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Netflix Finally Cracks Down on Illegal Password Sharing In ...

16-03-2022 · Netflix Finally Cracks Down on Illegal Password Sharing In New Experiment. The days of sharing your friend’s neighbor’s uncle’s Netflix password could soon be over. Variety reports that the ...


The days of sharing your friend’s neighbor’s uncle’s Netflix password could soon be over. Variety reports that the streamer will soon launch a test letting primary account holders pay an additional fee for users outside their households, in an attempt to cut down on illegal password sharing.

According to Netflix director of product innovation Chengyi Long, the streaming service’s latest test will launch within the next few weeks in three countries: Chile, Costa Rica, and Peru.

“We’ve always made it easy for people who live together to share their Netflix account, with features like separate profiles and multiple streams in our Standard and Premium plans,” Long wrote in a blog post about the test. “While these have been hugely popular, they have also created some confusion about when and how Netflix can be shared. As a result, accounts are being shared between households — impacting our ability to invest in great new TV and films for our members.”

In the test countries, adding a sub-member costs 2380 CLP in Chile, $2.99 USD in Costa Rica, and $7.9 PEN in Peru.

In other words, Netflix would like you to pay up, please! This option would enable accout owners to cut down on Netflix costs by asking friends or family members to send money for their share of the account. But if you’ve engaged in password sharing, don’t panic. Right now, there’s no word as to whether this test will actually expand beyond those three countries.

“We’ll be working to understand the utility of these two features for members in these three countries before making changes anywhere else in the world,” Long added.

Netflix is also testing the ability to let subscribers transfer user profiles to new accounts. So if you’ve got extra people hogging your account, this is the feature for you!

Of course, this isn’t the only time that the streamer has tried to cut down on password sharing. Last March, the company began asking select viewers to verify the account they’re using with a code sent to the email address or phone of the user.

So, will this new test finally convince people to stop shelling out their password information? Only time will tell.

Implantation Bleeding - Types | Causes

31-03-2022 · When it comes to implantation bleeding, there should not be any blood clots. 2. Color of Bleeding: Bright to dark red is the color of the menstrual bleeding, while implantation bleeding has a light pink to dark brown color. 3.Amount: The term 'implantation bleeding' is a misnomer because in terms of implantation bleeding, there is only slight ...


Vaginal bleeding that occurs during the menstrual cycle and pregnancy can be divided into three types, namely,

  1. Ovulation Bleeding - When there is a release of an egg from the ovary, a light spotting is seen, which is called ovulation bleeding. It usually happens around the mid-cycle on the 14th day.

  2. Menstrual Bleeding - When the released egg is not fertilized by the sperm, it breaks down, resulting in menstruation which is usually moderate to heavy bleeding. It occurs around the 28th day in a regular 28-day cycle.

  3. Implantation Bleeding - If the egg released during ovulation is fertilized by the sperm and is implanted onto the uterine wall, it produces implantation bleeding. It occurs between the 20th and 24th days of a typical 28-day menstrual cycle.

What Is Implantation Bleeding?

The implantation of the fertilized egg on the uterine wall produces slight vaginal bleeding. It usually occurs around the time of menstruation which people assume to be regular periods. In the case of implantation bleeding, the amount of blood that comes out is very minimal. It actually serves as an indicator of pregnancy. However, not all women experience it, and only one-fourth of women who get pregnant undergo implantation bleeding.

What Causes Implantation Bleeding?

Ovulation (release of an egg from the ovary) usually occurs in the mid-cycle. After the egg is released from the ovary, it usually waits for a day or two for fertilization to take place. When the sperm reaches the egg during those days, the egg and sperm fuse together in the process called fertilization. After 10 days to 14 days of fertilization, the fertilized egg implants itself into the uterine wall. As a result, there is a breakage of blood vessels present on the wall of the uterus, which causes implantation bleeding.

What Other Symptoms Accompany Implantation Bleeding?

Of the very few identifiable, early pregnancy symptoms, implantation bleeding is an important one. The accompanying signs may be helpful to differentiate between the actual menstruation and implantation bleeding. Although the signs may be similar to that of premenstrual symptoms, the intensity of the pain is less than a regular period.

The following are the accompanying early pregnancy symptoms:

  • Headaches.

  • Nausea and vomiting.

  • Mild abdominal cramps.

  • Mood swings.

  • Lower back pain.

  • Tenderness of breasts.

How Long Will an Implantation Bleeding Be Present?

Implantation bleeding usually lasts only for about two hours to three hours. With some, it can be present for three full days. When you have been sexually active, and your menstrual cycle lasted less than three days with no or minimal abdominal cramps and not much bleeding, there are chances for it to be implantation bleeding. However, suppose you have dark or bright red bleeding like you usually get on menstruation for more than three days. In that case, the chances of it being implantation bleeding are significantly less. The implantation bleeding is less likely to occur in people who have already had an egg attachment. In contrast, women in their first pregnancy have an increased chance of implantation bleeding.

How Is Implantation Bleeding Different From Normal Menstrual Bleeding?

The amount of menstrual bleeding differs for every woman. Despite the difference in the flow of menstrual bleeding, the following are the key differences that help distinguish implantation bleeding from actual menstruation.

1. Clotting:

In the case of menstrual bleeding, there will be the presence of blood clots, although the amount of blood clots present differs. When it comes to implantation bleeding, there should not be any blood clots.

2. Color of Bleeding:

Bright to dark red is the color of the menstrual bleeding, while implantation bleeding has a light pink to dark brown color.


The term 'implantation bleeding' is a misnomer because in terms of implantation bleeding, there is only slight spotting. There is no actual bleeding as seen in menstruation. The spotting can either be intermittent or constant but with a light flow.

Why Do Both Implantation and Menstrual Bleeding Occur at the Same Time?

Since both implantation and menstruation occur about 10 days to 14 days after the release of egg or ovulation, the time of implantation bleeding or menstrual bleeding is almost similar. Implantation bleeding is usually expected in the week of the actual menstruation date.

Is Implantation Bleeding a Cause for Concern?

Implantation bleeding is not a cause for concern for the developing fetus and usually results in a healthy pregnancy. However, it is not normal if there is spotting or heavy bleeding for a few days after your missed periods. Immediate medical attention with a gynecologist is a must.

What Should I Do to Check if My Bleeding Is Implantation Bleeding?

In addition to the above-mentioned key features, implantation bleeding can be confirmed by taking a pregnancy test. When pregnancy occurs, the amount of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) increases in the body, which is detected in urine with the help of a urine pregnancy test. Since implantation bleeding is an indicator of pregnancy, taking a home pregnancy test after three to five days of your missed periods helps confirm it.


The sight of vaginal bleeding can be upsetting. However, if it turns out to be implantation bleeding, the chances of pregnancy are high. Try taking a home pregnancy test to confirm pregnancy after three to five days of missing your periods. Not planning for pregnancy, then implantation bleeding signals you to reach out to a healthcare provider to find the best possible solution. It is also recommended to seek the consultation of your treating doctor when you experience bleeding days after your missed period to avoid any complications.

Why Is Venus Hotter Than Mercury? Johnny Holland

29-12-2021 · Venus is hotter than Mercury because Venus has a thicker atmosphere than Mercury. Venus’s thick atmosphere traps the planet’s heat from the sun, making it hot enough to melt lead. Mercury has a much thinner atmosphere, which doesn’t trap as much heat as Venus’s atmosphere, so the planet is much colder. Venus is known as the Earth’s twin because it is …


Venus is hotter than Mercury because Venus has a thicker atmosphere than Mercury. Venus’s thick atmosphere traps the planet’s heat from the sun, making it hot enough to melt lead.

Mercury has a much thinner atmosphere, which doesn’t trap as much heat as Venus’s atmosphere, so the planet is much colder.

