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Is this coffee-related, or...?

Everybody poops—it’s a simple fact of life. You also probably have some type of pooping routine. Maybe you usually go right when you get up or an hour after you have coffee in the morning, or you regularly take a mid-afternoon poo. So it’s completely understandable that you’d get a bit confused if you start pooping so much more than normal.

While going number-two more than usual can be a sign that something is off, it’s not usually a reason for an otherwise healthy young women to freak out, says Kyle Staller, MD, a gastroenterologist at Massachusetts General Hospital. "Probably one of the most common things would be dietary intolerances—you ate something that doesn’t agree with you," says Dr. Staller. This is especially true if you have a change for a few days and then it goes back to normal.

Okay, but how many times is it normal to poop per day?

It really varies from person to person, says Scharles Konadu, MD, a gastroenterologist at Huguley Medical Associates in Texas. "One thing to understand is each person has their own norm when it comes to bowel movements," says Dr. Konadu. "While one person may poop daily another may go every other day and another every two days."

In general, if the amount you're pooping isn't causing any discomfort, you're probably fine, says Dr. Konadu. And again, if pooping more frequently is your typical baseline, then there's no need to worry. But if you're suddenly having more than three bowel movements a day (especially if they're watery), you may want to check in with a doctor just to make sure things are functioning the way they should.

Wondering why the heck you're pooping so much? These are the 11 most common causes of more frequent bowel movements.

1. You started eating healthier.

One of the most common reasons why young women start pooping more is because they increased their fiber intake, says Rudy Bedford, MD, a gastroenterologist at Providence Saint John’s Health Center in Santa Monica, California. So, if you suddenly started pooping more around the time you started adding more vegetables to your diet, that’s likely why.

2. You got an infection.

Viral and bacterial infections (think: everything from the flu to E. coli) can cause excessive pooping and diarrhea, says Dr. Staller. While this is normal, if you have bloody poop or a fever with it, you should get it checked out.

3. You increased your workouts.

Stepping up your exercise routine can make you go more than usual, says Dr. Bedford. Here’s why: Exercise increases muscle contractions in your colon, working poop out of your body faster than it did before. That’s why doctors may encourage you to work out more if you’re constipated.

4. You have IBS.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is no joke, and Dr. Staller says it’s common in young women. The condition—an intestinal disorder that causes pain in your stomach, gas, and cramping—can also make you poop a lot. "The classic patient gets sudden abdominal pain and cramping associated with constipation or diarrhea," says Dr. Staller. If you notice you have these other symptoms in addition to a high frequency of pooping, see your doctor about it.

5. You’re stressed out.

For people who already have gastro issues like IBS, stress can be a poop trigger. "Many people have more loose bowel movements when they’re under stress," says Dr. Staller. When your stress subsides, so should the number of times you need to use the bathroom.

6. You're on your period.

Many women who are just about to get their periods or already have their periods will have looser or more frequent BMs. It’s likely due to a shift in hormones around your cycle (specifically progesterone), and is "very normal," says Dr. Staller. If you only have to go more often (or have diarrhea) around your time of the month, that's likely the cause—and totally normal.

7. You're overdoing it on the coffee.

Coffee acts as a pro-motility agent, as WH reported previously, meaning it causes more movement and muscle contraction. That's because the caffeine stimulates muscle contractions in your intestines, causing you to have to go to the bathroom. And the more caffeine you drink, the more of a laxative effect it will have. If you're chugging cups of Joe every day and are running to the bathroom a lot, try scaling back the amount you consume.

8. You have an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

An IBD is different than IBS and includes Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. These conditions cause chronic inflammation in the digestive tract, as the name suggests. If you have an IBD, it can cause permanent damage to the digestive tract over time, so you definitely want to get a proper diagnosis and treatment.

The thing is, if you're just having regular poops multiple times a day, you probably aren't dealing with an IBD. Other symptoms of IBDs include bloody stools, fatigue, severe abdominal pain, persistent diarrhea, and even weight loss, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. So if this sounds like your sitch, that warrants a trip to a gastroenterologist STAT.

