out or stored in the fridge.

The Second Step Is to Use Musca-Stik to Catch Any Remaining House Flies

Musca-Stik being hung to catch House Flies

Even after a thorough cleaning, some flies may linger in the house in search of a new breeding site or a food source. A Musca-Stik trap would be useful now. The Musca-Stik Trap is an inexpensive, pesticide-free trap that uses pheromones and a visual attractant to draw House Flies into the trap, where they are stuck. Musca-Stik traps are designed to kill house flies by preventing them from escaping.

To use, hang the trap where House Flies have been seen and then empty the pheromone packet into the trap's catch basin. The orange color of the Musca-Stik trap and the pheromones used to attract flies will quickly and efficiently catch any remaining houseflies.

3. Apply Pyrid Aerosol Spray

Spraying Pyrid to kill House Flies

We also suggest using Pyrid Aerosol to kill any lingering flies that have found their way inside. Flies can be killed instantly with this aerosol spray made from pyrethrum.

After giving the can a good shake, you can quickly incapacitate any House Flies you find in or around your home by pointing and spraying. A rate of 1–3 seconds per 1,000 cubic feet of air should be used when dispersing Pyrid Aerosol.

There should be no exposed food in the kitchen when spraying. Do not allow humans or animals back into treated areas for 15 minutes after ventilation has begun. Spraying in the kitchen should be followed by a thorough cleaning of all countertops and food preparation areas.

Summary and Implications

Where did all these flies come from in my home?

  • Flies can be attracted to your home due to factors such as decaying food, high temperatures, and the potential for breeding sites.
  • In just a matter of days, a few house flies can turn into hundreds inside your home. To prevent further infestation, you must eliminate the current population and prevent the developing larvae from maturing into adult flies.

Get Rid of Those Pesky Houseflies!

  • To eliminate the house flies that are invading your home, you must first properly clean the area and get rid of the garbage or other breeding source of the pests.
  • A combination of Musca-Stik traps and an effective insecticide, such as Pyrid Aerosol, should be used to get rid of any remaining house flies.
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