Venus is known as the Earth’s twin because it is similar to Earth with a rocky surface, volcanic atmosphere, and thick clouds. Venus is the hottest planet in the solar system, with an average surface temperature of 864°F.

Mercury is the second hottest planet in the solar system, with an average surface temperature of -173°F.

The difference in heat between Venus and Mercury is due to their different compositions. Venus comprises carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and other compounds that absorb heat from sunlight. Mercury doesn’t have these compounds on its surface, so less heat is absorbed by the planet’s atmosphere.

What’s Special About Venus?

The planet Venus is unique for many reasons. Most people know that it is the second planet from the sun, but you may not know that Venus rotates backward, meaning that the sun rises in the west and sets in the east.

One of the most interesting facts about Venus is its atmosphere. It has a thick atmosphere with no water vapor or oxygen, which means there are no clouds on the planet. It also means there are no storms or rain!

The atmosphere of Venus contains more carbon dioxide (97% of its atmosphere) than any other planet. This is because this gas evaporates more easily on Venus than on Earth.

Does Venus Have Water?

Venus is not a planet with water. It only has carbon dioxide and sulfuric acid. Any moisture on Venus is most likely located in the clouds of vaporized sulfuric acid.

This misconception has been around for centuries. In 1610, Johannes Kepler described Venus as a planet with oceans and continents. Galileo Galilei continued the myth that Venus is a watery world in 1630. In 1761, the astronomer William Herschel suggested that Venus had oceans and continents, but he said that a layer of clouds covered them.

This myth is so hard to eradicate because people look at Earth and think it is the norm. They assume that all planets are like Earth. However, this isn’t the case at all.

Venus does not have oceans, continents, or an oxygen-rich atmosphere like Earth. Instead, it has a thick layer of carbon dioxide in its atmosphere which acts as a blanket to keep in the heat from the sun and trap carbon dioxide in its atmosphere, making it extremely hot on Venus’ surface (around 900 degrees Fahrenheit).

This thick cloud cover also protects Venus from solar winds that would otherwise strip away any water vapor present in its atmosphere, leaving only carbon dioxide and sulfuric acid.

Does it Rain on Venus?

The atmosphere of Venus is composed mainly of carbon dioxide and nitrogen with a small amount of water vapor. The water vapor in the atmosphere is in the form of droplets, but it has been theorized that once upon a time, the atmosphere was a lot more humid, and water vapor was in the form of liquid droplets.

The planet’s surface also has a high percentage of sulfuric acid. These factors contribute to the formation of acid rain on Venus.

The planet’s surface is scorching and has a yellowish color due to the presence of sulfur dioxide. The surface also has mountains, volcanoes, and craters. Venus has been called Earth’s sister planet, and many similarities exist between the two. For example, both Earth and Venus have similar size, mass, density, and gravity.

Venus is the second brightest object seen in the sky after the Sun. The planet is most visible before sunrise or after sunset.

How Hot is Venus During the Day?

The temperature on planet Venus during the day is hot. This is because the planet’s atmosphere is so thick and dense that sunlight can’t penetrate to the surface.

The atmospheric pressure is 92 times greater than Earth’s atmospheric pressure. It rains sulfuric acid on the planet, and there are no volcanoes to release heat, so the surface temperature gets up to a scorching 864 degrees Fahrenheit!

Can Humans Live on Venus?

The good news is that scientists have found a way to make the atmosphere on Venus livable for humans by releasing SO2 gas into the atmosphere. This would make it possible for humans to live on Venus and mine its rich resources such as sulfur and potassium salts.

If humans could colonize Venus, it would be a great place to live, as it is closer than Mars and has a more habitable atmosphere.

Venus also has some of the richest mineral resources in the solar system. It could be a source of fuel such as hydrogen and helium-3. The atmosphere of Venus is made up of 96.5% carbon dioxide. The remaining 3.5% is mostly nitrogen and contains oxygen and other gases such as sulfur dioxide, argon, and carbon monoxide.

The pressure at the surface of Venus is about 90 times that on Earth! The atmospheric pressure at the surface of Venus is almost exactly what you would experience if you were one mile below the surface of Earth’s oceans!

Final Thoughts

One day on planet Venus is equivalent to 116 Earth days. The planet’s rotation is slow because it has a thick atmosphere. At first glance, Venus appears to be Earth’s twin. It has a similar size and mass and the same surface gravity. The poles are not tilted like Earth’s, so the planet’s seasons are even more extreme than ours.

Winds whip around the equator at 300 km/h (200 mph) while it’s almost still at the poles. Venus is the second planet from the sun and is classified as a “terrestrial” planet.

It is also the brightest object in the sky after the moon. It has a diameter of 12,100 kilometers (7,520 miles) and has a mass of 4.869e 24 kg. It takes 225 Terran days to orbit the sun and has an atmosphere of 90% carbon dioxide, with clouds of sulfuric acid.

5 Best and Worst Home Remedies for Your Hemorrhoids ...

17-11-2021 · Once you’re sure the symptoms are from hemorrhoids, there are many ways people may try to shrink them down. Some work well and some are harmful. The best home remedies for hemorrhoids

home remedies, hemorrhoids, aloe vera

Are you sick of running to the local pharmacy every time you need some relief from hemorrhoids? You might want to consider trying some home remedies instead! Natural remedies have proven to help shrink them down, but make sure you’re informed before you start treating these unpleasant guests at home. 

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“First, realize that hemorrhoids are a normal part of our anatomy. Usually, they do not cause pain.” says colorectal surgeon Jeremy Lipman, MD. 

Dr. Lipman says that any change you notice around your anus should prompt an exam by your doctor to make sure nothing more serious is going on. Especially if you see blood. 

Once you’re sure the symptoms are from hemorrhoids, there are many ways people may try to shrink them down. Some work well and some are harmful.

The best home remedies for hemorrhoids

Before you try home treatments, proper diagnosis is critical. “It’s important to see your doctor for bleeding, especially if you have never had hemorrhoids before,” Dr. Lipman says. 

It’s after you’re properly diagnosed that you can start exploring these home remedies: 

1. Sitz baths 

Generally, experts recommend people with painful hemorrhoids sit in warm water for 15 minutes, several times a day — especially after a bowel movement. 

“This is one of the best treatments,” says Dr. Lipman. A sitz bath for hemorrhoids is generally available at a local pharmacy. This small bowl fits right over your toilet and offers a convenient way to soak and soothe the area. You can also just sit in a bathtub filled with warm water.

2. Psyllium husk 

Psyllium husk is a supplement that helps increase your fiber intake and softens stools to make them easier to pass. Be careful not to increase fiber too much, too quickly, as it may also cause gas or stomach cramping. 

“Use this to soften stool and make bowel movements more regular. When your stools are soft and easy to pass, your hemorrhoids are more likely to resolve. Be sure to drink plenty of water if you take this supplement,” says Dr. Lipman. 

3. Aloe vera 

The anti-inflammatory properties of aloe vera may help soothe inflammation of hemorrhoids. Although research isn’t available for its use on hemorrhoid relief specifically, it has shown some benefits for other inflammatory skin conditions. 

Dr. Lipman says this is safe to try only if it’s pure aloe (and not in a cream with other ingredients). 

The worst home remedies for hemorrhoids

You may have also heard of these two home remedies for getting rid of hemorrhoids fast. Unfortunately, Dr. Lipman wants you to avoid these for hemorrhoid pain relief if you can. 

1. Apple cider vinegar 

Some patients say that apple cider vinegar can bring instant relief to hemorrhoids, reducing itching and pain. 

“I don’t recommend using this remedy as it may burn the skin with overuse and exacerbate problems,” says Dr. Lipman. 

2. Tea tree oil 

Some people say the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties of tea tree oil may reduce swelling and itching caused by hemorrhoids. Some early research found that a gel made with tea tree oil decreased symptoms, but studies are lacking. 

Dr. Lipman recommends not trying this remedy as it isn’t well studied. 

