The question remains, though, as to why Voldemort sought to eliminate Harry Potter.

Even after all this time, literature, and media, the question remains: why? Why Harry Just why did Voldemort single him out as the one to lead his army? Remember that Harry was the one who had to "die" in order to destroy Voldemort in The Goblet of Fire, and that he was an integral part of Voldemort's diabolical comeback plan. In any case, Voldemort was unaware of this. In that case, why did Voldemort have such a strong desire to eliminate Harry?

The prophecy about a boy whose abilities will spell the end for Voldemort inspired Voldemort's desire to kill Harry Potter. It was unclear whether or not the kid was Harry Potter or Neville Longbottom. In spite of this, Voldemort picked Harry because he believed he was his ultimate enemy and they shared a common history.

However, the prophecy's backstory is fascinating, and you can't learn about it unless you read the books. Neither the possibility that Neville was the Chosen One nor the scene in which Professor Sybil Trelawney relays the prophecy are shown in the films. If you're interested in learning more about the origins of this famous rivalry, read on.

The prophecy said what?

The search for Dumbledore's Divination professor began long before Harry's birth. Dumbledore had barely finished the interview with Professor Trelawney before he decided she wasn't right for the position. She changed voices as he stood up to leave:

To quote the Dark Lord himself: "The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies... and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal." He will be born as the seventh month ends, and he will have power that the Dark Lord has never seen. One of them must die so that the other can continue to exist.

The Order of the Phoenix, or Harry Potter

Any child born at the time to parents who had already fought Voldemort could have been this one. One might wonder, though, where he heard of this prophecy. At the time, however, Severus Snape was still serving Voldemort. Hearing this, he hastened to Voldemort to inform him of the boy mentioned in the prophecy.

On July 30th, Neville Longbottom was born to parents who, like Harry's, were Aurors and who directly disobeyed the boy wizard on three separate occasions. Both of the boys were fair game, but Voldemort decided to make Harry his enemy.

Both Harry and Voldemort were half-bloods. One of the reasons Voldemort sought to exterminate half-bloods in favor of creating and honoring pure-breeds was that he recognized aspects of himself in Harry that he despised.

Here's the twist, and you can thank whatever higher power you believe in for Voldemort picking Harry. Perhaps, regardless of our opinions on Snape's emotional capacity, we would never have gotten him as the good guy, as the human that we saw him to be, if he had opted for Neville instead.

We don't learn how deeply he loved Lily Potter until much later. Snape lived a life of secrecy to shield her son from harm and to defy Voldemort. He put everything on the line after realizing how disastrous his error and unquestioning loyalty would be.  

Snape promised Dumbledore and Hogwarts his loyalty after the latter asked for his help in protecting the Potter family. But they put their faith in the wrong one. Due to Peter Pettigrew's betrayal, Voldemort was able to track down the Potters in Godric's Hollow. For everyone, this will always be the night that marks the tragic end of the Potters and the start of Harry's story. When Neville's parents were discovered, they too were subjected to torture and ultimately killed. Harry's life could have turned out very differently if Voldemort hadn't acted on the basis of the prophecy.

When there is a person present with the requisite abilities to make the prophecy, and when the prophecy's very existence causes certain events to occur, then any prophecy can be made. If we look at it this way, every prophecy ends up being fulfilled.

Perhaps it would have never come to pass if Voldemort had never heard it from Snape in the first place. Perhaps Voldemort would emerge victorious. Otherwise, another wizard or witch could easily defeat him. No one knows for sure.

The nature of Voldemort, therefore, renders the prophecy inevitable and determines its precise form. Snape's inability to finish his listening due to an interruption is also factored into the prophecy. Not to mention Snape's feelings for Lily and Lily's loyalty to Harry. And much, much more

Where did Harry get his abilities that Voldemort didn't have?

When Harry was a baby, Voldemort made an attempt on his life. Voldemort's curse backfired and injured him when Lily gave her life to save her son. There wasn't much of an impact on Harry.

In Hollywood stories, love is often credited as the driving force. It's lovely, but a little disappointing, to have a magical, powerful world where we are saved by our mother's love. Maybe Lily's protection, a charm, or Voldemort's wand prevented the curse from fully impacting Harry. In this regard, numerous hypotheses have been proposed.

Also, it was mentioned that this was an unexpected source of power for Voldemort because it was traditional magic. Since Lily defended Harry, her sacrifice has been a part of his body. Voldemort's body was destroyed when the killing curse backfired. Another Horcrux was made when a piece of his soul had attached itself to Harry, the only other living thing it could find. This, however, was entirely unanticipated.

With their hearts set on defeating Voldemort, Harry's parents became Aurors, only to find themselves in an impossible position: raising a son in the midst of a war. As a result, Lily Potter had to take decisive measures to safeguard her loved ones. Even after the final battle, he seemed to retain this shield.

Despite his best efforts to rid himself of Voldemort's influence, Harry still unwittingly carries a piece of the Dark Lord's soul with him into the forest of Deathly Hallows. However, he still has his mother's protection.  

As an added bonus, the Elder Wand belonged to him. This means that three things occurred as a result of Voldemort's attack on Harry:

  1. Harry's inner Voldemort has finally expired.
  2. Harry was able to survive the assault thanks to the shield.
  3. Harry, whom the Elder Wand recognized as its rightful owner, was spared death.

Even though Voldemort followed the prophecy in his own way, he still ended up failing to kill a baby, a kid, a teen, and an adult. Not only did he murder Harry's parents to get to him, but he also killed them because they resisted.

To what end did Voldemort seek to eliminate Harry Potter?

Voldemort's radical beliefs and his fear of death stemmed, in large part, from his enormous ego. He had a deep desire for immortality, so he fed on unicorn blood, human bodies, and, finally, Harry's blood and his servant's flesh to stay alive.  

It was partly out of fear that he felt the need to rid the world of half-blood witches and wizards. The fact that he wasn't born into wizardry's noble bloodline but still rose to prominence as a powerful figure made him think that anyone could achieve similar success. Yes, that was his fate.

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