What You Need to Know About Why People Hate Disney [2023]

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One of my favorite aspects of The Walt Disney Company is the way it brings back memories.  

I always think back to the time when my grandparents took me to the drive-in to watch "Snow White" before the days of VCRs, DVDs, and streaming services when I put it on for the kids.  

For a nostalgic trip down memory lane, I enjoy riding Peter Pan and Small World at Magic Kingdom and thinking back to my days as a child. Papaw is waiting with an ice cream cone in one hand and Mickey Mouse ears on his head.  

My family and I have a tradition of taking our kids to the former site of 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and telling them the story of Mr. Riding Wild with Toad It's fun to take them back to some of their favorite attractions from previous trips to Disney World.


Young child (JP) at Disney World Picture of little JP at Disney World in Orlando, Florida (by John Gullion/HeyOrlando). com)

Disneyland and the feeling of yesteryear

Once upon a time, when JP's hair was still a bouncy blonde, he and I would frequent the tables near the Casey Jr. Splash pad while his sibling and mother went out to shop In one, he rested his head on the table while I took a photo of him.

We revisited the location on our most recent trip to take updated stills and video. Seven or eight years had passed.  

As he is now, JP is perfect for me. He's hilarious, odd, and fascinating. In spite of the fact that it hurts my feelings to say it, he is a sweetheart and also quite possibly the most stubborn person I have ever met.

On the other hand, there are times when I miss my young son. The untamed man with the curly hair who was so full of life and energy that he could wrap his arms around you and never let go

Because of this, Disney World truly is a wonderland. It connects my grandparents, my grandparents' parents, my mother, my brother, my wife, our children, and me to Leslie and her family and to my own children and grandchildren.  

At Disney World, there are copies of each of us.  

Generations have visited Disney World Many families visit Disney theme parks to relive childhood memories (photo by John Gullion/HeyOrlando). com)

Reminiscence is complicated and highly individual.

However, looking back on the past can sometimes be a dangerous game. There is a risk because it impairs our judgment and makes us less alert.

Many people, it seems to me, pine for a time that never was. When we think back on the past through rose-colored glasses, it can make us feel dissatisfied with the present and anxious about the future.    

Even the good old days had their down moments, and the future isn't as bleak as it may seem right now.

Billy Martin Joel

It is therefore a challenge for us to get our bearings in the modern world, a challenge that is exacerbated by the benefits of advanced technology.

The constant connectivity to a flood of information that surrounds us is just one example. In many cases, it can be profound enough to change the way we look at things.  

Disney's Carousel of Progress As seen in this photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando, Disney's Carousel of Progress highlights the technological side of change and progress. com)

Is there more anger in the world today than there used to be?

People are furious, both with the media and each other. They are enraged by politics, politicians, and current events.

How could they be upset with the happiest place on Earth? Sure, and even more so

Do we really exist in the most contentious of eras? Honestly, I have no idea. No doubt, the incredibly potent information delivery machines we carry in our pockets have the potential to warp our perception of reality.

Is this the most enraged we've ever been? I doubt it I think there was plenty of anger in the world during the 1960s, the Great Depression, both World Wars, and the Civil War, and many other historical eras.

You know, there's no doubt that a lot of people are frustrated. However, we must keep in mind that our online lives are merely an illusion. This is life as seen through various hue, saturation, and cropping adjustments.  

The overabundance of social media

When I was a kid growing up in the Rust Belt in the 1980s, jobs and factories were being outsourced, and water and air pollution were rampant. Are people angrier now than they were then? Honestly, I have no idea.  

However, today I feel overwhelmed by that rage. In my youth, forty years ago, I could go entire weeks without hearing a word about it.

In the present day, I feel like I can't go more than a few hours without being confronted by a new source of outrage. We need to know whose fault that is. Personal, of course I suppose I could get a flip phone and stop using social media. It's possible that I could stop tuning into news channels on TV and radio.  

I can't unplug myself though, so I won't. It's a necessary part of my job.

Therefore, people are frustrated, and we constantly hear about it in the news. The public has had enough. They've moved on from it. They have finished with Disney.