Always ask your doctor before trying a home remedy and if issues arise with any treatment, stop your attempt at an at-home hemorrhoids cure immediately.  

Remember, to help treat and prevent hemorrhoids it’s important to eat enough fiber (25 grams a day for women, 38 grams a day for men) and to drink at least eight glasses of water a day. These dietary changes can make stool easier to pass and keep the problem from recurring.

How to Sync Roku Remote Without Pairing Button? (2022)

24-01-2022 · Unpair Your Old Roku Remote. It’s necessary to unpair the old Roku remote before you may pair a new one or a remote from another device with your Roku. The freshly linked remote will not work correctly if this is not done. The pairing button is required to unpair the previous remote. Here are the actions to take:


The tech junkie in me wants to always have the latest and greatest technological devices. Except for the TV in my home office, I’ve replaced most of my home’s equipment with smart ones in the last few years. Instead of investing in a new machine, I installed a Roku as a workaround. There are also alternative methods for transforming a conventional TV into a smart TV.

It’s been almost a year since I first connected a Roku to my TV and started streaming content to it over HDMI. The pairing button on the remote ceased functioning after a few months of use, even though the system had been operating well up until then. Since the batteries need to be changed often, I have to use other ways of pairing the remote with devices that don’t use the pairing button.

It took me a while to find several ways to link your Roku remote with the streaming player without pressing the pairing button. If your pairing button doesn’t function or is damaged, I’ve included instructions in this post to save you time and effort.

Look to see if the remote has a separate pairing button. Purchase an IR remote control that is compatible with your Roku as it does not need pairing if that does not work. The only other alternatives are to buy a new remote or use the Roku controller app.

Roku Voice Remote (Official) for Roku Players, Roku TVs and Roku Streambars
Roku Voice Remote (Official) for Roku Players, Roku TVs and Roku Streambars
  • Take control of your Roku media player with the Roku Voice Remote: The easy-to-use Roku Voice Remote with TV controls is ideal to replace or upgrade the remote for your Roku TV, Roku player, or Roku Streambars
  • Great for Roku TVs: Compatible with all Roku TV brands such as TCL, Hisense, Sharp, Element and Hitachi
  • Compatible with all Roku TV, Roku Express, Roku Express , Roku Express 4k, Roku Express 4k , Roku Streaming Stick, Roku Streaming Stick , Roku Premiere, Roku Ultra, Roku Ultra LT, Roku SE, Roku Smart Soundbar, Roku Streambar, & Roku Streambar Pro
  • No more juggling remotes: This enhanced voice remote has conveniently positioned side buttons that enable you to control your TV’s power, adjust TV volume, and mute audio (on most TVs)
  • Shortcut buttons: Four pre-set channel shortcut buttons let you quickly jump to popular streaming channels with a single press of your thumb

Roku Remote Has the Pairing Button in a Different Location

In the event that you are a new Roku user, you may not be able to find the pairing button right away. Two different remotes are included with Roku devices.

  • A typical infrared remote control
  • an enhanced directional remote control that may be pointed anywhere

There is no pairing button on the default IR remote. To send orders to the Roku device, you must aim the remote at it. There is a pairing button on the upgraded “point-anywhere” remote. The remote control works even if a barrier separates your TV from the Roku device, thanks to its Wi-Fi connection.

Open the battery compartment on your Roku remote to see whether it has a pairing button. To link the device, press and hold the pairing button at the bottom of the battery case. The bottom right or center of the remote control depends on the model.

IR Roku Remotes Don’t Need to Be Paired

There are a few Roku remotes on the market that don’t have pairing buttons, so you may use any of them without connecting the Roku device.

In order to avoid problems, never link an IR-censored remote with the system. In accordance with the system, the remote is pre-calibrated. To send orders to the Roku device, just aim the Stick at it. Like normal remotes, they’re easy to use.

Roku Models that Support IR Remotes

Except for Roku sticks, almost all Roku products are IR-compatible. A Roku remote with no pairing button is most likely an infrared (IR) remote. Infrared remotes may be used with the following Roku devices:

  • YouTube TV (Twitch)
  • Roku is a streaming media player.
  • Roku Streaming Stick Plus
  • Nook Color
  • Roku Ultra High-Definition
  • Netflix’s XDS and XDs on Roku
  • There are three Roku models: 1, 2, and 3.
  • First Look at Roku’s Programming
  • a few Roku televisions
  • Roku 2 High Definition
  • Apple TV 4K

Your Pairing Button Does Not Work

Despite being carefully hidden in the battery compartment, the Roku remote pairing button may be broken if the remote is spilled on or dropped. The pairing button may be rendered ineffective in any of the above-described scenarios.

The button will not work to link the remote to the Roku player. The Roku controller app, on the other hand, may be used to connect the remote. Later on in the piece, the approach will be discussed.

Use AirPlay to broadcast material from your iPhone or Chromecast to project content from other phones or laptops to your TV as a workaround while you fix your Roku control.

Replace Your Roku Remote

The remote control may be replaced if it has been damaged by water or drops and no longer works correctly. However, keep in mind that attempting to fix an old, broken gadget may be quite harmful.

As a result, if your Roku remote is unreliable, often disconnects, or lacks a pairing button, it’s time to upgrade. The Roku remote, as opposed to the Roku player, is susceptible to damage from vigorous handling. The Roku device may malfunction first, but that’s not certain.

Roku’s remotes are always being updated with new functionality. As a result, purchasing a new remote will not only be a wise decision, but it will also allow you to take advantage of the latest features.

Instead, search for RF blaster-enabled smart remote controllers. They operate well and are a great alternative to your Roku remote or any other kind of remote for that matter.

How to Reset Roku TV Without Remote 1

Unpair Your Old Roku Remote

It’s necessary to unpair the old Roku remote before you may pair a new one or a remote from another device with your Roku. The freshly linked remote will not work correctly if this is not done. The pairing button is required to unpair the previous remote. Here are the actions to take:

  • Hold down the home button while simultaneously pressing the pairing and back buttons.
  • The LED light should flash three times before you let go of the button.
  • Please be patient for a short period of time. The remote will automatically detach from your device if you don’t use it.

The previous remote may be unpaired by removing the batteries if the pairing button does not function. Wait at least two minutes before changing the batteries.

Pair Your New Roku Remote

The pairing button must be intact on a Roku remote for it to work. Follow these instructions to link your new Roku remote with your Roku player.

  • Switch on the television.
  • Tune in to the Roku channel.
  • Insert the batteries in the remote control once the Roku logo displays.
  • Place the battery compartment pairing button on your palm.
  • The pairing light will begin to flash if you continue pushing the button after that.
  • The process of pairing will be initiated by the device on its own. It’s possible that this will take some time.
  • Using the Roku Controller app lets you couple your Roku remote even if your pairing button is broken or malfunctioning.
  • If you’re having trouble pairing your Roku remote, reset it and check the batteries.

Use the Roku Controller App

If you don’t have a Roku remote, you may still use the app to operate your Roku player. If your Roku remote’s pairing button is broken, you may still use it to link with the device.

Use your tablet or smartphone to download the Roku app. It’s in the App Store and Google Play. Check to see whether your smartphone or tablet is on the same network as your Roku box.

  • Go to the app store and download it.
  • Go to the menu and choose “Settings.”
  • Select ‘Remotes And Devices’ from the drop-down menu.
  • To pair a new device, choose ‘Pair New Device.’

The Roku remote will be immediately detected by the app. If this doesn’t work, try another approach.

  • Use the buttons on the Roku controller app’s main screen to get to the Roku device’s settings.
  • Go into the settings and choose Remote.
  • To pair your remote with your computer, click on the ‘Pair Remote’ button.
  • To go to the right, use the arrow keys. You’ll be sent to a page with instructions after you click this.
  • Connect your Roku control by following these steps.

It’s possible that your Roku control has a hardware problem if none of these approaches works. It’s possible you’ll have to make a fresh purchase.

