Preventing Your iPhone from Getting Too Hot

When your iPhone is working, even if it's just charging, the battery and other hardware inside generate heat, resulting in a warm device. Even though your iPhone has a heat-sink built in, it can still get too hot if its battery is old, there are too many apps open, or you're using it in the

When your iPhone is working, even if it's just charging, the battery and other hardware inside generate heat, resulting in a warm device. Even though your iPhone has a heat-sink built in, it can still get too hot if its battery is old, there are too many apps open, or you're using it in the sun.

To what extent do you use Android? Find out what to do if your Android gets too hot by reading up on the subject.

Even a little heat is tolerable, but when your iPhone starts to melt, that's a problem. It's possible that the battery is having an effect on your phone's internal components, or that a software issue is causing the processor to run at full power.

Your iPhone may get hot for a variety of reasons.

  • A defective battery A faulty battery will have erratic energy output. Overheating is a sure sign that it's working too hard. Don't ignore the warning to replace your battery when you receive it. To verify this, go to Menu > Settings > Battery.

  • It was left in the hot sun. The sun's rays can significantly raise the ambient temperature. Add to that the heat produced by all the functions your iPhone is designed to perform, and you have a very hot iPhone.

  • Too many active programs Your iPhone will have to work harder and get hotter if you have many processes running at once. To view all of the running programs on your iPhone, double-click the home button.

  • Intense precipitation One of the most energy-intensive things your phone can do is keep its screen on. It's no surprise that watching videos online causes a rise in temperature.

  • Poor conditions The brightness of your iPhone should adapt automatically to its surroundings. Lower brightness, which is commonly used indoors, is easier on the phone to handle.

  • Out-of-date computer programs or mobile applications Important bug fixes and new features are just two examples of what can be delivered by updates. It's possible that you're using a particularly resource-intensive but out-of-date program. Keep up with the latest patches that the developers are working on.

To prevent your iPhone from overheating, turn it into Airplane Mode, unplug it from the charger, and continue reading.

When your iPhone heats up, what happens

When your iPhone is left in a hot car, it can damage the battery and shorten its lifespan. It won't be immediately apparent, but your phone's performance will gradually degrade, and you won't be able to keep using it for as long as you'd like.

IPhones, thankfully, are built to shut off before they reach a dangerous temperature. It's hoped that this will keep the phone from cracking under stress. Concerned about your iPhone getting too hot? Apple has advice for that, too.

Apple's warning when your iPhone is overheating.

Do you worry that your iPhone will overheat and drain the battery? Your iPhone went through a hot spell? Have no fear. You can lessen the impact if you respond quickly. An iPhone can last for years if you take care of it, so don't throw away yours too soon.

But what if you forget to put away your phone? Overheating is a very remote cause of iPhone failure. Reason enough to learn some phone cooling techniques

If you're feeling the heat, it might be time to beef up your mobile security in case it's due to spyware on your iPhone or a hacked phone. While Apple places a premium on security, they are not without flaws and any gadget is vulnerable.

If your Wi-Fi network's security has been compromised, AVG Mobile Security for iPhone will let you know. Additionally, a virtual private network (VPN) is integrated into the premium version to ensure the security of all transmitted and received data. AVG Mobile Security is a great way to beef up Apple's security.

The secret to keeping your iPhone at an acceptable temperature

If your phone is overheating, you can easily cool it down by removing the source of the heat (such as a heat source or a software problem) and letting it sit. Any further action will only make things worse.

Here's how to cool down your iPhone if it's getting too warm:

Move quickly

The iPhone is vulnerable to heat. Your phone will be grateful that you took quick action to prevent damage.

Turn off the phone and remove it from the wall outlet. Take it out of the sun and set it down on a flat, smooth surface with nothing within a few inches of it. Restart it after it has cooled down for a while, but keep it in Airplane Mode until it has fully cooled down.

Put away that case

If your iPhone is getting too hot, try removing the case to improve airflow. If your iPhone gets too hot, it may malfunction. Don't put your naked phone near any heat sources or in tight spaces.

Ignore any fees

You prefer having your phone perform as few tasks as possible. The temperature of a battery can rise during charging. Tolerable under normal circumstances, but a serious issue if your iPhone is already at an angle of 90 degrees or more

Use your iPhone as a fan

Whether you use a fan or your breath, your iPhone can help you stay cool. Keep in mind that condensation can form if the phone is cooled too quickly, so be patient. More damage will be done to the phone by the water that forms in and around it than by the heat itself.

That's why your iPhone shouldn't ever see the inside of a freezer or fridge.

Follow these steps to cool down your iPhone.

If your phone is, you've done your best.

  • Somewhere cool and shady

  • Unplugged

  • It was removed from its packaging.

  • Turned off

Keep your phone in Airplane Mode and exit all background applications before turning it back on. That's about it, though you can always upgrade to better apps, such as a private messaging service.

The iPhone should be fine if the temperature stays the same after all this. If not, look for suspicious behavior. With the help of AVG Mobile Security, you can rest assured that your Wi-Fi connection is secure and that your passwords won't fall into the wrong hands. You can keep your phone cool and working properly by increasing its security.