Walt Disney Presents Documentary Poster Guests can enjoy a short documentary about Walt Disney's vision for his company as part of the Walt Disney exhibition (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando). com)

Is it true that people are saying they've had it with Disney?

Let's not get carried away here with hyperbole. Are people really saying they've had enough of Disney? Ha, no

There is a lot of money to be made at Disney theme parks. Movies are generally successful, with the exception of a few stinkers like "Lightyear."

Disney Channel's new Marvel and Star Wars shows have been receiving positive critical and audience reactions.

Is Disney fatigue finally setting in? Absolutely not.  

Though many claim to be finished, you do realize this, right?

Yeah No idea Estimating the population density is problematic. crowd size The anti-Disney movement is led by a small group of people with disproportionately large bullhorns.

One of the main problems we're facing is how difficult it is to get an accurate read on the world around us.  

As a side note, many individuals VOICE many opinions. The best gauge is the development of reliable metrics for evaluating their performance.  

Back in the day, I covered local news in Alabama for a newspaper. We'd bring in focus groups, feed them donuts and coffee, and find out what they thought the local paper should cover.  

They mostly just wanted donuts, but they also expressed an interest in reading about positive events and hearing upbeat commentary. On the other hand, when I put the good news at the top of the page, it rarely sells.  

During the spring, one of our photographers went to cover the Special Olympics. The grass was a vivid green, and the sky was a brilliant blue. Perfection

That day, Donnie took some fantastic photographs. The best one, which I featured on the front page, was of a young man's jubilant reaction at the finish line. The press print was in sharp focus on his face, with a perfectly reproduced blue sky in the background.  

It was one of the most moving depictions of happiness I've ever seen. I published it very large.  

Later that day, I went out to lunch and saw a man reading his paper and looking at the same picture I had seen earlier. A companion of his entered and took a seat at the edge of the desk.  

The man sat down and immediately inquired, "Anything in the paper today?" ” 

The man responded with, "Nuthin'."

There will be much talk.

Meet Mickey Poster at Disney World On the Disney World red carpet (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando), it's time to meet Mickey Mouse. com)

For what reasons are people upset with Disney World, Walt Disney

At last, the proper inquiry Many are frustrated with Disney. They have a grudge against Bob Chapek, CEO of Disney, and the theme parks.

Many people are frustrated with Hollywood. Don't start a war with the Star Wars fans.

To be perfectly honest, I'm pissed off at the Walt Disney World Resorts as well.  

However, there are many different causes for people's anger. To make this more scientifically manageable, let's divide them into two groups: There are both legitimate and illegitimate motivations.  

Why do people have good reason to be angry about these things?  

Disney parks are expertly and scientifically managed. Disney knows how to run theme parks better than any other company in the world. It can track the habits and routines of ticket buyers.

Surely, it has a firm grasp of how the goings-on in Disney's Animal Kingdom can impact Disney's Hollywood Studios. It can predict how many people will visit the park based on the weather and how the addition of new attractions will affect the popularity of the park's more popular attractions.

There isn't much room for conjecture. Disney is aware of the optimal capacity at which it can maximize profits without negatively impacting the experience of its guests to the point where they stop coming or stop spending money there.

Now we come to the issue of expense.  

See also: Is the Retheming of Splash Mountain Still in the Works? Updated Plans from 2023.

First, the prices of admission and meals.

Some regulars may be priced out of the experience due to the high prices. We've noticed that in recent times, Disney theme parks have become less enjoyable due to the elimination of the free FastPass system for skipping lines at the Genie Extra and Lightning Lanes.

During the park's reopening, the crowd calendar was created so that visitors could schedule their day in the park ahead of time.

Still, it has remained because it allows Disney to regulate guest numbers at their parks. Additionally, it may help theme parks maintain their highest possible levels of profitability.

While the movie theater industry struggles to recover, Disney's theme parks are thriving.

Lobby Disney Wyndham Lake Buena Vista (Photo by Daniel Munson/HeyOrlando) The Wyndham Lake Buena Vista Disney Springs Resort lobby com)

Larger families can enjoy a vacation at a resort without breaking the bank.

