Sunglasses are commonly seen on the blind.

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In most fictional works, the protagonist wears sunglasses even if they are completely unable to see without them.

A Television Show Based on Reality For safety or other reasons, a blind person may choose to wear sunglasses.

  • Many people who are totally blind still have some limited ability to perceive light and shadow, which can make navigating their environment extremely challenging. or they can't see the sunlight, but it hurts their eyes if they come into direct contact with it because they're so sensitive. this is especially true for people who have recently had surgery or are otherwise healing from eye trauma.
  • Cataracts, which cause clouding of the corneas, are another common cause of sunglasses.
  • On the other hand, it can be unsettling for the sighted to try to strike up a conversation with a blind person because their eyes aren't focused on them or facing forward.

The elimination of the need to draw uninterested stares from TV viewers is a boon to the creative process of animators. even though their eyes are open, sighted live-action actors playing blind characters can still see what's going on around them without breaking character.

Sunglasses are a common accessory for the Blind Black Guy. If you're looking for an alternative (albeit less convincing) way to show that a character is blind, check out Prophet Eyes. If a character is feigning blindness, they will likely be donning sunglasses. Sunglasses at night could be justifiable. Totally unrelated to "Blind Without 'Em."


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Japanese Animation and Comics

Graphic Novels

  • Natalia, the blind musician portrayed by Emilka Sza, always has on a pair of black glasses. She makes fun of this stereotype head-on at one point, saying it's funny to her that everyone assumes blind people wear dark sunglasses. She proudly proclaims, "Cose it's make me look cool," when her cousin Eric comments on her habitual use of black eyewear.
  • The blind lawyer Matt Murdock, aka "Daredevil," always has his sunglasses on. Matt's sunglasses, when depicted, usually look like a red pair of coolness.
  • Doreen, a blind member of Monica's gang, is frequently spotted with her sunglasses on.

Devoted to the Creation of Fan Fiction

  • What if Tobias wasn't trapped in morph at the end of "What if Tobias wasn't stuck in morph?" and other Animorphs alternate universes. It's nighttime in a dark alley, and Loren is wearing sunglasses, which is one of the ways Tobias figures out that she's blind.

Movies – Cartoons

  • In the sequel to "All Dogs Go to Heaven," David dons a pair of sunglasses and pretends to be a blind boy accompanied by Charlie, Itchy, and Sasha.
  • Throughout One Crazy Summer's animated Show Within a Show segments, the character representing Love wears dark glasses and uses a cane to get around because he is blind. He is also a baby with wings and a diaper.
  • Disney's Robin Hood (1973) uses this trope when he puts on a ragged shawl and some tinted glasses to pass himself off as a blind beggar. When Robin and the cruel Sheriff of Nottingham are at Skippy's birthday party, Robin is able to fool the Sheriff with his disguise.
  • The three blind mice in the Shrek films all sport pince-nez frames.