9. You're on medication.

Some medications, like certain antibiotics, may change what's happening in your GI tract, including the bacteria makeup in your system, according to Harvard Health. In turn, you may have more bowel movements or diarrhea. This should subside when you're done taking the antibiotic or Rx. And any time you're prescribed medication, your doc should let you know if this is a possible side effect (and you can ask as well!).

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One note: If you have abdominal pain or notice blood in your stools, call your doctor. This could be a sign of a more serious problem, like an infection or an IBD.

10. You have celiac disease.

Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder affecting the appropriate absorption of food and nutrients in the small bowel caused by an immune reaction to gluten found in certain foods. The immune reaction can show up as symptoms like diarrhea or constipation, weight loss, fatigue, anemia, abdominal pain and even rashes, explains Dr. Konadu.

If these symptoms sound spot on, talk to your doctor about celiac disease since many people have it and just don't know. Your doctor will order blood tests that can help determine whether you have the condition. To alleviate the symptoms of celiac disease, you'll likely have to switch up your eating habits. "Celiac disease is simply treated by avoiding gluten in the diet," says Dr. Konadu. Luckily, there are plenty of gluten-free versions of all your favorite foods.

11. You have hyperthyroidism.

Hyperthyroidism is an autoimmune disorder that causes an imbalance of thyroid hormone in your blood, says Dr. Konadu. The imbalance is caused by an overproduction of the hormone thyroxine by the thyroid gland and can lead to an increased metabolism. This can manifest itself in symptoms like weight loss, brittle hair, sweating, and increased heart rate, in addition to bowel irregularities, most commonly diarrhea.

To determine if you have hyperthyroidism, consult an endocrinologist, who will likely order a blood test. Once you're diagnosed, they'll then give you medication that slows down the production of hormone in the thyroid gland, or in some cases may even recommend surgery on the thyroid gland. Controlling the amount of hormone released into the blood should then alleviate the bowel issues you're having.

How can you tell your poop issues aren't something more serious?

Abdominal pain, bloody stool, and mucus in your poop are always clues that something isn’t right, says Dr. Bedford, and you should see a doctor if you're experiencing any of those issues.

The way your bowel movements are impacting your life is also a big tip-off, notes Dr. Staller. If you really don’t give it another thought, you’re probably fine. But if you find that you’re changing your routine or avoiding social situations because you’re worried about pooping, you need to see a doctor.

Says Dr. Staller, "If it’s a common thing where you’re always on the lookout for a bathroom, you should go and get evaluated." No matter what the cause, there's plenty of treatment options and ways to help you stop spending so much time in the bathroom.

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How Many Calories Does Sex Burn? Can Sex Help You Lose Weight?

13-05-2020 · When it comes to intercourse, women can burn 69 (lol) calories per session (including foreplay) according to a small 2013 study of young, healthy couples …


Chances are, whether you’re having sex with a partner or even having a solo session, you’re working up a sweat. Sometimes it leaves you breathless and totally spent, kind of like a killer workout. And that might have led you to wonder...exactly how many calories does sex burn?

While studies have found (yup, there is some research on this) that no single sex act is burning a *ton* of calories (unless you’re doing it for hours on end) there are still plenty of health benefits of being sexually active.

Sex with a partner is especially effective at getting your blood circulating and endorphins flowing. When it comes to calorie burn, though, it really depends on your weight and how long you’re doing it for (like with any form of exercise), research shows.

The key to getting more bang for your bang (sorry, had to) is treating sex like a workout: The more acrobatic you get, and the longer you go at it, the more calories you can burn, says sex and relationship expert Jess O'Reilly, PhD, who is the resident sexologist at Astroglide. Still, "you don’t have to swing from the chandeliers to burn calories," O’Reilly says. More than anything, it’s about the time devoted to the act that will boost your calorie burn, she adds, so feel free to treat your sex session like a marathon, not a sprint, if you are looking to make it workout-like.

If you're curious, this is how many calories you can expect to burn during various sex acts and in different positions, according to experts as well as the available research. They've even offered up a few ways to increase your calorie burn, if you're interested in getting the most legit exercise out of your session (because why not?!).

How many calories does kissing burn?

