"Unlock Your Instagram's Full Potential: Master Posting Multiple Photos with the Best Tool of 2023"

When words can’t capture the essence of a moment, Instagram’s got you covered. With the multiple photo feature, you can now share a bundle of precious memories all in one post. Although, posting multiple photos on Instagram may sometimes cause technical difficulties, but no need to fret as we’ve got you covered. In this comprehensive guide, we will show you the ins and outs of adding multiple photos to your Instagram stories and feed. We'll also give you tips and troubleshooting options to help you out if you're facing issues while posting.

But wait, there's more! We’ll introduce you to AiGrow's convenient Scheduler tool to help you do more than just post multiple photos, stories, and IGTVs without breaking a sweat. With AiGrow, you can schedule them all in advance with ease.

Having trouble posting several pictures on Instagram due to recent updates? Don't despair. The carousel feature still exists, and we'll show you how to utilize it to the fullest.

Creating an Instagram carousel isn't just about aesthetics; it also has the highest engagement rate of all post types, according to Socialinsider, increasing engagement by up to 5.13 times more than single-image posts. So instead of flooding your followers' feeds with multiple posts, opt for a carousel post and reach a broader audience while boosting your presence on Instagram.

Moreover, IG's multiple photo and video upload feature allows you to be creative by sharing various types of content in a single post. It's an excellent way to share educational or informative content without spamming your followers with multiple posts. If you're facing any trouble while trying to post multiple photos on Instagram, you better fix it posthaste to start enjoying the perks of this feature.

To make your content eye-catching and informative, use Instagram carousels to share your data and text as images. This way, you'll be able to attract more users and get more likes. Let us show you how to utilize this feature perfectly.

With Instagram's album or carousel, you can share up to ten photos and short videos in one post. And that’s not all. By following simple steps, you can add multiple images to an Instagram post using your phone or desktop. Say goodbye to the why-I-can’t-post-multiple-photos-on-Instagram confusion. Just tap the "Two paper" icon in your gallery, select up to ten photos and filter them as you wish, add all the necessary details, and publish. If you're having trouble uploading multiple photos on the mobile app, switch to your Instagram desktop instead. It's that easy!

how to post multiple photos on Instagram

Access your Instagram account through the website and enter your username and password. Once you've logged in, locate the "Create" button on the left menu and click it. From there, select "Select From Computer," then open the photo files you'd like to share. Hold down the "Ctrl" button on your keyboard to select multiple photos at once. Once you've finished editing your photos, post them as you normally would. While Instagram posts allow for multiple photos to be shared, it is also possible to share multiple photos on Instagram stories. Here's how to do it on both the mobile app and desktop version:

    How to share multiple photos on Instagram desktophow to share posts on Instagram desktop

    To add multiple pictures to your Instagram story from the app, log in and open your feed page. Swipe right or tap the "Your Story" button at the top-right corner of your screen to open your stories. Scroll up to open your gallery. From there, select a picture and hold down on it to bring up options to select other photos. Alternatively, you can tap on the "Select" icon on the left to choose multiple photos at once. Click "Next," edit your photos as you normally would, and post them to your story. It's worth noting that you can mix and match photo and video content as well.

    how to share multiple photos to instagram stories

    Unfortunately, Instagram stories cannot be shared on desktop. If you encounter issues while trying to post multiple photos to your story on mobile, we've got you covered. Here's how to troubleshoot:

      One possible cause of this issue is poor internet connectivity. Ensure your device has a stable, strong internet connection before attempting to post. If in doubt, turn on Airplane mode for a minute then switch it back off. If you still have difficulty connecting, try restarting your device.

      Another feature that Instagram offers is the ability to combine multiple photos into one story. You don't need to use third-party editing apps to do this, as it can be done within the platform. Here's how to do it:

        instagram story grid

        Log in to your Instagram account and open Stories. From the left bar, tap on the "Grid" button. Choose a layout and then select the photos you'd like to share from your gallery or by capturing them directly. If you're unable to post multiple pictures to your story, this new feature within the story camera is a great workaround.

        To successfully post your videos or photos to Instagram, it is crucial to meet the app's specs for uploading content. Failure to do so can result in errors such as Instagram won't let me post multiple photos 2023. Here are the specific requirements:

          For photos: Use either .jpg or .png format with a maximum file size of 30MB. For square photos, the dimensions must be between 600x600 pixels (minimum) and 1936x1936 pixels (maximum); for landscape photos, the dimensions must be between 600x315 pixels (minimum) and 1936x1936 pixels (maximum); and for portrait photos, the dimensions should be between 600x750 pixels (minimum) and 1936x1936 pixels (maximum).