Final Thoughts: How to Sync Roku Remote Without Pairing Button?

The warranty on your Roku device may be claimed if anything goes wrong with it or if it performs poorly. A gadget that has been dropped or is submerged will not be covered under warranty. The only way around this is to buy a new Roku control.

Furthermore, if you’re certain the problem isn’t with your remote, a shaky Wi-Fi connection might be to blame. This is due to the fact that upgraded Roku remotes communicate with the device through Wi-Fi.

As a result, if Wi-Fi isn’t operating correctly or the signals are spotty, it’s possible that the Roku remote and Roku device connection is becoming unstable.

If your remote is overheating and you need to unpair it, wait a few minutes before touching the batteries to give them a chance to cool down.



Where is the Roku reset button?

Either on the side or the back of your Roku is where you’ll find the reset button.

How do I reset my Roku remote without the button?

Resetting your Roku device does not need pressing the reset button.

How to Pair a Smartphone with a Roku Device?

Obtain the Roku app on your smartphone and look for nearby Roku units to connect.

-our editorial board has reviewed this article and has been approved for publication according to our editorial policy.

Last update on 2022-06-01

How to Watch Disney Plus Abroad (December 2021 Updated)

01-04-2022 · Disney Plus is a venture of the Walt Disney Company, it launched back in November 2019, but some locations still need a VPN for Disney Plus. Currently ... offers up to 10 multi logins on its account so you can stream Disney Plus on all your devices with your friends and family. Speaking of devices, PureVPN is compatible with all Windows, Mac ...


Disney Plus is a venture of the Walt Disney Company, it launched back in November 2019, but some locations still need a VPN for Disney Plus. Currently Disney Plus is thriving, but one thing that they are still working on is its expansion. So if your region is still deprived of Disney Plus, this blog will enlighten you precisely on how to watch Disney Plus Abroad with the best working Disney Plus VPN.

Did you know that unlike Netflix, Disney Plus is not available globally? While almost everyone has grown up watching Disney Channel, the streaming service is unavailable in many regions.

That’s because it is geo-restricted. Countries where Disney Plus is yet to launch, will be unable to stream content on the service.

To do that, you need to change your IP address and replace it with one from a country where we can stream Disney . This process requires you to use a top-rated VPN.

We tested out 49 various VPN providers and hand-picked 3 of the best ones for you to try out.

Quick Guide: How to Watch Disney Plus 2022 [6 Easy Steps]

Following is a quick and easy guide which will help you on how to watch Disney Plus abroad in 2022:

    1. Subscribe to a reliable and robust VPN; We vouch for Surfshark.
    2. From the website, download and install the app.
    3. Sign-in using your credentials.
    4. From a list of servers, select any one where Disney Plus is available.
    5. Now visit Disney Plus and sign in.
    6. Voila! You have complete access to all the Disney Plus content, so stream away!

Disclaimer: A VPN will only help you access the main Disney Plus website. For you to access the library, you require to be an active paying subscriber. 

Why do you need a VPN to Access Disney Plus?

As you know, Disney Plus is currently geo-blocked in regions it hasn’t launched in yet. You will get to se a similar message as shown below if you try to access the website.

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network is your answer for how to watch Disney Plus from anywhere. It is a tool that virtually shifts your region by changing your IP address. The new IP address is from a region you have selected based on the availability of Disney Plus in that region.

Once all this is done, and you try to access Disney , the site will find your IP from a non-restricted area and let you access Disney Plus easily. And within a matter of seconds, you will be able to watch Disney Plus in abundance.

When will Disney Plus be Accessible in Every Country?

As of now, Disney Plus is only available in a few countries, naming a few are the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, India, Indonesia, Mexico and numerous European countries along with Japan.

As for the rest, Disney Plus plans on expanding throughout the globe soon. While almost half the world has officially seen the launch of Disney Plus, the remaining Asia Pacific region and Far-East countries will experience the launch by 2022.

Best VPN to Watch Disney Plus in January 2022 [In-depth Analysis]

It’s not the end of the world if Disney Plus is currently not available in your region; trust me, there are numerous methods through which you can run down the nostalgic spiral staircase.

One of which is a VPN, it’s legit, fool-proof and works like a wonder. But only the best working VPN can answer your prayers on how to watch Disney Plus, and we have sorted the top 3 out for you.

Read along to find what these VPN have that others don’t:

1. Surfshark: The Best VPN to Watch Disney Plus

Surfshark is the best VPN to watch Disney Plus. It shouldn’t be a surprise as the features and services it offers are commendable. Surfshark offers 1700 servers in 63 countries with private DNS on each server and a strict no-log policy.

It has servers available in all the regions where Disney Plus is available. Moreover, Surfshark is known for its lightning-fast speed and quick connections.

We conducted our own speed tests to ensure if the claims about their speed were true. And we were shocked to see that it gave an outstanding performance in all regions, especially the US.

Connection SpeedPingDownload SpeedUpload Speed
Base Location4 ms9.64 Mbps10.59 Mbps
United States Server223 ms10.00 Mbps2.73 Mbps
United Kingdom Server170 ms8.96 Mbps8.83 Mbps
Canada Server199 ms9.18 Mbps10.30 Mbps

It offers unlimited simultaneous connections on each account, being the only one of its kind to do so while providing all this at an unbelievably affordable price of $2.49/month on their 2-year plan.

Not only that, it vows to protect your online footprint and prevent your device or account from becoming a part of any security breach by providing military-grade AES-256-bit encryption. All in all, Surfshark is the perfect package you need to watch Disney Plus.

Surfshark comes with an extremely user-friendly app which is compatible with all Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Linux devices, leaving no stone unturned. Along with it comes 24/7 live customer support in case you run into any issue, but that would hardly be the case.

2. PureVPN: Fastest VPN to Watch Disney Plus

PureVPN is another top choice to watch Disney Plus, precisely because it is one of the fastest VPNs for streaming and connecting. It has around 2000 servers in over 180 locations worldwide, which speaks for itself that it can unlock Disney Plus from anywhere.

To ensure the credibility of PureVPN and it’s fast streaming speed, we tested out the speed on servers from the US, UK, and Canada. We were thrilled to see that none of the servers saw a significant dip in their download speed, as shown below, and we were able to stream our favorite shows in HD on Disney Plus.

Connection SpeedPingDownload SpeedUpload Speed
Base Location4 ms9.64 Mbps10.59 Mbps
United States Server287 ms9.50 Mbps2.01 Mbps
United Kingdom Server166 ms9.28 Mbps2.62 Mbps
Canada Server239 ms8.95 Mbps2.10 Mbps

The PureVPN app also has an in-built dedicated “Stream Mode” which customizes the VPN functions to provide an exquisite experience when you watch Disney Plus.

Along with that, offers up to 10 multi logins on its account so you can stream Disney Plus on all your devices with your friends and family. Speaking of devices, PureVPN is compatible with all Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux devices.

It is also an expert in securing your data and online activities from breaches by providing a kill-switch and split-tunneling, which gives you flexibility in choosing to work around your VPN and on what devices.

PureVPN comes with a cheap 7-day trial for $0.99 for you to try out along with a 30-day money-back guarantee on their subscription plan, if you change your mind.

3. ExpressVPN: Most Reliable VPN to Watch Disney Plus

ExpressVPN is famous in the industry majorly because of its reliable and robust characteristics. It has more than 3000 servers in 93 countries, which vow to provide ultimate speed while you unlock and watch Disney Plus from a geo-restricted region.

For speed, we did some tests and safe to say, we were not disappointed. ExpressVPN has some of the fastest servers in the US, UK, and Canada.

And these test results speak for themselves. It also provided unlimited bandwidth, which means no buffering for our long hours of binge-watching Disney .