Kissing burns between 5 and 26 calories per minute, according to a study in the American Journal of Medicine. Of course, it depends on how long and how intensely you’re doing it. The study found that a simple peck only uses about two muscles in your face and is only shaving off 2 or 3 calories at most.

This content is imported from {embed-name}. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

But when things get more hot and heavy, you’re involving as many as 34 muscles in your face and 112 muscles in the rest of your body. How many calories you burn while kissing is also dependent on the position you're in—if you’re on top of your partner, essentially holding a plank, you’re engaging your core and getting more of a workout out of it.

How many calories does foreplay burn?

Foreplay can mean all sorts of things to different people. But, for instance, giving a partner a hand job is definitely exerting energy, and may burn up to 100 calories per hour, according to a blog post by Alyssa Dweck, MD, an ob-gyn and Women’s Health advisory board member. Granted, you're probably not giving your partner a hand job for that long, unless, of course, you're trying out edging.

One way you can make foreplay, including oral sex, more of a workout, is by making it last longer, O’Reilly says. Your partner will probably appreciate a more drawn out experience too (wink, wink). “When engaging in foreplay, take your time to rile your partner up and then slowly back down to build peaks and plateaus," she says. "Just kissing, breathing, stroking and playing for a prolonged period of time will increase your total caloric burn,” she says.

And again, calorie burn depends on the position you’re in. If you want to add an additional challenge for your core while giving oral, she recommends straddling your partner on all fours, engaging your abs and crunching to bend your head down to reach your partner.

How many calories does sex burn?

When it comes to intercourse, women can burn 69 (lol) calories per session (including foreplay) according to a small 2013 study of young, healthy couples who spent 25 minutes having sex. (The study also states that heart rate, oxygen consumption, and blood pressure were higher with orgasm, so finishing is equivalent to slightly more of a workout).

By comparison, the study also tested the participant's calorie burn after running on a treadmill for 30 minutes, and women tended to burn about 213 calories, so yeah, running is obviously much more of a workout in a similar time frame. (Keep in mind that this study only included heterosexual couples.)

Most couples probably aren't having sex for half an hour either. A study from The New England Journal of Medicine found that most sex sessions last only about 6 minutes, so the average calorie burn might be only about 21 in that time. And since that figure refers to men (who may do more of the calorie-burning thrusting in straight, missionary-position sex), the study authors suggest that one round of sex might burn closer to 14 calories for straight women, on average. (Luckily, there's plenty you can do to make sex last longer, if you aren't in the mood for a quickie.)

To up the fun (and calorie burn) when it comes to sex, try getting on top of your partner, Dr. O’Reilly says. Because in most positions, being on top requires a bit more movement and will increase calorie burn. Changing up your positions throughout a sex session can also make it more of a workout, she says.

Here are five positions you can try, plus tips for how to make them even more of a workout.

  • Missionary. It may seem near impossible to get your cardio on during missionary, but if you’re on top, support yourself with your arms to build some strength while you’re going at it. You can also boost your burn while you’re on the bottom, O’Reilly adds, by grabbing your ankles and pulling them up toward your head to fire up your core.
  • Doggy style. O’Reilly suggests making doggy style like “interval training” for you and your partner, by alternating who takes control. The person on top can thrust forward for a few minutes, then take a break while the person on the bottom takes their turn pushing back onto their partner. Or, for a more yoga-like workout during sex, try doggy style in downward dog—that’ll definitely get your heart rate up, she says.
  • Tabletop. If you’re on top on all fours, give yourself an added challenge—and calorie burn—by leaning forward to whisper dirty talk in your partner’s ear as you lower your hips up and down, O’Reilly says.
  • Rocking horse. This position will definitely feel like a workout: Sit all the way down on your partner (this can be done on their face, too!) and rock your hips from front to back, as if you’re riding a rocking horse, says O’Reilly.
  • Cat curl. Another move that will involve you doing the majority of the calorie burning is the cat curl. On all fours, facing your partner's face (or their feet for a reverse of this position), place your palms next to their shoulders (or legs) and arch your back like a cat, O’Reilly says, while curling your hips backward in a semi-circle.

How many calories does masturbating burn?