It seems Disney made a mistake when I had a third child. It drives me crazy that Disney isn't prepared for a family of five staying at a moderate-priced hotel.

For illustration, I planned a trip for seven days and six nights (including six days of park admission) in May of 2023 and checked the Disney website for prices. Our four adult children's stay at one of the five-star resorts cost us $3,601. So, no improvements there. Not a park hopper No set menu

The cheapest I can get for a stay at the Caribbean Beach Resort is $5,277, so adding Ainsley, age 7, will increase that significantly. The price of a music suite featuring the biggest names in the industry is $5,756.  

The value of Ainsley to the Disney Resort system increases by $1,000 given that her ticket for that week costs $563.  

Disney advertises that its standard rooms can accommodate up to four adults, but that number could just as easily apply to children. As soon as Ainsley turned four, I made a reservation over the phone to see if we could get a standard room.

According to a Disney employee, the company's hands are tied by a Florida law that regulates hotels. Perhaps, but I've stayed in dozens of Florida hotel rooms with the same amenities as a Disney basic room and have never been asked to pay more or switch rooms.

Meanwhile, during the same week at Universal The price of a trip to Harry Potter's theme park is $3,421.

Package includes round-trip airfare for two, accommodations in a one-bedroom suite at either Dockside or Surfside, two breakfasts at either the Three Broomsticks or The Leaky Cauldron, and a keepsake box.  

Comparatively, a week away from Paris with flights included would cost us around ,000. A trip to London would cost around $4,800.  

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Atrium Image courtesy of Walt Disney World/Matt Stroshane/Getty Images; astromech droid SK-62O can be seen greeting passengers in the Atrium of the Halcyon Starcruiser.

The Galactic Starcruiser from Star Wars

Disney made the best possible thing for Star Wars fans, and then they charged extraterrestrial prices for it.

For reference, I found that the cost of a short (less than 48 hours) three-day, two-night stay for a couple was $4,800. To form a family of four ,000

Disney's website doesn't list the additional cost associated with accommodating a family of five in a suite, despite the fact that this is what the description promises. Booking via phone is required for further information.

Adding a child to your party appears to cost an additional $500 based on the price breakdown between a group of two adults and a group of two adults and a child. What I want to know is if I should do it. Indeed, I would do that

When traveling to Europe, is it reasonable for me to spend more on a shorter trip? I cannot  

See also: Is the Galactic Cruiser Resort Expensive and Is There a Star Wars Hotel?

Daisy Before entering World Discovery, you can see Daisy Duck hanging out by guest relations (photo credit: James Overholt/HeyOrlando). com)

Lack of compensation and excessive workload

You shouldn't take my word for it. The very wealthy great-niece of Walt Disney, Abigail Disney, has weighed in on the matter.

She has harshly criticized Disney's upper management for their excessive compensation at the expense of the employees' basic needs.  

5, underpaying visual effects artists

Disney is the parent company of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is also one of many film studios of a certain genre that has come under fire for its treatment of employees at its video effects studios and other locations.

Critics have also pointed out that Marvel pays comic book artists and writers very little for using their work in their films, citing contracts and industry standards that were established before superhero films became multibillion dollar businesses.  

Disney's Hall of President's Entrance Disney's Hall of Presidents (photo by James Overholt/HeyOrlando). com)

Just what are some of the bogus causes of anger?

Okay, here we are, reader In this section, we'll be discussing topics that may cause offence. Some political issues are so divisive that even reasonable people can't agree on them. But I think we can all agree that there are some unreasonable people out there whose entire online existence consists of them arguing with one another.

In my opinion, Florida Governor Rick Scott is at the center of this whole thing. To become President of the United States of America is a goal of Ron Desantis. There was almost no recognition of Governor Desantis on a national level until the past few years. I think he realized there was a solution to that problem thanks to him.  

For him, the key to success was delving into any number of divisive topics guaranteed to garner coverage in the national media and, more importantly, the attention of television pundits.  

Please bear with me as I attempt to thread a very fine needle. The way I see it There are some ideas you hold dear. Please allow me to present the facts without adding my own opinions.

