Why Aren't My Texts Going Through? 10 Possible Causes

Nothing is more frustrating than receiving a text message with a red 'not delivered' exclamation point.

There could be a number of reasons why your text messages have not been sent, including a weak signal, a blocked number, or a glitch in your phone's software.

This article will go over the most likely causes of your messages not sending so you can identify the problem and fix it.

Having the recipient's carrier mark the message as spam

There are a variety of potential causes for your failed message delivery, but before we get into that, let's rule out the most obvious one: is your phone sending out suspicious-looking messages?

While each provider has its own set of rules for handling spam calls, there are a few principles that apply across the board.  

In the event that your messages fit into any of the following categories, it is likely that they have been marked as spam by the carrier and will not be delivered.

  • Sending Potentially Harmful Links
    Sending an SMS without using a link shortener may cause your carrier to flag your message as spam.

    There is no need to use a manual shortener when using a business texting platform like SimpleTexting, as all links are automatically shortened when copied into the message.

  • Repeatedly sending the same text message to multiple people can get you blacklisted as spam if the content is too similar from message to message.

    If you want your messages to be seen, use a variety of content formats, distribute a wide range of links, and spread them out. To avoid being labeled as spam and reach a large number of people at once, use a mass messaging platform.  

  • Even though it may seem harsh, the answer to the question "Why aren't my messages sending?" may lie in the fact that you're sending multiple, extremely long messages. ”

    If you want your messages to make it past the spam filter, you should try cutting them down in length.

  • Use of all capital letters in a message Unless you're extremely agitated, there's no reason to always write your texts in all capital letters. In fact, carriers may interpret this as an attempt to gain the recipient's attention.

    Tone it down, and write text messages with normal grammar and punctuation

How Come My Text Isn't Going Through?

Here are ten potential causes for your continued message rejection:

One, a special phone number is needed

Phone-to-phone (P2P) and application-to-phone (A2P) communication methods, both of which involve the use of unique phone numbers and gadgets, are used to send and receive messages.

Peer-to-peer (P2P) refers to the original form of texting, in which one person sends P2P messaging is the type of communication used when texting with a friend or acquaintance via a mobile device.

Businesses and marketers are the most common users of A2P communications. To do this, the sender must be signed up for a service that allows them to contact a large number of people at once.

A special kind of phone number, which you get when you sign up for a text messaging service, is required for A2P communication. If you don't provide this information, your regular phone number will be flagged when sending bulk texts, preventing your messages from being delivered.  

2. The Carrier Has Blocked Sending Text Messages

It is possible that a carrier has blocked your SMS routes due to an issue. When this happens, the message is redirected to a different route, which can temporarily disrupt SMS delivery.

The good news is that this is usually resolved quickly, and you will likely receive a notification informing you of the issue so that you know to wait it out.

Third, text message delivery may be impeded by local laws

There may be local regulations restricting the sending of SMS messages to prevent spam, and these regulations may vary depending on the country from which the message is being sent or received.

In some countries, for instance,'marketing' messages can only be sent between certain hours of the workday. Your message will not be delivered if you send it outside this time frame. By using an A2P service, you can set up scheduled messages to be sent out at predetermined times, allowing you to avoid these limitations.

Fourth, users may be sending an excessive amount of text messages.

Overusing text blasts or sending too many individual texts can get your messages blocked as spam. There are compliance guidelines regarding the maximum number of messages a user can send per day, and these vary by phone model.

It's also worth noting that the ratio of sending to receiving text messages should be fairly close to one to one. Too high of a ratio of sent to received texts may cause messages to be blocked to prevent spam.  

The Recipient Ignored Your Calls Because They Blocked Your Number

As simple as a blocked number may seem, it often holds the key. Perhaps they blocked you as a means of not having to deal with you, or they unsubscribed from your messages.  

Whatever the reason, if the intended recipient has blocked your number, your messages will not be delivered.  

The Message May Contain Illegal Material, Count 6,

Messages sent via short message service (SMS) must adhere to standards set forth by the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association (CTIA).

The receiving carrier may choose to ignore or delete your text messages if they contain inappropriate material, drug references, or references to illegal activities.

User's Landline Is Being Used for Texting

Even though it's unlikely, it's possible that your texts have been delivered to a landline.  

Landline phones have become much rarer in recent years, but some people still use them, so it's possible that the number simply cannot receive text messages.

8. Problems with Billing from the Recipient's Carrier

It's possible that the recipient will exceed their limit or incur overage charges with their cellular service provider. To encourage the user to settle their bill, the provider or carrier may disable the phone number's texting and calling capabilities.  

The option to "Receive SMS Messages" has been disabled in the phone's settings.

Even though short message service (SMS) is widely used here in the US S Whatsapp and Telegram, two messaging apps, are more popular in some parts of the world, particularly in Europe.

It's possible the recipient's phone is set to not accept SMS messages. Perhaps the phone's owner is unaware of this.  

It's been ten days and the carrier still hasn't figured out the technical issues

It's just not always in your hands. On rare occasions, messages won't be delivered because of issues with the carrier or their equipment.  

There are a number of possible causes, but in the end, users are left frustrated and confused because they can't send or receive text messages.  

Using the correct mobile phone number can help you avoid missed text messages.

The format of your message may be the cause of your failure to send text messages. Using a regular mobile phone to broadcast promotional texts to many people at once requires signing up with an A2P messaging service.

There is a free two-week trial period available on SimpleTexting, so you can send out messages without any commitment. Get on board with the most efficient form of advertising used by thousands of companies today and use a text messaging service.

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