Spotify Interruptions: 12 Tried and True Solutions

Tired of Spotify pausing every few seconds? Learn how to fix your Spotify account with these tried and true methods.

With Spotify, listening to music and podcasts is a breeze. However, it can be annoying if Spotify suddenly stops playing, especially if you're in the middle of jamming out to your favorite song.

Spending what little free time you have trying to resolve the issue can be a dealbreaker if you're constantly on the go. The experience makes you wonder if it's time to look for an alternative to Spotify. However, this requires you to give up your carefully arranged playlists.

Okay, but what gives What causes Spotify to intermittently pause, and how can this be prevented? Here, I'll go over a dozen tried-and-true methods that have been shown to work. The following guidelines will have you listening to crystal-clear sound in no time.

Turn Off All Electronics

Using Spotify on more than one device at once is a common cause of interruptions. When two people are using the same account, the other person's playback will pause whenever they hit play on their device.

Signing out of all devices where you may have signed into Spotify is the quickest and easiest way to fix this.

  1. Sign into your Spotify account from a web browser and click the Profile tab to access the Account Overview.

    Accessing Your Spotify Profile Page

  2. Go down and select the appropriate logout option(s).

    Sign out of all computers and mobile devices

Think Someone Has Hacked Your Spotify? Alter Your Login Information

Someone may have obtained your password and be using your account without your knowledge even if you are certain that you are not playing on any other devices.

One possible cause of your stuttering audio is a hacker trying to use your account to play music at the same time you are.

Do you fear that you may have been hacked? Please change your password and log out of all devices. What I mean is this:

  1. Enter your Spotify credentials into a new, secure tab on your browser.

    Creating a Private Browsing Session

  2. Click the "Set device password" link under "Account Overview" in Spotify.

    When prompted, select the option to "Set device password."

  3. It is your responsibility to select a strong password. If you want to be extra safe, you should also change your passwords for any affiliated services, such as Facebook or Apple.
  4. Access the Apps section of your Spotify Account Overview to view all of the connected apps and devices.

    Verifying external links

  5. When you go to Apps, all of your linked gadgets will be displayed. If you don't know what something is, click Remove Access to cut it off.

    Taking away access for unknown devices

Kill the power saver mode

Data Saver mode helps you save money on mobile data by restricting how much information is downloaded by apps when it's turned on. This option hinders audio quality by decreasing download speeds.

Here's how to tell if Data Saver is active:

  1. To adjust your Spotify preferences, tap the gear icon in the Spotify app on your mobile device.

    Selecting Spotify Preferences

  2. Flip the switch to turn off Data Saver if it's on.

    Turn off Data Saver by toggling the switch.

It's possible that the problem is not with Spotify but with the headphones themselves if you're using them to listen.

Problems with audio cutting out or pausing can occur with either wired or wireless headphones. Let's examine the following examples:

With wired headphones, the problem could start with an improper connection at the audio jack or a broken wire.

Ensure that your audio jack is firmly plugged in by listening for a soft click when you insert it. As an additional indicator that your headphone jack may be too loose, you can see if the jack wiggles when you move your headphones.

Assuming the audio jack is fine, the issue is likely to be with the cable. Fortunately, if the wire is broken, it can be easily fixed so that your audio continues to function normally.

Interference, when something gets in the way of your headphones' Bluetooth connection to your audio device, can cause your music to skip or even stop playing.

Wi-Fi networks, microwave ovens, and even physical obstacles or the length of cable between your headphones and your device can all cause interference.

Avoid listening to Spotify in congested urban areas, where a high concentration of Wi-Fi signals could disrupt your Bluetooth connection, and keep your device and headphones close together.

Turn off any electromagnetic-wave-emitting appliances, like a microwave, before using wireless headphones in your home.

Quit Running Apps

Spotify may pause or stop playing if you have other music playing, sound effects playing, or notifications playing on your computer at the same time.

If this is the case, try switching to Do Not Disturb mode or closing any other tabs or applications that might be making noise.

App Restart

Sometimes the simplest solution is the most effective one.

A clogged CPU or RAM could be to blame if Spotify suddenly stops working. The problem should be fixed after restarting the app. A simple closing and reopening of the Spotify app will accomplish this.

Please Re-Download Any Files You Have Saved While Not Connected

There is a chance that interruptions during downloads for offline listening will corrupt the files and make them unplayable. Your offline playlists may be impacted if songs abruptly stop playing after 10 seconds.

You can fix this by erasing your offline playlists and downloading them again. Here's the procedure:

  1. You can access all of your saved playlists and songs by going to "Your Library."

    To the Spotify Library We Go.

  2. A playlist can be redownloaded by clicking the green arrow button once it has been deleted from the downloads section and then clicking the same arrow again when it turns gray.

    The Spotify playlist download button

Stop Using the Power Saving Mode

Problems with Spotify pausing on mobile devices may be attributable to the use of battery-saving features such as Low Power Mode. If your phone does this to conserve battery life, it may cause some apps to malfunction.