Preventing Your iPhone From Getting Too Hot

Don't wait until your iPhone is on the verge of destruction before taking action; rather, be proactive. Taking these precautions will ensure that your iPhone never gets too hot. If you follow these instructions, you might also notice an increase in your iPhone's speed.

In order to prevent your iPhone from overheating, please follow these steps:

icon_01 Stay out of the sun.

A hot iPhone is a common problem, especially in the summer. Putting it in the shade is like giving an exerciser a cool drink after a strenuous session in the sun. The iPhone and its parts are most at ease in the coolness of the shade.

Keep your phone in the shade to prevent overheating. Having some shade makes electronics happier.

However, the inverse is also true: when temperatures are too low, electronics can fail. Avoid leaving your phone in the cold.

icon_02 Exit any open applications.

Running too many apps in the background at once can drain your battery and put a strain on your device's CPU. Icy temperatures on your iPhone could be due to this. To prevent your phone from expending unnecessary resources, you should close any background applications that aren't actively being used.

The process of closing apps may reveal a mysterious one. while iPhones are immune to viruses, they are not immune to other forms of malicious software or to malfunction. It's a good idea to check for malware and make sure your phone isn't tracking you if you notice anything suspicious.

Apps can be closed by returning to the home screen. To view all running applications, double-tap the home button and then swipe left or right on this screen. To exit an application, simply swipe your finger upward.

You can choose to conceal some apps on your iPhone if you need to secure them. Doing so will make it more difficult for unauthorized individuals to locate your iPhone, thereby increasing its security and privacy.

icon_03 Stay away from other electronics when using your iPhone.

When a device is in use, do you ever get curious and wonder if it could, say, boil an egg? You may be breathing the same air as your iPhone because electronic devices raise or lower the temperature of their immediate surroundings.

Let's pretend your phone is jumbled in with a bunch of other electronic gadgets in your bag. Can you tell me where all that steam is going to go? It can't bounce off of anything, so your phone will have to take the hit.

Make sure your phone has plenty of room to charge and is always turned off when not in use. Your iPhone shouldn't get too hot if you do that.

icon_04 Switch to airplane mode

When an iPhone is set to Airplane Mode, many functions are disabled, including those that increase the temperature. While in Airplane Mode, your iPhone will not send or receive data over the internet, look for a signal, or maintain a connection to other devices. That aids in maintaining a steady temperature.

icon_05 If you're using Bluetooth, disable it.

In order to search for and maintain a connection with a Bluetooth device, your phone needs to be powered on all the time. You can prevent your phone from getting too much of a workout and prolong its battery life by turning off Bluetooth when you're not using it.

Swipe up from the bottom of the screen and tap the Bluetooth icon until it is unlit to deactivate Bluetooth.

icon_06 Never sleep with it under your pillow.

As a result of careful engineering, the iPhone is able to dissipate heat effectively. However, if air can't circulate freely, your phone could overheat and malfunction.

Placing a hot phone under a pile of blankets or pillows won't help if it's already running a temperature. It's possible you'll be too sleepy to realize your phone is dangerously hot.

While this usually results in the phone shutting off on its own, there are cases where it could get dangerously hot. It's possible that your iPhone's security isn't up to snuff, or that some sort of odd app is preventing you from turning it off. The phone could catch fire if a component fails or if there is a power surge and flammable materials are nearby.

Once again, these are exceptional circumstances. But it's best to take charge of what you can: make sure your phone has adequate ventilation to prevent overheating, and install a mobile security app made specifically for iOS.

icon_07 Change the preferences

When the screen's brightness is turned up, it can quickly deplete the battery life of your phone. The brightness usually adapts to the surrounding light automatically, but this feature may have been disabled. You need it on

Accessibility Settings Display & Text Size to see if it's still active. Make sure that Auto-Brightness is activated by scrolling to the very bottom of the screen.

icon_08 Upgrade your software.

Maintaining the most recent app versions is essential. To download all available updates, open the App Store, select your profile from the menu that appears, then tap Update All. No harm will come from updating the app, as your preferences and data will remain unchanged.

icon_09 We must limit our time spent online.

Your phone's health may be suffering from constant use. The phone is small enough to fit in your pocket most of the time, and your eyes can only take so much screen time before they start to strain. If you notice a correlation between phone temperature and screen time, it may be time to switch streaming devices or start listening to podcasts.

icon_10 Change to low power mode

Battery life can be prolonged with the aid of low power mode, which does things like limiting the screen's on time in order to reduce power consumption.

Select Battery (green icon) from the list of options under Settings, and then select Reduced Power Consumption. Your iPhone will periodically disable this feature unless you manually enable it again. If your device is in low battery mode, the battery icon in the top right will turn yellow.

icon_11 Reboot your cell phone.

Your phone may have been overloaded, but restarting it may have eliminated that process.

Use AVG Mobile Security to keep your iPhone safe.

By following the aforementioned steps, you can prevent your iPhone from overheating. However, things can become more difficult if a hacker gains access to your device or data.

If you want to know if a network is secure before connecting to it, AVG Mobile Security's cutting-edge detection technology can help. By avoiding unsecured wireless networks, you can prevent data theft, battery drain, and other problems caused by hackers from ever reaching your phone.

In addition, the Photo Vault allows you to safely store private pictures and sends you notifications if your passwords are compromised. Check out AVG Mobile Security now.

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