Connection SpeedPingDownload SpeedUpload Speed
Base Location4 ms9.64 Mbps10.59 Mbps
United States Server361 ms9.06 Mbps9.28 Mbps
United Kingdom Server337 ms8.63 Mbps3.11 Mbps
Canada Server239 ms9.62 Mbps2.10 Mbps

ExpressVPN follows strict security protocols and features, which prevents it from keeping any logs on user data at all. It has a form of kill-switch by the name of Network Lock.

It also runs its own private DNS servers. The security and privacy features it offers were verified by Cure53 hence proving its legitimacy.

ExpressVPN may come with an expensive price tag of $6.67 on their 1-year plan, but it has a 30-day money-back guarantee that keeps your money safe and basically lets you try ExpressVPN for free. It also offers a live 24/7 chat support, a perfect bundle in all.

How to sign up for Disney Plus (without US Payment Method) 

Disney is always one step ahead in all aspects, and this time it is their payment methods. It only allows payment methods from the regions it is available in. even a VPN can’t do much for this matter if you don’t have an appropriate billing method.

Luckily, there are a few methods that numerous users have claimed to have worked for them. They are as follows:

Using an Apple ID to set up your Disney Account

Though this one is for all the Apple products, once the account is made, you can use it on all compatible devices with the help of a VPN.

  1. Log out from your current Apple account.
  2. Create a new Apple ID by going to the App Store.
  3. Select the United States as your region and progress. Do not add any payment method.
  4. Buy a gift card from iTunes with money to pay for your Disney subscription.
  5. Redeem the gift card in the App Store.
  6. On your VPN, connect to a server from the US.
  7. Get the Disney Plus app from the App Store and install it.
  8. Start signing up, and for payment method, use the iTunes gift card. And you’ll be good to go.

Using a Google Play Account to Sign Up to Disney Plus

  1. Select a server from the US and connect to your VPN.
  2. Sign up for a new Google Play Store account without logging in.
  3. Purchase a gift card from the Play Store for your Disney Plus subscription.
  4. Redeem the card on Play Store. Enter a US-based Zip-code.
  5. Add your new account by going to Settings > Accounts > Add Account > Google.
  6. Sign in with your new account.
  7. From the store, download and install the Disney App.
  8. Sign up and use the redeemed card to pay for your subscription.
  9. And done! You are a Disney Plus subscriber now.


Does Disney Plus work with VPN?

Yes! But for that, the VPN has to be strong and reliable, so it can easily unblock Disney Plus. Free and weak VPNs will not unblock Disney Plus easily.

What VPN works for Disney ?

Surfshark is the best working Disney Plus VPN. Other than that, PureVPN and ExpressVPN are amongst the top 3 VPNs that work well with Disney .

How do I pay for Disney Plus VPN?

There are numerous online payment methods for Surfshark, like credit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, and Cryptocurrency.

Can you watch Disney Plus with NordVPN?

Yes! NordVPN efficiently unblocks Disney Plus and lets you stream all your favorite shows.

Can I use Disney Plus outside the US?

Yes, but with the help of a VPN if the location is geo-restricted by Disney . Currently, Disney Plus is only available in a few countries, including the US.

Why is Disney Plus not available in my country?

Geo-restriction! Many countries do not have the rights to display the content in their region, and hence it is blocked. But Disney Plus is slowly expanding and will soon be available in all the areas across the globe.

As your home heating bill goes up in Chicago — and it will ...

13-10-2021 · Nicor, which provides natural gas to businesses and to heat homes in the suburbs, estimates gas prices could go up by 48% this winter. In the city, which is served by Peoples Gas, prices might go ...


No sooner did the Illinois Legislature pass an important bill this fall to boost clean energy than another worry cropped up: soaring natural gas prices.

Elected officials will have to do all they can to make sure players in the industry don’t jack up prices on consumers, as Russia is doing to Europe right now and as Enron did to California two decades ago.

Illinois leaders’ should get the word out that now is a good time to insulate homes and find other ways to conserve energy. And they should get out their megaphones to explain where those price hikes are coming from before the frustrated people of Illinois sour on the whole idea of a green power sector.

Nicor, which provides natural gas to businesses and to heat homes in the suburbs, estimates gas prices could go up by 48% this winter. In the city, which is served by Peoples Gas, prices might go up even more. Those predictions refer to the cost of gas itself, which is only part of ratepayers’ bills. Fixed costs, which for many homeowners are the biggest share of the bill, won’t be affected. But even so, the costs could be catastrophic for many people if it is a frigid winter. Natural gas prices in the United States already have climbed rapidly this month, reaching a 13-year high last week.

Already, 30% of the people in Chicago can’t afford to pay their gas bills, according to the Citizens Utility Board. If prices soar, more people will cut back on medicines to pay utility bills, or they will unsafely keep their homes too cold, or they will try to warm their homes in dangerous ways, such as by using their ovens. Existing programs to help people pay their gas bills, including those listed at, should be expanded if the winter is indeed severe and prices do go as high as expected.

Higher natural gas prices also translate into higher electricity prices, because gas is used to generate some of the electricity Illinoisans use.

Last winter in Texas, when nearly 4.5 million homes and businesses went without power for weeks because the state for years had ignored calls to protect its fossil-fuel-burning power grid against severe storms, demagoguing politicians tried to blame the disaster on Texas’ nascent renewable energy infrastructure.

We shouldn’t let that dishonest game play in Illinois.

Ironically, what happened in Texas sent natural prices soaring even beyond that state’s borders because the natural gas market is regionalized. And the costs of the Texas freeze still are being passed along to ratepayers in the Chicago area. Yes, Texas messed with Illinois.

Other factors driving up costs include increased demand after the worst of the pandemic because the fossil fuel industry — similar to other supply chain issues — cannot ramp up easily after cutting back due to reduced demand; more liquefied gas is being exported to other nations; gas used to generate electricity for air conditioning in last summer’s heat left supplies low, and Hurricane Ida temporarily knocked out much of the gas production offline in August near the Gulf of Mexico.

Also, Nicor is asking for its third rate hike in four years.

We’ve been heading in this direction for years. When gas prices were low, utilities raised other costs without it being apparent immediately. Those higher costs won’t go away even as gas prices rise.

When people can’t pay their gas bills, power companies write it off as bad debt and other ratepayers pick up the extra tab, currently more than $4 per customer a month. The fixed fees on customer bills can run to more than $30, according to Illinois PIRG, and a fee that allows gas utilities to spend heavily on replacing pipelines and other projects averages about $13. People can easily get hit with total charges of almost $50 before they burn a therm of gas.

With rising prices, the siren song of “drill, baby, drill” — revert back to fossil fuel — could begin to resonate in Illinois.

But burning natural gas sends heat-trapping carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and gas pumping and pipelines leak methane, a more potent greenhouse gas.

In just three weeks, on Oct. 31, the United Nations’ 26th Climate Change Conference will convene. And in a month, the traditional heating season in Illinois will begin. This is no time to backtrack on our state’s commitment to clean energy.

Send letters to [email protected].

How To Relieve Scalp Psoriasis Itching

10-12-2021 · The only way to treat Scalp Psoriasis is to slow down the cell mitosis. Shampooing alone will not help. In fact the so called medicated shampoos can make the condition worse. Other conditions that show similarities: Scalp Eczema, Afro Scalp Conditions, Pityriasis. Don’t Miss: Why Do I Only Have Psoriasis On My Scalp. Itchy Scalp Causes ...


Consider Topical Treatment For Itch

Here’s What I Use To Fight Dandruff & An Itchy Scalp -Psoriasis – Itchy Scalp Treatment

Topical treatment is often the first-line treatment for reducing symptoms like itching. Your dermatologist may prescribe you a topical corticosteroid or a nonsteroidal topical with ingredients like vitamin A and synthetic vitamin D. Your doctor may also recommend over-the-counter options. Setting aside time for an effective and regular skin care regimen is one of the most important ways to control itch. Choosing the right products is an important step to good skin health.

