Unpacking the Soaring Gas Prices in California (Published 2022)

I. Introduction

A. Gasoline prices in California are more expensive than anywhere else in the US

B. The average cost of a gallon of gasoline in California is $5.444

II. Comparison to national gasoline prices

A. The price of gasoline in the US reached a record high on Tuesday at $4.173 per gallon

B. California's gasoline prices have been significantly above the national average for weeks

III. Explanation for high gasoline prices in California

A. Supply chain disruptions caused by the pandemic

B. Closure of a major oil facility in Northern California

C. Higher state taxes on gasoline

IV. Conclusion

A. Gasoline prices in California are unlikely to decrease in the near future

B. Consumers may need to consider alternative methods of transportation

I. Gas prices have been rising nationally due to high demand following Covid-19 shutdowns and increased costs after Russia invaded Ukraine.

II. California has the highest fuel prices in the nation with some areas averaging over $5.50 per gallon.

III. California's high fuel prices are due to taxes and regulatory programs aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions which add about $1.27 per gallon.

IV. The state has the second-highest gasoline tax at 51.1 cents per gallon after Pennsylvania.

V. California is a "fuel island" and produces only 30% of its gasoline needs, leading to higher costs of imports and lack of interstate pipelines carrying gasoline.

Soumya Karlamangla

VI. The high fuel prices are affecting lower-wage workers who commute long distances from more affordable areas. Governor Gavin Newsom has proposed a tax rebate to address rising gas prices.

Erin Woo


    I. Introduction

    - Gas prices affecting employees' decisions in the U.S.

    II. Gas Prices

    - Prices may be high, but they are not breaking records if inflation is taken into account

    - Fuel accounts for a small share of consumers' overall spending, but the giant numbers posted alongside every American highway hold sway.

    III. Sunny Balwani

    - Elizabeth Holmes’ ex-boyfriend is hoping to escape the verdict she didn’t.

    IV. California Cuisine

    - The New York Times’ Tejal Rao wrote about Lao food in California.

    V. Mission Dolores Park

    - A recommended place to escape zoom calls and restore the soul in San Francisco’s oasis.

    - Where the dog Olympics are hosted every day at unannounced intervals, and people come to sunbathe, relax, and enjoy the tropical jungle nestled among the rolling concrete hills.

    An electrical contractor repairing a sign with gasoline fuel prices Tuesday at a Shell gas station in Los Angeles.

    Topic: Places to visit in California and a Bay Area Trails Collaborative proposal.

    Suggestions for Favorite California Places to Visit

    Email suggestions to [email protected].

    Free Online Event with Covid-19 Experts

    Dr. Bob Wachter and Dr. Monica Gandhi, both at the University of California, San Francisco, will be hosting the event.

    Details are available at the NYT website.

    Bay Area Trails Collaborative Proposal

    The collaborative recently released a blueprint for a new trail network expanding across nine counties.

    The goal is to create a cohesive 2,604-mile trail network for all to enjoy.

    The San Francisco Chronicle has more information about the proposal here.


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