Steering Wheel Vibrations: Three Common Causes

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Every time the wheel shakes, it's a bad sign for the driver. There's definitely something wrong with your car if this is happening, and it might also be a little scary and stressful for you to drive. The vehicle itself is to blame if the ride is jerky despite the smooth road. If you feel that your steering wheel is shaky, you should not wait for the problem to fix itself because doing so will only make things worse.  

A trembling wheel could have a number of causes, some of which you might not expect. The nature of the shaking could indicate what's wrong with your car and lead a mechanic to the source of the problem. As soon as you become aware of the issue, make a note of when it worsens. What about the question of whether it's worse at high or low speeds: What about when you apply the brakes, does it get even worse? A mechanic can use this information to figure out what's making your steering wheel wobble.

One: Uneven Tire Pressure

The most common and obvious cause of a trembling steering wheel is a loose or poorly attached grip. An unsteady feeling at the wheel can be a sign that your tires aren't properly aligned or balanced.

If this is the case, the shaking will be more subtle at low speeds than at high ones. Tire vibration from speeds of 50 mph or more is likely to become noticeable, though it may fade away again at higher speeds if you drive quickly enough.

Tire inflation pressure should be your first priority. Flat tires make it difficult to control your vehicle because of the imbalance they cause.

After checking that the pressure in each tire is correct, you should examine the tread. Tire rotation or replacement might be necessary if your tires are wearing unevenly. It's well worth it to improve the comfort and security of your vehicle's ride.

If your tires appear to be in good shape otherwise, the problem may lie between them and your steering wheel. Your vehicle's drivetrain components, including the tires and steering wheel, may not be able to communicate with one another if, for instance, your axle has been bent or damaged in an accident. Possible cause of jerky controls

The wheels themselves may be to blame for the shakiness if the steering wheel and the tires are not well coordinated. A loose steering wheel could indicate worn wheel bearings, broken tie rod ends, or loose ball joints. If you want to help a mechanic figure out what's wrong, writing down the times and distances when the shaking is worst can be very useful. Is the trembling more noticeable when you're making a turn, or when you're driving in a straight line?

Second, Issues with Brake Rotors

Your rotors may be out of round if braking causes noticeable steering wheel shaking. This means that the rotors have become worn, out of shape, and warped. As a result, your foot on the brake pedal may vibrate slightly as you apply pressure. Given the critical nature of the brakes to your ability to stop safely, it's imperative that you have this problem checked out as soon as possible.

But even if you've only updated braking system Having vibrations when braking is a major red flag. If the vehicle vibrates, it could be because the rotors weren't installed properly, preventing the brake pads from clamping together effectively. You should get your car checked out as soon as possible so the mechanics can tell if your brake rotors need to be resurfaced, replaced, or just adjusted.

It's also possible that the brake pads are worn out. In the event that the rotor is undamaged, one should shift focus to the brake pads. With the brakes on, the vibration should increase, indicating a problem in the braking system. Even though the rotors and pads are where the problem is most likely to be occurring, the whole system should be checked out to make sure.

Deteriorated Suspension Parts

There are other potential issues that can arise besides those with the tires and brakes. concerns with the suspension and the alignment to make the vehicle tremble while driving Older cars are more likely to shake due to a worn ball joint or tie rod than newer ones, so if you've had your car for a while, give it some extra thought.  

Simply put, once you get your car up to speeds above 45 mph, you'll begin to feel some pretty severe vibrations because the suspension components have become loose and developed play. If this describes your car's behavior, you should get it to a repair shop as soon as possible to prevent the problem from getting worse.

Reasons for a Vibrating Steering Wheel and How to Fix Them

Although the aforementioned three reasons for a shaky steering wheel are the most likely, they are not the only ones. Different issues with the engine can cause vibrations throughout the car, but you may only feel them in the steering wheel. It's possible that the spark, air intake, or fuel delivery systems are to blame for these issues. You should take your car to a professional mechanic as soon as possible if you have read the list above and are still unsure of the cause of the shaking steering wheel.

The Steering Wheel Is Vibrating; What Should I Do?

The specifics of the situation will dictate the best next steps, but if your steering wheel begins to shake, you should always call for assistance. The problems you've been experiencing may be indicators of a more serious issue that will either shorten the life of your car or make it unsafe to drive. Go get it checked out by a professional mechanic who can tell you exactly what's wrong and how to fix it.

Mechanical Services in Western Washington for Automobiles

Greg's Japanese Auto now has eight convenient locations in and around the greater Seattle area. You can rely on our specialized knowledge whenever your Japanese-made vehicle's steering wheel begins to tremble. We have the expertise to quickly identify the problem and implement the necessary fixes to keep your car on the road for as long as possible. Contact us today if you want to set up a meeting

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