The Cucumber Myth: Why Do Cats Hate Them?

Cats are the reason the internet exists. Cats and their wacky antics have always had a huge impact on the world of online memes, videos, and content sharing. The internet has devoted a large portion of its space to hilarious pictures of cats, from Can Haz Cheezburger and Lolcats to Grumpy Cat and Lil Bub.

Recently, however, there has been an upsetting trend of people filming their cats' extreme reactions to being tricked into eating cucumbers by hiding them from them. The reactions of cats can be quite spectacular, with some cats literally flipping out, jumping into the air in shock, and seemingly levitating as a result.

It's funny to us when a cat has an extreme reaction to something in a salad, but cats don't see it quite the same way. It's incredibly distressing for cats, and some have even hurt themselves trying to get away from the perceived danger.

What gives, then? Cats are supposedly afraid of cucumbers, but why? Do felines despise cucumbers?

This cat doesn't understand why cucumbers make them so nervous.

Some have hypothesized that cats avoid cucumbers because the fruits resemble snakes and felines have an irrational fear of reptiles. The idea that cats dislike being around snakes is plausible, but it's not totally correct.

Cats are more likely to be curious than fearful of snakes, despite the fact that cats and snakes are natural enemies. If presented with a snake, even one as small as a cucumber, a curious cat is likely to paw at it and investigate further.

Then why do cats have such a negative reaction to cucumbers?

Would your cat have the same extreme reaction if you presented a cucumber to it first? In reality, they might just give it a whiff, poke around a bit, and go about their day. There were no overreactions or anxieties

If anything, your cat will likely approach the cucumber with cautious interest due to its unfamiliar appearance, but you shouldn't expect any sort of dramatic freakout.

Then what, if not cats versus cucumbers, is responsible for such a strong reaction? The truth is that the cat is more startled by the cucumber's unexpected appearance than by the cucumber itself.

Hunting machines that are lean and mean

Cats are master hunters, with incredible peripheral vision and the ability to hear and react to sounds from all directions. Their sensitive noses can detect the faintest of scents on the breeze, and their perceptive ears are always on the lookout for faint noises that could indicate the presence of prey. Your cat is like a tightly wound spring, ready to snap into action at the slightest provocation.

If your cat has a bad reaction when something unexpected and potentially dangerous appears, it makes perfect sense. Poof It's as if a wizard from Harry Potter suddenly materialized.

Your cat has been sneaked up on, which is very unusual for cats (remember their heightened senses and early warning system).

Just what is this The antecedent to this is absent. To be honest, I didn't get any kind of warning Unfortunately, I was oblivious to its approach. Exactly how magical is this

Poor little Fluffy is bound to be alarmed. Comparable to when you're in the middle of an intense concentration session watching cat videos online and your boss walks in behind you. How shocking is that

Therefore, the element of surprise is more important than the type or shape of the fruit. It's possible that your cat would have the same reaction to an apple or a bunch of grapes (though we wouldn't advise trying this at home for the sake of your cat's health and happiness). Cucumbers, it so happens, have been the villainous fruit in all of these videos.

Just how much frightening your cat can cause

As you may have guessed, cats aren't fond of sudden or dramatic changes. We don't recommend sneaking up on or otherwise shocking your cat.

A startled cat will want to get as far away from whatever it is as quickly as possible so that she can evaluate it safely. Your cat may sustain physical harm as a result of the shock and subsequent flight from the situation, in addition to the emotional stress caused by the initial fright.

A common location for videos showing cats being startled in this way is right next to their food dishes. It's not a good idea (and it's pretty cruel) because cats usually feel safe around their food bowls and won't react well if something unexpected happens there.

It may take a long time, if ever, to repair the trust you and your cat have built up after experiencing repeated traumas of this nature. Sensing a lack of safety in a place that is supposed to make them feel secure can have a lasting effect on the mental health of cats, especially those that are more anxious by nature.

As a result, your cat may become irritable and unruly. Cats who have experienced trauma often display a variety of behavioral issues that can strain even the healthiest of relationships. It takes a long time to build trust with a traumatized cat, as any person who has rescued a kitten from bad circumstances can attest. From there, getting back to "Soft kitty, warm kitty" may seem like a distant dream.

You and your cat would be better off if you didn't try to sneak up on them with anything, whether it be a cucumber or a bunch of grapes.

Have fun with your cat without causing any lasting damage or laughing at its expense. The entire office would appreciate it if you would film your cats in a natural environment and post the video online.

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