Partnered sex is going to burn more calories than masturbating, because it typically involves more pumping and rolling movements and lasts longer. But reaching orgasm on your own will still release endorphins and the feel-good hormone oxytocin, just like finishing your last set at the gym would, so go at it as often as you'd like!

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The Best Sex Positions Ever: How to Make Doggy Style Even Better

02-06-2021 · 'Doggy style is a wonderful position for intercourse for a number of reasons,' says Certified Sex Therapist Dr Nan Wise, PhD. 'First of all, having sex from behind allows the penis to stimulate ...


When it comes to sex positions, you might have a few favourites that you rely on, from the standard (hello, missionary) to the more unique (e.g. the pinball wizard). Then, there are the positions that you can turn from 'meh' to 'mind-blowing' with just a few simple tweaks – and that's where doggy style comes in.

So, how to do it? From discovering the best sex toys to add into the mix to switching up your location and adjusting your position, keep scrolling for 5 ways to make doggy style even more interesting…

(Note: while this article refers to sex between a woman or a person with a vagina, and a man or a person with a penis, there is obviously no reason why any gender pairing, with the right accessories, can't have a great time with doggy style.)

What is doggy style?

Not familiar with doggy style? Let's start with a quick refresher session. Doggy style is a rear-penetration position, where one partner (the woman in this instance) gets on a hands-and-knees position and the male partner enters her from behind.

Doggy style can be used for both vaginal and anal penetration thanks to its easy-access position.

What are the benefits of doggy style?

Depending on your doggy style positioning (yep, there's more than one way to do doggy,) you're able to reach maximum penetration and stimulate a whole host of different pleasure centres.

'Doggy style is a wonderful position for intercourse for a number of reasons,' says Certified Sex Therapist Dr Nan Wise, PhD. 'First of all, having sex from behind allows the penis to stimulate the front wall of the vagina (the side that faces the front of the body, closest to the belly).

By stimulating the vagina in this way, the pressure on the wall of the vagina stimulates the G-spot, a place where stimulation enrolls the entire clitero-urethro-vaginal complex (CUV for short), including the internal clitoris (the "legs" of the clitoris straddle the vagina) and the paraurethral sponge (the female prostate gland).

'As we show in our research, stimulating the CUV complex (commonly referred to as the G-spot) tends to recruit multiple sensory nerves in the body and activates corresponding sensory pleasure processing places of the brain. Talk about a big bang for your buck.'

Applying pressure to the G-spot (which Dr Wise confirms isn't a singular spot but a whole area on the front wall of the vagina) can lead to higher intensity pleasure. Need you more convincing to give it a whirl?

Who is doggy style best suited to?

Literally, anyone, since doggy style can be used for vaginal and anal penetration with a penis or toy.

'It’s especially well-suited for people with vaginas who like to be active in sex,' Dr Wise advises. 'The position enables the receiver to easily move their pelvis back and forth as well as to adjust the angle of the penetration. This can increase the receiver's ability to maximize pleasure by changing the angle of the position. It also brings a lot of blood flow and energy to your genitals which empower sexual pleasure.'

What if doggy style feels too intense?

It could be that you haven't received enough stimulation before going gung ho with doggy-style sex.

'Do not attempt doggy-style sex or any kind of penetration before making sure that the external clitoris, internal clitoral bulbs, and entrance to the vagina, itself, are nicely engorged,' says Dr Wise. 'Not only will this make sex more enjoyable, but it will also facilitate lubrication and make intercourse more comfortable.

'Here’s a great tip: Before attempting intercourse of any kind make sure that you or your partner massages the vulva on either side of the opening to the vagina. By applying pressure and massaging this region you will stimulate the clitoral bulbs – part of the internal clitoris which hugs the entrance to the vagina. Remember that the clitoris is as long as the penis but most of it is internal.'

And if doggy style still feels too deep? Try playing around with positioning to find an angle that feels more comfortable for you, possibly one where the entire penis or toy is not penetrating the vagina.

How can you make doggy style more intense?

Dr Wise recommends trying a modified version of doggy style (called flat doggy style) where the receiver lies flat on their tummy and the partner enters from behind.