Pictures, Real Life

  • Andhadhun's main character, Akash, plays dumb by claiming to be blind and completing the ruse by donning dark glasses.
  • The bathroom attendant in Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery is hidden behind a pair of sunglasses whenever Austin visits the casino's restrooms. This leads Austin to believe that the man is blind.
  • Toyed with in Eli's Book This book's protagonist has Cool Shades on for the majority of the film before revealing his blindness
  • The protagonists of Cats & Dogs: Revenge of Kitty Galore take a whale-watching trip. They know that only guide dogs are allowed on the boat, so they disguise Diggs as the old man's guide dog by putting sunglasses on him while he sleeps.
  • Ralphie wears sunglasses in his Imagine Spot about going blind from A Christmas Story. He appears to be winking at the camera from behind the glasses, implying that he is only wearing them to make it appear that he is blind while his distraught parents sob in the background.
  • Even when she's home alone, Deadpool's Blind Al wears a pair of huge black sunglasses. So it's even more impressive in her first scene, where she helps Wade at the laundromat by identifying the stains on his clothes based on their sounds and smells from across the room.
  • Called upon in Happy Death 2U To prevent the Dean (using her audition material for Helen Keller) from destroying the time-travel machine, Danielle puts on her glasses and pretends to be blind.
  • The Three Blind Mice in Dr. No all appear to be visually impaired thanks to their use of sunglasses and walking aids. However, in reality, they are hired killers working for Dr. No.
  • Both of Brother Sum's hired Musical Assassins wear protective eyewear, but only one of them is truly blind in this scene from Kung Fu Hustle.
  • Lycon, the eccentric junkie, tells The Hero of Minority Report that people with money to burn can circumvent retinal scanning. Lycon is blind, so he takes off his dark glasses to show his empty eye sockets when he says this line:
    The one-eyed man rules the land of the blind, Lycon says.
  • In Night on Earth, it is discussed what happens when a blind woman takes off her sunglasses.
    Taxi Driver: Don't the visually impaired always wear dark glasses?
    A Woman Who Is Blind Responds, "I Don't Know," Because She Has Never Met a Blind Person
  • The protagonist of the short film One-Eyed Men Are Kings takes advantage of this by putting on sunglasses and acting as if he were blind, despite his actual ability to see.
  • The teenage protagonist of A Patch of Blue, Selina, always has her sunglasses on because she is blind.
  • Sophie, the blind protagonist, wears a pair of sunglasses in the beginning of the novel while she is traveling to the house of her new sitting job.
  • Sneakers: One of the "white hat" hackers, Whistler, is blind and therefore must wear sunglasses at all times. If you're wondering how a blind man like Whistler ended up on a hacking team, know that his exceptional hearing allows him to detect things like the activation of sonic sensors and dial tones that indicate the best lines to use. use for "phreaking"
  • According to Holy Scripture, the Federation President is blind and must wear these pince-nez sunglasses in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Bible says they give him vision like Geordi's VISOR from Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  • Shhh! A blind street vendor of novelty items and souvenirs is a member of the Resistance. Blindness is indicated by the black glasses he wears.
  • In the film Trading Places, con man Billy Ray Valentine takes advantage of him at the beginning by disguising himself as a disabled and blind Vietnam War veteran. His eyes would naturally follow whatever caught his attention, but his sunglasses make it look like he can't see.
  • The first time Commander Clement meets Harvey "Blind" Pew, Pew is donning a pair of dark sunglasses. Clement knows without a doubt that Pew is blind because of the glasses he sees Pew wearing.


  • The old joke goes like this: "He wants to bring his dog into the bar, but dogs aren't allowed." Wearing sunglasses and acting like it's a seeing-eye dog is what his pal recommends. The bartender calls attention to the dog's Chihuahua breed. "They gave me a Chihuahua," the "blind" man says as the punchline. "


  • Multiple editions of Follow My Leader feature a young man wearing dark glasses on the front cover, as seen a href="MY_REDIRECT_PREFIX" target="_blank" rel="noreferrer noopener">hereimg src="/image/empty.gif" alt="
  • In the short story "Blindman's Bluff," Tommy wears dark glasses as part of his disguise as a blind detective, telling his client that he needs them because the restaurant's lights are too bright. As it turns out, he can see right through them and was just playing a joke on Tuppence.
  • The Miraluka are a race in Star Wars lore that, instead of having eyes, rely on the Force to perceive their surroundings. Sunglasses, or sometimes cloth strips, are worn almost universally, in no small part so that people won't stare at them. As Miraluka, the Dark Jedi Jerec, she also appears in Dark Forces.