          For videos: Use MP4 with H.264 codec and a frame rate of 30 fps. The maximum dimensions should be 1920 pixels tall and 1080 pixels wide, with a video length ranging from 3 to 60 seconds. The audio should be AAC with a 3500 kbps bitrate.

          If your content does not meet these requirements, you can either use an app to edit them to fit Instagram's criteria or upload them to your Mac/PC to resize the files.

          Another possible reason for being unable to upload multiple photos on Instagram is a large amount of cache stored on your device. Resolving this issue depends on the device you are using.

          delete Instagram cache on iphones

          For iOS devices, go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage > Instagram > Offload App. For Android devices, go to Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > Instagram > Storage > Clear Data > Clear Cache. Once completed, try uploading multiple photos or videos again. If the error persists, there may be other issues causing the problem.

          clear Instagram cache on android

          Updating your Instagram app to the latest version may resolve the issue of not being able to upload multiple photos as well.

          If none of these solutions work for you, AiGrow can help. AiGrow is an Instagram management and growth service with tools like organic growth, content scheduling for posts, stories, and IGTV videos, contest and giveaway pickers, hashtag generators, and content creation services. Additionally, AiGrow is web-based, so you won't face any upload issues when posting Instagram stories.

          To share multiple photos on Instagram using AiGrow's scheduler, you'll first need to sign up on AiGrow's website for free and log in to your account. Click "Add Instagram Account" to connect your page to AiGrow, then select "Access." Open the "Posts & Scheduling" tab and click "Schedule," followed by "Feed." In the opened window, you can upload up to 10 photos and videos together. Include your caption, hashtags, location, and tag users, then set your publishing dates in the "Schedule Dates" box. Click "Schedule," and you're all set. AiGrow also lets you schedule Instagram stories in advance for weeks or even months. To post multiple photos on Instagram stories using AiGrow, follow similar steps, but select "Story" instead of "Feed."

          schedule posts with AiGrowAccess Instagram accounts

          To add multiple photos to Instagram Story with ease, log in to your AiGrow account, select “Manage,” and open the “Posts&Scheduling” tab. Click on “Schedule,” choose “Story,” and upload up to 25 photos and short videos together and share them at once. You can also set your publishing dates by scrolling down to the “Schedule Dates” box and clicking “Submit.” By scheduling your stories, they will be automatically published for your followers to see.

          AiGrow content Schedulerschedule feed posts on AiGrow

          Apart from scheduling posts and stories, AiGrow provides other features to help you grow your account organically. Here are some of the top tools:

            If you’re an influencer, brand, or business that uses Instagram and YouTube simultaneously, AiGrow’s YouTube converter tool is perfect for you. You can share your high-quality YouTube videos directly to Instagram without losing quality. All you have to do is copy the link of your YouTube video and paste it on AiGrow’s IGTV scheduler tool. Then, you can share it immediately on Instagram.

            schedule stories

            Instagram stories are a great way to attract new followers, but to boost your views and engagement, you need to be on top of your users’ homepage. AiGrow allows you to check the list of your viewers and improve your strategy to grow your account. Don’t miss our guide on understanding the Instagram story viewer order.

            You may know that you can only repost content from other users on your stories. If you want to share someone’s post on your feed page, AiGrow’s repost tool can help you do it in seconds. You can choose to keep the original caption or add a new one, find top hashtags, tag the owner, and more. Check out our guide on how to repost Instagram story you are not tagged in.

            With AiGrow’s monitoring feature, you can keep an eye on your competitors, their posts, and get ideas from them. You can monitor relevant hashtags, add Instagram accounts to track influencers and competitors, view posts and stories that mention you, and create and browse through “content buckets” of posts and stories that you save in the monitoring tabs.

            Instagram contests and giveaways are great for boosting brand awareness and increasing your audience, but it can take up a lot of your time to select a winner. AiGrow’s contest and giveaway tool makes it easier by automatically checking the conditions, picking a random winner, and contacting them via DMs. With this tool, you can schedule your giveaways in less than a minute.

            One of the best features offered by AiGrow's social calendar is the ability to stay up-to-date with special events and occasions and seize the opportunity to gain new followers. If designing a new post isn't on your to-do list, customized templates are available to make the process even easier.

            If you're one of the many Instagram users wondering why you can't post multiple photos on the platform, fear not. Our comprehensive guide demonstrates how simple it is to incorporate the Instagram carousel and upload multiple pictures to your story.

            Thanks to powerful management services like AiGrow, any issues or restrictions you're experiencing with Instagram are now a breeze to handle. From posting content to growing your following, let AiGrow take the reins and simplify your Instagram experience.

            If you're experiencing issues posting on Instagram, don't panic. Most commonly, a temporary glitch on your phone is the culprit. To fix this, try one of the following steps: change your network connection, restart your phone, reinstall Instagram, delete Instagram cache or update the app.

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