Is there a secret to the Kardashians' success?

You probably know who the Kardashians are, whether you're a reality show addict or a farmer in the middle of nowhere. You may be wondering why the Kardashians are so well-known and how they got there if you haven't been watching their reality show. The Kardashians may seem like they've always

You probably know who the Kardashians are, whether you're a reality show addict or a farmer in the middle of nowhere. You may be wondering why the Kardashians are so well-known and how they got there if you haven't been watching their reality show.

The Kardashians may seem like they've always been well-known, but think back to when that wasn't the case.

Kim Kardashian, as a teenager, dreamed of becoming famous, and the Armenian-American family we know and love today began as a typical (wealthier than most) American family, thanks to their lawyer father Robert Kardashian. The stars aligned for her, and we'll examine how the Kardashians and Jenners rose to fame.

The Kardashians: who are they, really? Check out their ancestry

One, Robert Kardashian was a well-known attorney.

American football player O.J. Simpson's close friend Robert Kardashian was a prominent attorney who enjoyed widespread fame. J Simpson He amassed a considerable fortune and provided comfortably for his loved ones while also facilitating their ascent to fame.

2. The O J The Trial Cast a Pall Over the Family

When Robert was placed on the defensive by O.J. Simpson, the name Kardashian began to gain widespread recognition. J killing his wife Nicole, he faced murder charges. Conflict arose when Kris, who was close to Nicole but believed O. was telling the truth, found out about his role in the trial. J was guilty However, despite their differences, the family worked together to maintain a harmonious dynamic until Robert's untimely death from esophageal cancer in 2003.

Bruce and Kris's Wedding

After Kris and Robert's divorce was finalized, she remarried former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner, who already had four children from a previous marriage. Bruce brought his own wealth and status into the marriage, which helped propel the family to stardom. Bruce (now known as Caitlyn) and Kris had two lovely daughters, Kendall and Kylie, to add to their family.

Partying with Paris Hilton and Kim

In 2003, Kim K made a brief appearance on The Simple Life as Paris Hilton's assistant, who was known for her impeccable ability to keep the latter's closet in order. The era saw her rise to fame as the "pretty brunette friend" of Paris after she was spotted out and about with the model. Kim began organizing and dressing other famous people before she became famous herself.

5. The Public Hears Kim's Tape

Which of the Kardashians' many accomplishments has brought them the most attention? That's Kim's tape, obviously The awkward truth is that her loved ones likely owe her a great debt. Kim's rise to fame can be directly attributed to the now-famous tape she made with her ex-boyfriend Ray-J. This video became an overnight sensation, earning Kim a whopping million in the settlement. Considering the breakup and the leaking of the tape, that's not too shabby.

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Ladies' DASH Boutique Number Six

Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe's passion for fashion led them to open a clothing store called DASH, which increased their prominence in society. Their store skyrocketed to fame and success, inspiring an E! spinoff series. called Dash Dolls, where young women competed to show off their customer service chops to the Kardashian women on television.

Season 7 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians premieres

Just flip on E! if you're curious about the Kardashians' rise to fame. You'll see that it's nothing but repeats of their reality show if you tune in.

The first episode of KUWTK premiered on E! in 2007, after Kris Jenner had pitched the idea of filming a reality TV show to Ryan Seacrest. A lot of people thought that the B-list reality show would eventually fizzle out, but we all ended up becoming hooked on watching the Kardashians' every move as they rose to international fame.

8, Kim's Notable Appearances

Kris never said no to an opportunity that came the Kardashian children's way because of the show. So, Kim accepted her spot on Dancing With the Stars despite the fact that she is notorious for her poor dancing skills, and as a result, she became even more well-known in the celebrity world. She also became famous in the modeling and adult magazine industries after doing a controversial photoshoot for Playboy magazine.

Getting Married to Kanye West, No. 9: Kim's Love Life

Kim Kardashian and NBA player Kris Humphries were married for 72 days, marking yet another milestone in the family's meteoric rise to fame. The unconventional conclusion to her widely broadcast wedding drew in millions of viewers. Critics said it was just another attempt to get on the front page, but the Kardashian sisters shot that down, saying that she would have chosen someone more well-known.

However, after Kim's divorce, she quickly fell in love with Kanye West, who had been pursuing her for some time. Kim's reputation was overhauled after the couple's shocking engagement, shocking pregnancy announcement, and spectacular wedding.

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Kim's Debut at the Met Gala

Kim was a guest of Kanye's at the 2013 Met Gala, and her patterned dress resembled a curtain. Kim, however, gained a whole new foothold in the celebrity world simply by showing up to this event. Aside from being Kanye West's wife and an entrepreneur, she was best known as the reality star who had an adult tape.

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Kimye's Debut on the Cover of Vogue

Kim's cultural acceptance as more than just a reality star culminated in a March 2014 cover of American Vogue, shot in a joint photo shoot with Kanye after the Met Gala. Kim Kardashian was immediately invited to sit front row (FROW) at fashion shows all over the world, marking the beginning of the Kardashians' acceptance into the fashion industry.

Modeling Career of Kendall Maxim

Kendall was getting contracts to walk in these shows while Kim was sitting front row. The long-legged Jenner became a household name in the modeling industry in 2014 after signing contracts with major designers like Dior, Channel, and Balmain.

Thirteen. The Beginning of Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie Jenner's career took an unexpected turn while Kenny was on the catwalk. Kylie's lip filler scandal led to the launch of her own cosmetics line, and her first product, a lip kit, sold out in seconds. Her company was so successful that she kept releasing new products and eventually signed a distribution deal with Ulta Beauty, putting her wares in more than a thousand locations.

14 - Kylie Jenner Becoming the Youngest Self-Made Billionaire in the World

Kylie became the youngest ever self-made billionaire at the age of 21 thanks to the success of her cosmetics line, surpassing Mark Zuckerberg's record of 23 years, 7 months, and 24 days. Her enormous wealth is unaffected by allegations that she "forged" her tax documents to make herself look like a billionaire.

It's hard to dispute the fact that Kylie's initial investment in her brand, which included the launch of Kylie Skin in 2019, has allowed her to amass a beauty empire that has even expanded into skincare.

15 The Visit of Kim to the White House

Kim's life took a complete about-face when she decided to study law like her father. Through her advocacy in the criminal justice system, she has freed several people wrongfully serving life sentences for crimes they did not commit. But her trip to the White House was the deciding factor; there, she persuaded President Trump to commute Alice Johnson's sentence and pardon her. In 2018, she helped pass the First Step Act, which made it illegal to shackle pregnant women in prison.

Is there a movement afoot among the Kardashians away from the limelight and into the legal profession? That, indeed, would alter the playing field.

As we've seen over the past decade, the Kardashians are a family in which anything can happen. We know only that we will be standing by with popcorn in hand to watch it all go down.

How do you feel about the Kardashians' meteoric rise to prominence? Leave a comment with your opinion on these divisive celebrities.

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