Geranium Oil For Psoriasis

Geranium oil can improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and even work to relieve stress. It also promotes the growth and regeneration of healthy cells.

Dilute this oil well. You may experience minor side effects when applying this diluted oil to the skin. You should always do a patch test before application of any essential oil. Geranium oil commonly causes allergic or other skin reactions.

Geranium oil is known to slow or stop blood flow. Use caution if you have high blood pressure or youre at risk of cardiovascular diseases.

For skin issues ranging from acne to dermatitis, you can try mixing up to five drops of geranium oil with a carrier oil like coconut oil. Apply this mixture to affected areas twice daily until you see improvement.

How To Relieve Psoriasis Itching

One of the readers of our blog has recently asked me to give some tips about how to relieve psoriasis itching because it is giving him sleepless nights. Psoriasis is characterized by a high degree of skin dryness, coupled with skin inflammation and itching. If we observe closely, it seems that itching is not the primary symptom. It is actually a byproduct of other two symptoms- Skin dryness and inflammation.

When your skin is extremely dry and inflamed- you are prone to rub it and then a chain reaction starts- the more you itch, the more intense it becomes. Eventually, you end up making your psoriasis worse. It is known as Itch-Scratch cycle.

Also, this continuous itching can hamper your personal and professional life badly. For example- improper sleep, lack of concentration, social isolation, lack of self esteem and many others. All these negative after-effects would lead to more stress and anxiety in your life and would take you few more steps away from psoriasis healing because stress is one of the most obvious culprits for psoriasis.

Important note: Sometimes, during the early stages of recovery, the itching increases. Dont worry about that. It simply indicates that you are healing yourself from inside. So, keep walking on the path of holistic healing because a healthy skin and body awaits you

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Do Scalp Psoriasis Home Remedies Work

How you take care of your hair and scalp can have a big impact on your scalp psoriasis flare-ups. In addition to the treatment plan your doctor recommends, you may want to try some of the following tips at home12:

Skip styling tools when possible: Since heat can further dry out your scalp and exacerbate symptoms, its best to avoid blow-drying, curling, and straightening tools if you can. When brushing your hair, use gentle pressure to avoid further irritation. If you have natural hair and are used to consistent styling that requires heat, talk to your dermatologist or stylist to figure out a plan that reduces the risk of potential flare-ups while maintaining the health of your hair.

Avoid the tight up-do: If you have longer hair and have hair loss, you may also want to avoid pulling it back tightly in a ponytail, since that can pull on the already-fragile scalp and possibly lead to more hair loss. If you must pull your hair back, keep the hair low and loose to prevent excess tugging.

Choose hair products wisely: Using certain hair products, such as hair dyes, can also be irritating to your scalp. Ask your dermatologist for brand recommendations or if there are ways your stylist can dye your hair that might be more gentle on your scalp.

Castor Oil For Psoriasis

Tips on How to Treat Scalp Psoriasis

Castor oil isnt an essential oil, but it can be used as a vehicle for applying essential oil. You can add essential oils to a castor oil base before application. This can help dilute the essential oil and prevent any adverse effects.

This natural emollient also works to soften skin. Anecdotal accounts suggest that cold pressed castor oil may help speed up healing and moisturize areas of dry, flaky skin when used daily.

Its also thought that applying castor oil directly to your skin may help remove toxins. It may improve immune function by increasing your count of disease-fighting lymphocyte cells.

Castor oil sold in stores may be chemically processed or sourced from seeds that have been sprayed with pesticides. You should read labels carefully, and proceed slowly to avoid side effects like skin irritation. You shouldnt use this oil if youre pregnant or breastfeeding.

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The Nitty Gritty Of Scalp Psoriasis

Its easy to think that patches of dry, itchy skin on the scalp are caused by some kind of lack of hygiene. But cleanliness has nothing to do with scalp psoriasis.

Psoriasis is actually a chronic inflammatory disorder caused when the immune system doesnt work quite right. Doctors arent sure why, but some people have an immune system that churns out too many skin cells. Since the body cant get rid of these excess cells fast enough, they pile on top of each other, forming flakey, silvery scales.

Psoriasis can pop up anywhere on the body, but when it shows up on your head, dry skin patches can appear under the hair, on the back of the neck, and behind the ears.

Its easy to confuse psoriasis with dandruff, and sometimes dermatologists arent so sure themselves. When it looks like a blend between psoriasis and dandruff, they call it sebopsoriasis a cute couples name for seborrheic dermatitis, aka dandruff, and psoriasis.

However, some clues that your scalp irritation might be psoriasis include more defined or patterned pink scale-like plaques.

Dandruff looks more like generalized greasy flaking with pink patches. Over-the-counter shampoos can typically knock out dandruff, but scalp psoriasis is a little harder to treat.

Facts About Scalp Psoriasis

You cant catch Psoriasis but you have probably been handed it down by your parents or grandparents. A telling sign is the nails which may become pitted or loosen. Almost all patients scalps will feel tight and incredibly itchy. Furthermore, the scalp may feel painful. Adding moisture to the scalp can offer some relief if combined with the correct treatment . The important part of treating scalp Psoriasis is to remove the unwanted scalp crusting. But you must not try this at home. Furthermore, removing the crust is a specialist role. The scalp crusting needs to be correctly moistened and set to allow it to be removed. Secondary infection may result. In addition you may make the condition worse.

The skin in a scalp psoriasis case will proliferate up to 10 times faster than that of the normal skin growth rate. Typically the skin cycle lasts approx. 27 40 days. In cases of Psoriasis, proliferation can occur within 2-4 days. The only way to treat Scalp Psoriasis is to slow down the cell mitosis. Shampooing alone will not help. In fact the so called medicated shampoos can make the condition worse. Other conditions that show similarities: Scalp Eczema, Afro Scalp Conditions, Pityriasis.

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Itchy Scalp Causes & Symptoms

1. Dandruff and Seborrheic Dermatitis

Dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis are the most common when it comes to itchy scalp causes. Itching and flaking are how the body responds to the the inflammation of the overgrowth of yeast. Yeast is typically found on the scalp and other areas of the body where more hair is located. While the presence of yeast is common, its the over-presence of yeast that creates the problem. In particular, a yeast called malassezia can cause excess skin cell growth and irritate the scalp.

To get more specific, dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis are of a continuous spectrum of the same disease that affects the seborrheic areas of the body, and often those who have eczema will have dandruff. Dandruff occurs on the scalp and usually involves itchy, flaking skin, but you many not see actual inflammation.

On the other hand, seborrheic dermatitis can affect the scalp as well as other areas of the body, but in addition to itchy, flaking or scaly skin, which can be severe, it involves inflammation. Characteristics like the immune system, genetics, emotional stress and nutrition can all affect the actual occurrence and severity of dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis.

Even rosacea can contribute to an itchy scalp, as it can extend beyond the face and cause flaking, itching and redness on the scalp as well.

2. Allergic Reactions from Food and Shampoos

3. Autoimmune Disease

4. Tinea Capitis or Lichen Planopilaris

5. Head Lice

Coconut Or Avocado Oil


Coconuts and avocadoes are filled with healthy fats that boost skin health. Massage a few drops of either type of oil, cool or lightly heated, onto your scalp and put on a shower cap. Wait 20 minutes, remove the cap, then wash your hair as usual. This can reduce and remove some of the scaling associated with the condition.

Shop for avocado and coconut oil.

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How Is The Psoriasis Itching And Burning Treated

The aim of treating itch caused by psoriasis is to break the cycle of itching and scratching. In people with psoriasis that causes frequent itching, scratching is a particular problem because it can damage the skin and cause new plaques to form in healthy areas of skin 1.