Television with real actors

  • Jake Malinak, the protagonist's best friend, is blind and is always seen with his sunglasses on, according to Becker. He dates a blind woman named Nina in the episode "Sight Unseen," who also uses sunglasses to hide her eyesight.
  • Used as a comedic device in Black Books. After trying and failing to impress a blind piano tutor, his father, and grandfather (all of whom are wearing sunglasses in the episode's climax), the three main characters suffer a humiliating defeat in the episode's climax and finale. , as well as Bernard's potential new girlfriend The following day, everyone in the cast is seen wearing sunglasses: Bernard, who is hung over, Fran, who is trying to hide the tears that have been streaming down her face, and Manny, who has two black eyes thanks to an angry customer; he is also using a cane. The episode ends with a woman soliciting donations for the blind. only to find herself talking to three sunglassed people, one of whom was using a cane An awkward hush has fallen.
  • Boris: Stanis's character Giorgio goes blind after the Wham Episode and begins wearing sunglasses in the soap opera within a soap opera The Eyes of the Heart. Stanis tries to object because he doesn't want to play a blind character, but the writers assure him that Giorgio will be a Handicapped Badass and will continue to be the best doctor in town despite his disability.
  • In an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Boyle gets laser eye surgery and is apparently rendered temporarily blind.
  • In the CSI spinoff CSI: Vegas, Jim Brass wears sunglasses because the light bothers his nearly-blind eyes.
  • Blinded as a child by a chemical spill, Daredevil's Matt Murdoch wears a pair of bright red sunglasses. Though his vision is severely impaired, he lets people assume he is completely blind.
  • When the Twelfth Doctor experiences momentary blindness, he puts on a pair of "sonic sunglasses." Justifiable because they send some visual data directly to his brain
  • Used in conjunction with The Flash (2014). After the Villain of the Week temporarily blinds Barry, he chooses to conceal his condition (and avoid having to explain how it happened) by wearing sunglasses on his date with Patty. The glasses transmit live video to Cisco, who uses an earpiece to direct him through the night. Halfway through, however, Patty realizes he can't see, and this prompts Barry to remove the glasses and reveal the truth to her.
    Patty: If I couldn't solve this case, I wouldn't be a very good detective.
  • House of Anubis: After being blinded by a trap in the chamber, Amber spends the rest of the day sporting sunglasses, much to the bafflement of her non-Sibuna pals.
  • When Dean Fogg loses his sight in the pilot episode of The Magicians, he immediately starts donning sunglasses.
  • While Master Swoop does wear sunglasses throughout most of Power Rangers: Jungle Fury, he does remove them briefly to confirm that he is blind (after becoming irritated with Theo's waving of his hand in front of his face)
  • Shawn and Gus come to investigate a blind woman who is wearing sunglasses in the Psych episode "Cog Blocked." Subdued because, although she isn't blind, she does have an eye condition that requires her to always wear sunglasses.
  • Geordi La Forge, who is blind, wears sunglasses to hide his disability in Star Trek: The Next Generation's "Time's Arrow: Part II," because he is unable to use his VISOR in the year 1893.


  • The Who's "Pinball Wizard," from their 1969 album "Tommy," features a cover art illustration of a sunglassed Tommy. "That deaf, dumb, and blind kid / Sure plays mean pinball," the lyrics go. Tommy's knack for knowing the table layout and ball trajectory through intuition and smell has helped him make the high score list. What the heck is going on Since Tommy is such a pinball prodigy, I guess that makes A Wizard Do It


  • Anne Sullivan, the protagonist of The Miracle Worker, was born blind and underwent surgery to regain her sight as an adult, so her eyes are extremely sensitive to light. Helen Keller, a totally blind and deaf student, helped her avoid this situation.

In-Game Media

  • To Sum It All Up, Final Fantasy:
    • Classic games often used a pair of sunglasses to represent the "Blindness" status effect.
    • Conclusion to Final Fantasy XV: Fire of Science Eventually, after being blinded at the end of Chapter 9, they start using sunglasses. They are swapped out for visors after the Time Jump.
  • After about a week of racing CJ in the Badlands, Wu Zi Mu, clad in rectangular sunglasses, is revealed to be blind in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. His incredible good fortune, as explained by one of his helpers and the source of the nickname "The Lucky Mole," allows him to continue racing despite his blindness. "
  • Ian, the main character of Ian's Eyes, is blind and always wears sunglasses.
  • Blinded as a child, Movement operative Jov Leonov wears dark green glasses to conceal his sunken eye sockets in Psi-Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy. Leonov takes off his glasses just before his boss fight, scaring Nick Scryer by revealing that the Meat Puppet is following him so he can see through its own eyes.
  • Used for comic effect in The Secret World, wherein Council of Venice operative Carmen Preda lost an eye during a botched hunt. However, Carmen always goes barefaced while on the job, despite hiding her scars behind oversized sunglasses when she's off duty in Venice.
  • In the Tsuki Adventure, a blind traveler named Leonard is spotted on the train back from Hareshima.