In the end, we're a travel site, and we want to tell you where to get the best shrimp scampi at the theme park and which rides might be a waste of your time. Here's to you, the wrath of Poseidon  

At what point did people start trying to stop Disney?

The Don't Say Gay bill (also known as the Parental Rights in Education Act) in the state of Florida was the initial impetus for Disney's all-out assault on the issue. And Desantis was on board with the plan.

Some claim the bill's goal was to prevent "inappropriate" discussions of sexual orientation and gender identity in Florida's public schools and classrooms, while others dispute this. Critics say it was meant to relegate Florida's LGBTQ community to the margins by making references to their identities illegal.  

Initial silence from Disney was criticized by workers there.

Disney's response was a more vocal public stance, which infuriated Desantis and other conservatives who support the contentious bill.

Be Our Guest Magic Kingdom At Disney's Magic Kingdom, dine at the Be our Guest restaurant (James Overholt/HeyOrlando photo). com)

Where can I find information about the Reedy Creek Improvement District?

Desantis confronted Disney in an apparent fit of rage; if I may offer a few words of editorial commentary, I suspect he was secretly thrilled by the confrontation.

The Reedy Creek Improvement District, of which he was a leader in dissolving, was dissolved at his urging. The state effectively granted Disney its own government when it established the jurisdiction in 1967.

Reedy Creek Development District will be eliminated by law in June 2023, but not before.

However, this may leave the state of Florida liable for $1 billion in bond obligations. If Disney were to leave, it's unclear who would be responsible for providing services like fire protection that the company has traditionally funded.

According to recent rumors, DeSantis is proposing a plan to seize control of the board and force the company to assume its existing debt.

Would it be possible to get rid of Reedy Creek?

There have been rumors of behind-the-scenes negotiations, so perhaps this is true. Although I am not a lawyer and can only speculate, I don't see the dissolution going through.  

Considering the state of public discourse and all this data, As for whether a private corporation should have been allowed to establish itself as a de facto government, the internet went on to have a very mature and rational discussion of all the intricate details. topics like school curriculum, the planet's current life expectancy, and more  

Ignore that; I was joking.  

The radicals completely lost it. Protests, picketing, and accusations flew in every direction.

Disney has been accused of things that I'm not allowed to type into Google. I'd recommend using Google, but you shouldn't.

Gentlemen, if you're looking for valid complaints against Disney, check out this section. When it comes to making money, Disney is run by people who are experts.

Disney's only real goal is to keep its stockholders happy, but it has hired talented artists to make movies and music and run amazing theme parks.  

a thick crowd at Disney's Magic Kingdom in orlando Even with all the controversy, visitors are still flocking to Disney's Magic Kingdom (photo by Daniel Munson/HeyOrlando). com)

Has Disney been harmed by the recent controversy?

In my opinion, the situation is far too nuanced to make any firm statements. Disney's bottom line is being hit by the aftermath of the lockdown at movie theaters, but anecdotally, the theme parks and resorts appear to be doing fine.

Despite the fact that most children in the country are in school, it is still difficult to secure a last-minute reservation at a popular restaurant, and the theme parks always appear to be quite crowded. Though the company has had some box office flops, Disney Channel's original shows are doing quite well.  

Disney stock is $15 higher than it was five years ago despite a decline over the past year.  

Personally, I don't think the controversies have done much besides boost Desantis' national Q-rating.  

Florida's Walt Disney World Resort: What's Next?

There might be a chance for a reconciliation between them. The revitalization zone would be spared. Desantis could prove his mettle by taking a firm stance. As a result, more Disney shows and movies would debut. This spring marks the debut of a brand-new Tron ride.

The status quo will be maintained.  

Disney World will be the perfect setting for families like mine to create unforgettable recollections of the first time they witnessed their child's heart soar.  

Disney's continued price hikes will price many families like mine out of the magic, leaving us to reminisce about our past visits or lament the future visits we'll never get to take.  

You can count on Disney to keep doing what it does best, which is making a ton of money.

Do you have beef with Disney? Leave a comment below and tell us why.

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