For people with milder psoriasis, itching can often be relieved by treating the underlying condition with the usual range of treatments . Other treatments that can help with itching and burning, include2:

  • Over-the-counter antihistamines
  • Moisturizers that contain colloidal oatmeal
  • Aspirin
  • Benzocaine
  • Menthol

Some prescription medicines can be used specifically to treat itch. A medicine made with capsaicin is an ointment that can help with psoriatic itch when applied three or four times a day. Certain types of antidepressants can also have an itch-relieving effect, as can a medicine called gabapentin3.

Patients with moderate or severe psoriasis may need to treat the condition with medicines called biologic therapies, such as etanercept, adalimumab, infliximab, ustekinumab, secukinumab, and ixekizumab.

These are very powerful drugs that affect the immune system, unlike topical treatments that are applied directly to the skin. Biologic drugs can have the effect of disrupting the signal sent from the itch receptor to the brain4.

Researchers are currently developing new types of drugs specially designed to treat itching at its source in the brain.

Psoralen Plus Ultraviolet A

For this treatment, you’ll first be given a tablet containing compounds called psoralens, or psoralen may be applied directly to the skin. This makes your skin more sensitive to light.

Your skin is then exposed to a wavelength of light called ultraviolet A . This light penetrates your skin more deeply than ultraviolet B light.

This treatment may be used if you have severe psoriasis that has not responded to other treatment.

Side effects include nausea, headaches, burning and itchiness. You may need to wear special glasses for 24 hours after taking the tablet to prevent the development of cataracts.

Long-term use of this treatment is not encouraged, as it can increase your risk of developing skin cancer.

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Psoriasis And Itching: Managing The Itch

  • Itching affects most people with psoriasis and negatively impacts quality of life.
  • Stick to your treatment plan to help manage itching with psoriasis.
  • Avoid scratching. Use a moisturizer or cool compress instead.
  • A healthy diet and lifestyle can help reduce disease activity that causes itching.

Itch is one of the most distressing symptoms of plaque psoriasis, the most common form of psoriasis. Some 60 percent to 90 percent of people with psoriasis report that itching also known as pruritus worsens quality of life. Itching can negatively impact daily functioning and psychological well-being.

MyPsoriasisTeam members often discuss their frustrations with itching. Bad start to my morning. Im very itchy today. I have to be at work and can’t take any antihistamines. Fighting the itch! one member posted. So tired of my scalp being itchy, another member wrote. People look at me as if I had head lice. What can I use to stop this itch?

My face is killing me today, all red, tight, and itchy. Im now into day four of barely sleeping. I feel so itchy and its 10 times worse at night, a third member said. No amount of moisturizer is helping. It just seems to aggravate the itch.

In the past, itching in psoriasis was not always taken seriously by doctors. Researchers and health care professionals now recognize that itching is a crucial symptom to manage when treating psoriasis, due to the impact of itch on quality of life.

What Are The Most Common Scalp Psoriasis Symptoms

How to Treat Scalp Psoriasis 5 Natural Ways for Treating ...

Youre probably wondering, What does scalp psoriasis looks like? Generally, you might notice flaking or scaly patches of raised skin on your scalp first, Dr. Bhutani says. These patches can also be inflamed, thick, and swollen6, and sometimes extend to the forehead, the back of the neck, or behind the ears. On light skin tones, psoriasis plaques on the scalp typically appear pink or red with silvery scales. For people with dark skin, these lesions may range in color and appear salmon-y pink, silvery white, violet, or brown, depending on your specific skin tone7.

But the signs of scalp psoriasis go far beyond the physical effects. Scalp psoriasis, honestly, causes some of the largest impact on quality of life, Dr. Bhutani says. Thats because severe symptoms can interrupt sleep, create feelings of anxiety, and hurt a persons self-esteem, especially if the scalp psoriasis plaques are clearly visible.

In addition to plaques, other scalp psoriasis symptoms include6:

  • An extremely itchy scalp that can be distracting
  • A burning sensation or soreness on your scalp
  • Cracked and/or bleeding skin from scratching too much or from having a dry scalp
  • Temporary hair loss if you excessively touch your scalp or attempt to pick off your scales, which can forcibly remove hair follicles

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Peppermint Oil For Psoriasis

Peppermint oil may help most with any itching and pain you get in and around psoriasis patches. There are some 25 different species of peppermint with over 600 varieties. No matter what plant you use, the menthol in the oil is what gives peppermint its punch. This oil also tackles itching caused by anything from herpes blisters to scabies infestations.

In small doses, peppermint doesnt usually cause any side effects. Theres a slight chance of allergic reaction, so be on the lookout for any unusual signs and symptoms after application.

A popular home remedy involves combining one cup of distilled water with five to seven drops of peppermint essential oils in a spray bottle. You can spritz this mixture onto painful, itchy skin for soothing relief.

Managing Scalp Psoriasis Guidance

The ISFs Health Promotion Team has found that scalp psoriasis is one of the most common raised concerns and developed the Managing Scalp Psoriasis leaflet, with guidance on how to manage and treat, what can be a very frustrating part, of living with the condition.

The ISF scalp psoriasis leaflet includes a step-by-step treatment section which includes some really useful techniques you can use at home to treat your scalp psoriasis with over-the-counter and prescribed treatments.

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Use An Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Apple cider vinegar is a do-it-all ingredient, and when used as an apple cider vinegar rinse, it can help lower the pH of the hair, giving you the silky, shiny locks you’ve always wanted. Villaneuva says it’s a great natural at-home remedy to alleviate itching and irritation. “Apply an apple cider vinegar rinse to the scalp and wait for it to dry,” she suggests. Once the vinegar has dried, rinse the solution off of the scalp. However, only use this on mild flare-ups: “You’ll want to avoid using apple cider vinegar if your skin is cracked, bleeding, or there are open wounds.” This is safe to repeat a few times a week to reduce irritation.

Intimacy Can Still Be Possible

Scalp Psoriasis Testimonial ð? scalp psoriasis cure – psoriasis treatment itchy

If you are feeling anxious about sexual activity because of psoriasis, talk to your partner and educate them about psoriasis. Let them know that psoriasis isnt contagious and help to put them at ease. It is always a good idea to discuss psoriasis before you are intimate, so it is not a surprise.

To reduce friction and pain during sexual activity, use lubricants during sex. Choose products labeled cooling over warming lubricants. Warming lubricants often contain ingredients that inflame sensitive skin and might trigger psoriasis flares.

You can also make your own lubricant using olive oil, aloe vera, or coconut oil. However, oil-based lubricants should not be used with latex condoms, as they can degrade the latex and lead to condom failure.

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends the following ways to reduce irritation with sexual intercourse.

  • Postpone sex when the skin around the genitals is raw or inflamed.
  • Before sex, gently cleanse intimate areas using mild, fragrance-free cleansers.
  • During sex, use lubricated condoms to reduce irritation in intimate areas affected by psoriasis.
  • After sex, gently wash and dry intimate areas to reduce irritation.
  • Reapply topical medications after sexual intercourse.

Following your treatment plan and taking your medications as prescribed can help to improve psoriasis symptoms regardless of where they are located on the body.

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Why am I Itchy Down There?

25-01-2022 · As previously mentioned, vaginal itching can be a symptom of gynecologic cancer. Precancerous changes in the vulva, known as Vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia (VIN) or dysplasia, can be the cause of vaginal itching. Though not cancer, VIN can turn into cancer if not treated. Vulvar cancer can also cause vaginal itching.



There are few things more uncomfortable than vaginal itching. Between the itch and irritation, many women also feel some embarrassment. It’s not always easy to talk to someone about vaginal itching but rest assured that there’s nothing to be embarrassed about, and finding the cause of your itching IS very important. That’s what our providers are here for and qualified to help you with.
In most cases, vaginal itching isn’t serious and is likely from a treatable infection or even a reaction to a product. In rare cases though, vaginal itching is a sign of vulvar cancer, so seeing someone as soon as possible is important—even if just to get some relief from that itching! So if you’re wondering, “why am I itchy down there?”, we’re going to take a deep dive into some different things that might be causing it.