Books with Pictures Instead of Words

  • Used in the game Ace Attorney: Apollo Justice Although Machi Tobaye uses his sunglasses as a signifier of his status as a blind musician, It turns out he can see perfectly fine. When not performing, Lamiroir, the real Blind Musician, does not use sunglasses.
  • Challenge of No Time: Delta has on tea-colored sunglasses to make it appear as though he is blind. The sunglasses' primary function is to obscure his odd purple eyes.
  • Lilly Satou avoided the blind but glasses-free Katawa Shoujo. It's unclear how much of the time she's covering them up because of the unsightly cataracts or because she doesn't use them at all. Another main character is blind by law and must wear extremely thick glasses to see anything at all.

Digital Cartoons on the Web

  • The Mole from Happy Tree Friends is blind and shuffles around with a red-tipped walking staff, a turtleneck sweater, and round sunglasses reminiscent of John Lennon's. Mole, being blind, has a dismal track record of making it through his cameos, though his co-stars haven't fared much better.

Cartoons on the Internet

  • Homestuck's blind Terezi Pyrope is easily identified by her signature red sunglasses. She also "stabs her way around" with a cane.
  • In case the name and the eye-searing purple and orange attire weren't enough of a hint, Old Blind Pete (formerly Eagle-Eye Pete) wears tea shades in The Order of the Stick. Perhaps the Thieves' Guild stabbed him in the eye twice as punishment for betraying its secrets.
  • Friend Rho helped the blind main character Sigma, from "Postcards in Braille," switch out his black glasses for a pair of red ones.

Animated Westerns

  • Clone High: Joan of Arc's foster grandfather is a blind old man who wears sunglasses that slide down to reveal enormous holes where his eyes should be.
  • Nickel poisoning causes Peter to go blind in "Blind Ambition," an episode of Family Guy. His next step is to don a pair of shades.
  • Kirk, a blind kid who used to pick on Leela at the orphanage, wears round sunglasses in Futurama. At the orphans' reunion, where Leela sees him for the first time, he is almost identical, right down to the sunglasses. Since he became blind, he has also lost his hearing.
  • What up, Arnold!
    • In the episode "April Fool's Day," Helga makes use of this. She puts on sunglasses when she acts blind.
    • The kids in "Das Subway" are trapped in a subway car with a few adults, one of whom is a Blind Black Guy in sunglasses who picks on Harold for his weight.
  • Fontaine wears sunglasses to hide his blind eyes (which aren't even eyes so much as they are Xs) in John Callahan's Quads!
  • In the Looney Tunes short Daffy Duck and Egghead, Daffy gives Egghead sunglasses, a cup full of pencils, and a "BLIND" sign around his neck after he is unable to shoot him.
  • Phoebe's father wears sunglasses in The Magic School Bus because he is blind.
  • Tomoe, Kagami's mother and a renowned Blind Weaponmaster, is depicted in Miraculous Ladybug with sunglasses covering her eyes.
  • Terrance, the blind protagonist of The Replacements, always has his sunglasses on.
  • In the Xiaolin Showdown episode "Treasure of the Blind Swordsman," an elderly blind man wears sunglasses. Though he doesn't need eyes to see,

In Context

  • In fact, many who cannot see clearly in daylight are either light-sensitive or legally blind. Migraines and eye strain from bright lights are still a possibility. Some people wear glasses to hide the fact that their eyes don't focus as well as those of a sighted person's. Then there are those who choose to ignore the opinions of the sighted by not wearing sunglasses.
  • Musician Ray Charles, who was legally blind, often hid his eyes with sunglasses when performing in public.
  • In the case of Roy Orbison, a pop singer, this was subverted. Many of Orbison's fans and audiences wrongly believed he was visually impaired because of his habit of performing while wearing dark sunglasses. That wasn't the case, despite the fact that they suffered from poor eyesight. The singer had to resort to wearing his sunglasses one night when he couldn't find his regular glasses on the road. The image appealed to him, so it became his signature.
  • Stevie Wonder, who is also visually impaired, is well-known for performing in sunglasses. He occasionally removes them for comic effect (i.e., to make jokes about his disability). e It's like "reading" the winner's card at a music ceremony.
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