The Secrets of Cat Purring to Control Their Human Companions

I. Introduction

- Questions that cat owners have about their pets

II. How do cats purr?

- Purring is caused by vibrations in a cat's larynx

- Previously believed to be caused by blood surging through the inferior vena cava

III. Why do cats purr?

- No definitive explanation for why cats purr

- Cats can purr for various reasons

- Domestic cats can use their purrs to solicit food from their owners by tapping into their nurturing instincts

IV. Conclusion

- Cats may use their purrs to manipulate humans and get what they want

I. Introduction

- Experts suggest that cats may purr not only when they are happy, but also when they are injured or in distress.

- Purring may help cats self-soothe and feel calmer or relieve pain.

- Cats may also purr to solicit help or when humans are not present.

- The function of purring in domestic cats needs further research.

II. Healing Effect of Purring

- Evidence suggests that the vibration of cat purrs may promote bone growth and heal soft tissue.

- The exact mechanism behind how the vibrations assist healing is not understood.

- Low-intensity vibrations have been found to promote the growth of crucial granulation tissue around injured areas in mice.

III. Conclusion

- No large-scale trials have investigated the effect of purring on humans.

- While the healing effect of purring needs further research, experts suggest that cats purr for various reasons and not just when they are happy.

- Dr. Lauren Finka, a feline welfare scientist, has conducted research on the function of purring in domestic cats.


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