You may have wondered, after seeing a map of Russia, how on earth the country got to be so enormous.

I recently noticed how big Russia is while looking at a map of various nations around the world. My interest was piqued to learn why Russia is so large. I therefore started my research to find a reason for this.

Have You Noticed the Size of Russia and Thought Why Is Russia So Big? Let's Discover This

I quickly discovered that Russia is the biggest nation on earth, occupying one-tenth of the planet's surface, which was not a surprise. What a fascinating thing. I wanted to find out more about the possible reasons for this and share my findings with others in case they had similar doubts.

It's funny how many people think of Russia's geography, so we thought we'd elaborate.

Location of Russia

south west center west North north north north

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Having read this article, you can say with certainty that:

  • Russia's geographical information
  • The reasons Russia is so large historically
  • And the geographic factors that contribute to Russia's size.

Russian Geographical Information

Before diving into this article and explaining why Russia is so large, I wanted to share with you some eye-catching geographical information about Russia. It is the largest nation in the world, as was already mentioned. Moscow serves as its capital, and the type of government in charge is known as a Federation government.

To learn more, I learned that there are 142,122,776 people living in Russia, and that the currency used to buy necessities is known as the Ruble. There are two continents (Asia and Europe) and 11 different time zones covered by the area, which is estimated to be 6,592,772 square miles. In actuality, the Asian portion of Russia is significantly larger than the European portion of Russia, but only by land area.

The population is much larger in the European part of Russia even if its land is smaller

Seven federal districts make up this nation: North-West, Far-East, Volga, Central, Siberia, South, and Ural. It also has 49 various regions, 10 autonomous areas, 21 distinct republics, two federal cities, six federal territories, and one autonomous region.

There are more than 100,000 rivers, two major mountain ranges, three ocean coasts, and a wide variety of climates, among other water bodies and mountains. The Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic oceans border its coastlines. Altay and Ural are its two principal mountain ranges, and the Volga, Ob, Yenisey, Amur, Lena, and Irtysh are its principal rivers.

Some areas are covered in snow, while others are warm or rainy

Russia's landscape is made up of vast deserts, ice-covered land and waters, extremely high mountains, and enormous marshes. Depending on which region you visit, the majority of Russia is either covered in forests or has wide-spread plains devoid of trees.

Check out my other article where I write about this subject if you're interested in learning more details about Russian culture. You will discover many fascinating facts about Russian culture in this article, which will increase your familiarity with and appreciation for the nation.

Watch the YouTube video from Epic History TV as well, in my opinion. This video is essential viewing as it covers Russia's history in great detail. Keep in mind that this video has five episodes and is just over 45 minutes long, so you may need to set aside some time to watch it. However, it will help you understand everything there is to know about this incredible nation.

I'll now go over the historical explanations for why Russia is so large.

Historical explanations for Russia's size

Before I explain why, I want to first give you an idea of just how big Russia is. Accordingly, Russia can accommodate about 25 Frances and 47 Germanys, which is absurd to consider. The fascinating history of Russia is a major factor in explaining why it is so large.

To further explain the background, Russia experienced a period of territorial expansion. Due to constant conflict between numerous principalities in the 15th and 16th centuries, this occurred. When Moscow assumed control and started uniting all of the Russian territories, it eventually came to an end. But in the 15th century, the Russian Cossacks sought to annex all of Siberia and the Far East, which together make up more than 75% of Russia's territory. They did eventually acquire this land. In other words, the objective of conquering the Siberian region is what ultimately caused Russia to become the largest country geographically.

The map shows how the territory of Russia has changed over time

The Russian inhabitants reached the Pacific Ocean by the middle of the 16th century. It is thought that because there weren't many people living there, the land and its inhabitants were so easily defeated and subjugated. The territories had a population density of about three people per square mile, were cold, uninhabited, very large, and dispersed. Given this, the few individuals who did reside in the Siberian region had no qualms about assimilating into Russia.

You might be wondering what would have happened if Russia had never taken control of Siberia after reading this section of my article. I found a provocative YouTube video produced by AlternateHistoryHub. This video describes a potential outcome should Russia not have annexed Siberia. Without the vast area of Siberia, Russia would be much smaller. Watch this brief perplexing video for a detailed look at what this would have looked like.

You are interested in learning more about Russia, so I'm happy to let you know that caviar is a very common food choice there. I wrote a piece about the best Russian caviar, which I urge all of my readers to read. Please click here to access that article.

I also recommend watching Johnny Harris' YouTube video "Why is Russia SO DAMN BIG," which is fantastic. "Despite being quite long, this video is jam-packed with fascinating information about the size of Russia. You will not regret watching it, I guarantee it.

I'll then concentrate on the geographic factors that caused Russia to be larger than other countries.

Geographical Reasons for Russia's Size

Permafrost, taiga, and tundra cover a large portion of Russia, which is why it is so large geographically. Actually, more than 20% of Russia is located above the Arctic Circle. As a result, the Siberian region has a very harsh climate that makes it difficult for people to live there. As a result, not many people live there, and no other country is interested in annexing it. Due to the fact that Russians have controlled these regions for a long time, they have amassed a significant amount of land that no one else is interested in, which has given the nation its present-day size.

Watch Knowledgia's YouTube video to learn more about the geographic factors that allowed Russians to create one of the largest countries in the world. You can learn a lot from this two-minute video and get a better understanding of why Russia is so large due to its geographic location.

I also suggest watching the YouTube video posted by General Knowledge. This entertaining animated film explains how Russia grew to be such a sizable nation. You'll feel as though you have a better understanding of how the Russians conquered territory and established themselves as the largest nation on Earth after watching this video.

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I hope this article clarifies why Russia is so large for you. I can assure you that you are not the only one who has wondered this because I have as well. Many people have examined a map and been astounded by the size of Russia in comparison to other nations. Russia's massive growth to the size it is today can be attributed to a number of historical and geographical factors. Learning them will increase your awareness of and familiarity with the world and the nations that call it home. Positive learning

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