For iOS

If you're using iOS and Spotify keeps crashing, try disabling Low Power Mode on your iPhone:

  1. Initiate a trip to the Preferences menu

    Changing iPhone preferences

  2. To disable low power mode, go to settings > battery > low power mode > off.

    Deactivate the iPhone's Low Power Mode.

On Android

These are the steps for disabling Android's Power Saving Mode:

  1. Open the Preferences menu.

    Accessing the Android system's configuration options

  2. To maintain your battery and electronic device, go to

    Android's battery and device maintenance options

  3. Toggle Button Battery

    Power Management Options for Android

  4. Turn off the Energy Saver Mode

    Android's Power Saving Mode Must Be Disabled

Force a device restart.

If you've already tried everything we've suggested and Spotify is still pausing, restarting your device may fix the problem.

Rebooting your device not only fixes any software issues, but it also allows it to download and install any updates that may have become available.

The specifics of this procedure will vary from device to device. To restart an Android, for instance, you'd press and hold the power button until the menu appeared, then select "Restart" from the list.

The Internet Connection Needs To Be Verified

Spotify may skip or pause if your internet connection is unstable. This is especially the case if you're not connected to Wi-Fi but instead using mobile data.

Launch a web browser and attempt to load a website to determine the quality of your internet connection. If the page loads slowly or not at all, the problem is most likely with your connection and not the website itself.

Try switching to a different Wi-Fi network or moving closer to your router to see if that helps your internet connection.

Disable Acceleration Hardware

This recommendation is for those who use the desktop version of Spotify.

When enabled, your computer's graphics processing unit (GPU) can be used to speed up processes. By default, this function is turned on.

While this can be useful, it also has the potential to cause Spotify problems, particularly if you're using an older computer. It's possible that the hardware in older machines is too weak to carry out the task at hand.

Here's the switch that disables it:

  1. Open the Spotify desktop app and select "Options" from the menu that appears.

    Accessing Preferences in the Desktop App of Spotify

  2. To access Hardware Acceleration, click View.

    Implementing Acceleration Hardware

  3. If you disable Hardware Acceleration, Spotify may take longer to load, and you'll be prompted to restart your computer before the change takes effect. Click OK

    Appropriately, I'd like to confirm turning off Hardware Acceleration.

Clear Your Spotify History

Caching information in a temporary location, or cache, can greatly improve app responsiveness. As time goes on, this folder has the potential to become overstuffed and cause problems. Perhaps the Spotify app is pausing because its storage is at capacity.

How to clear the cache varies from device to device.

For iOS

If you want to start fresh with Spotify on your iOS device, here's how to do it:

  1. Initiate a trip to Spotify's Preferences by clicking the menu button.

    Personal preferences for your iOS Spotify account

  2. Select Delete Cache from the Storage menu.

    Spotify cache removal for iOS

When using an Android device

If you want to delete all of Spotify's data from your Android device, you can do so by:

  1. Launch Spotify, then select Options.

    Spotify Android Settings Menu

  2. To clear your cache, go to Storage and then the Clear Cache button.

    Deleting Android's Spotify Cache

  3. When you click the button to clear your cache, a confirmation window will appear. Tap OK

In both PC and Mac formats

It should come as no surprise that clearing the cache in the Spotify Windows and Mac desktop apps works the same way. Here's what you can do if your PC version of Spotify randomly stops playing:

  1. To adjust your Spotify preferences, open the app and tap the Settings button.

    Entering the Spotify desktop preferences

  2. If you look under "Offline storage location," you'll find the address where Spotify keeps your offline data.

    Accessing Your Offline Spotify Library

  3. To purge the cache, go there and delete the corresponding folder.

    Disabling Spotify's caching on my computer

Get Rid of the Spotify App and Reinstall It

When Spotify stops working, sometimes you have to delete it and reinstall it. This will ensure that you have the most recent version of the app and give it a clean slate.

You should only do this if you have absolutely no choice; doing so will delete all of your playlists and settings.

In order to remove Spotify from Windows 11, do as follows:

  1. Start by clicking the Menu button, then type "Settings" into the search bar, and finally, click the

    Toggle Desktop Preferences

  2. Select Programs from the main Settings menu.

    Configuring Desktop Programs

  3. Select Tools & Apps.

    Using Programs and Functions

  4. To locate Spotify, please scroll down. Select the uninstall option via the menu's three dots.

    Eliminating Spotify from my computer


When it comes to music streaming services, Spotify is among the best available. However, it's possible that, like any app, it won't always meet the needs of its users. However, if you know how to fix these issues in a matter of minutes, you have no excuse to let these infrequent hiccups diminish your listening pleasure.

If you're having trouble with Spotify pausing, skipping, or not playing at all, try the following solutions.

Do you agree with these proposed changes? Do you know of any other solutions to Spotify's pause problems? Leave your thoughts in the section below.

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