Causes of Vaginal Itching


Any chemical that your vagina is exposed to has the potential to cause irritation and itching. The most common culprits are soaps and bath products like body wash and bubble baths. Other feminine hygiene products, such as douches, feminine sprays, and lubricants, can also cause vaginal itching. Then there are the things that you may never suspect, like your laundry detergent or fabric softeners. Topical contraceptives like foam and condoms can also cause vaginal itching and irritation in some women. If you are prone to irritation from products like these, it is recommended to use products without harsh chemicals and fragrances. It may help to look for products that have an explicit “sensitive skin” label.

Skin Disorders

Skin conditions, such as eczema, can affect the skin on any part of the body, including the genitals. Along with itching, skin disorders can also cause inflammation, flaky skin, and even blistered skin. A referral to a dermatologist can help determine the cause if other conditions, such as sexually transmitted infections that cause similar symptoms, are ruled out. Your primary care provider or gynecologist can help refer you to the right specialist.

Yeast Infections

This is one of the most common things that we come across when a woman complains of vaginal itching. Yeast is naturally present in all of us and its presence isn’t a bad thing. The problem begins when something causes an overgrowth of it, leading to infection (candidiasis). Some common causes of yeast infections are:

  • Broad-spectrum antibiotics
  • Pregnancy
  • Chemo-therapy
  • Impaired immune system
  • Uncontrolled diabetes
  • Warm, humid weather
  • Tight-fitting clothing
  • Oral contraceptives or hormone therapy

Vaginal itching, a burning sensation, and discharge that has a “cottage cheese-like” appearance are common symptoms of yeast infections. You may also notice that your discharge has a strong yeast scent to it. There are some over-the-counter medications that can help treat a yeast infection, but this is not recommended if you haven’t officially been diagnosed with one. It is best to visit your healthcare provider if you are experiencing the symptoms listed above so they can diagnose and create the best treatment plan for you.

Bacterial Vaginosis

We all have useful bacteria in our bodies, including our vaginas. When you experience an overgrowth of one of them, it upsets the vagina’s natural balance of bacteria, leading to what is called bacterial vaginosis (BV). This is a fairly common cause of vaginal itching and inflammation in women in their reproductive years. Though we don’t yet know exactly what causes it, unprotected sex and frequent douching have been found to increase a woman’s risk of BV. Along with vaginal itching, BV also usually causes other symptoms, such as burning, inflammation, and a “fishy” smelling discharge that is thin and is greyish white in color.


This fairly common sexually transmitted infection is caused by Trichomoniasis vaginalis, which is a single-celled parasite. You get it by having unprotected sex with someone who is already infected. In men, the parasite infects the urinary tract and causes few to no symptoms, causing it to regularly go undiagnosed. Vaginal itching is just one of the symptoms of Trichomoniasis. Other symptoms can include discharge, strong vaginal odor, pain during sex, and painful urination.

Menopause / Low Estrogen Levels

You may think that menopause is still a long way away, but women can begin to experience symptoms of menopause as many as ten years before actually reaching full menopause—that’s as early as their late thirties for some women. This is referred to as perimenopause. Vaginal itching is a common symptom of low estrogen levels, which causes vaginal dryness. Over time, vaginal dryness leads to irritation and itching, and can even be painful. Low estrogen levels, though most often related to menopause, can also affect much younger women. Genetics, thyroid problems, and even excessive exercise can cause low estrogen levels in the body. Cancer treatment can also lower estrogen levels. Blood tests can determine whether or not your estrogen levels are low, but your provider may recommend other tests to rule out alternative causes of your discomfort.

Less Common Causes

As previously mentioned, vaginal itching can be a symptom of gynecologic cancer. Precancerous changes in the vulva, known as Vulvar intraepithelial neoplasia (VIN) or dysplasia, can be the cause of vaginal itching. Though not cancer, VIN can turn into cancer if not treated. Vulvar cancer can also cause vaginal itching. Other symptoms of VIN and vulvar cancer include burning and irritation, and skin changes on the vulvar area, such as changes in skin color or in texture. You could also experience sores or lesions as a result of vaginal or vulvar cancer. If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, please contact your gynecologist so they can help you identify the cause. If it turns out to be precancer or cancer, your provider will put you on the right course of treatment.

When to Get Medical Help

Make an appointment if there isn’t an obvious cause for your vaginal itching or it is accompanied by other symptoms. Women who experience frequent yeast infections may opt to treat it themselves at home, but if the symptoms persist even after using an over-the-counter remedy, then a visit is in order to rule out other possible causes. If you aren’t sure what’s causing your vaginal itching, your best bet is to get a solid diagnosis from a medical professional.

Stye: What is it, causes, treatment and prevention

11-02-2022 · Internal stye: This is a stye inside your eyelid, typically owing to an infection in an oil-producing gland in your eyelid. Your eyelid would generally be red, and tender to the touch after you first get a stye. You might suffer from sore and itchy eyes as a result.


A stye, also known as a hordeolum, is a painful, small and red lump that develops from your eyelash follicle or from an oil-producing gland under your eyelid(s). This lump is tender to the touch and has pus. Yellow or white discharge might ooze out from your eyes as well.


EXTERNAL                                                            INTERNAL

Types of styes

There are two kinds of styes owing to differences in their underlying causes.

  • External stye: This is a stye that starts at the base of your eyelash, usually due to an infection in the eyelash follicle. An internal stye might look like a pimple.
  • Internal stye: This is a stye inside your eyelid, typically owing to an infection in an oil-producing gland in your eyelid.

Your eyelid would generally be red, and tender to the touch after you first get a stye. You might suffer from sore and itchy eyes as a result.

If you have blepharitis (a condition that makes your eyelids at the base of the eyelashes red and swollen), you can also develop a stye and notice red and swollen eyelids at the base of your eyelashes. Your eyelid margin might feel crusty, and you might tear more frequently than usual due to your stye.

How do you prevent a stye?

Take better care of your eyelids, by getting rid of the germs and dead skin cells that bacteria like to feed on. Use a cotton swab to delicately wipe a mixture of mild baby shampoo and warm water solution along the base of your eyelashes, while keeping your eyes closed, for about 30seconds per eye. Alternatively, purchase over the counter lid scrubs from your nearby drugstore to clean your eyelids.

Avoid putting on expired or someone else’s makeup, used towels, or touching your eyelids with dirty hands.

Look out for early warning signs of styes, such as tender spots near your eyelashes. Upon detecting such early signs, apply a warm compress and then slowly massage the area to prevent the stye from developing. If symptoms still persist despite trying warm compress, please see an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) at the earliest opportunity.

How can you seek treatment for your stye?

Warm compress and eyelid scrub

Soak a clean washcloth in warm water and keep it onto your eyelid for 10–15 minutes at a time, 3–5 times daily. This warm compress opens and drains clogged oil glands to deal with styes.

Use a cotton swab to delicately wipe a mixture of mild baby shampoo and warm water solution along the base of your eyelashes, while keeping your eyes closed, for about 30seconds per eye.

Alternatively, purchase over-the-counter lid scrubs from your nearby drugstore to clean your eyelids.


Your eye doctor may prescribe an antibiotic ointment for your stye to help combat bacteria causing the infection.


If it reduces the quality of your vision, you might need surgery to drain it. Your doctor could conduct the surgery in the office using local anesthesia.

Bear in mind that if you suffer from a recurring one, your eye doctor might need to perform a biopsy. A biopsy is a process whereby your doctor extracts a tiny piece of tissue from the infected area to study it to determine the types of bacteria causing the recurrence or if you are suffering from a more deep-rooted eye problem.

Do not squeeze

However tempting it might appear to be, squeezing a stye could spread the infection into your eyelid. Also, avoid wearing eye makeup or lenses when infected. Sign up for an eye check appointment with planoEyecheck to determine if you have a stye or other eye diseases.


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