'To get into this position, the receiving partner lies on their stomach rather than being on hands and knees,' she instructs. 'If you put some pillows underneath the receiving partner's belly, you facilitate deeper penetration. The penetrating partner can also latch their feet around their partner's legs to pull them in closer.'

What if the receiver needs more stimulation in doggy style?

Try reaching down and stimulating your external clitoris (though, this is, admittedly, easier when in flat doggy style and your hands aren't needed to prop your body up).

Dr Wise also advises:

  • Rhythmically rocking your pelvis during stimulation to increase blood flow rather than keeping your body stiff.
  • Intentionally and rhythmically contracting your pelvic floor muscles during stimulation.
  • Using your mind to focus on the sensations without chasing the orgasm and/or enjoying your fantasies while also stimulating the breasts and nipples.
  • Adding some input from an anal plug to provide more stimulation that can enhance sensations from the genitals.
  • And last but not least, adding nipple stimulation to ramp up the sexual sensations.

'The more erogenous zones that can be stimulated, the more intense pleasure you will feel,' she says.

You can also introduce a clitoral stimulation toy to help ramp things up a bit with minimal effort on your part.

How can you make doggy-style sex more exciting?

'The receiver can put their hands through their legs (particularly if on hands and knees) and grab their partner's inner thighs or massage their testicles and scrotum,' says Dr Wise. If your partner has a vulva you could introduce a toy to stimulate their clitoris. 'I recommend Hot Octopuss’ KURVE which has an incredibly soft, clitoris-friendly tip,' she adds.

Another way to ramp up the excitement? Pleasure sounds. 'Making deep throating guttural pleasure sounds can be a big turn-on for both partners and can actually help to facilitate orgasm,' says Dr Wise.

Finally, Dr Wise recommends stimulating as many erogenous zones as possible for more intense pleasure. 'If you’re curious to explore your pleasure potential, I developed what's called The G-Scale – a Richter-style scale for monitoring orgasmic magnitude,' she says.

'Essentially, the more erogenous zones involved, the higher your climax will read on the scale, from a Magnitude #1 to the ‘G ’ peak, where the g-spot plays a fundamental part – doggy style is the perfect position to help you reach this.'

How do I have sex doggy style?

Get into position

On all fours? That’s you done. Your partner then kneels behind you, with their upper body straight up or slightly draped over you.

What’s the benefit?

Deep penetration and easier G-spot stimulation. Happy Friday to you.

Next-level move

Stimulate your clitoris with one hand, or ask them to do the finger work for you. Bonus.

Can’t figure it out? Picture this:

Finger, Shoulder, Elbow, Joint, Human leg, White, Sitting, Knee, Temple, Neck,

5 more ways to switch up doggy style

1. Prop yourself up with pillows

Depending on where you're getting frisky, doggy style isn't always the most comfortable on your hands and knees (carpet burns, anyone?). Use pillows to prop yourself up, cushion yourself in, and make things a whole lot squishier in general.

2. Introduce accessories

Introducing sex toys and other accessories is a great way to maximise your pleasure when trying out different sexual positions. From playing with discrete vibrators to adding lots of lube, you'll be surprised how the addition of an accessory can take your experience from zero to 100.

Doggy style is a great position to experiment with sex toys. Try using a vibrator to stimulate your clitoris at the same time as your partner enters you from behind (and get ready for the ultimate blended orgasm.) Feeling kinky? Try introducing nipple clamps, a vibrating cock ring, or anal beads. The opportunities really are endless.

3. Mix up your location

Another one of the great things about doggy style is that you can pretty much do it anywhere, (within reason!). Try it on the stairs, on your sofa, in the shower, or over your kitchen counter.

4. Adjust your positioning

Doggy style is great for accessing your G-spot. Have your partner go low and slow while you relax your upper body down so that your torso is flat against the bed. You can also try lying flat against the bed (or floor, sofa, wherever you fancy!) and have your partner lay on top of you, for seriously deep penetration.

5. Control the penetration

Doggy style is also a great position if you like to control the depth of penetration. By bringing your legs closer together, the tighter your vaginal canal becomes. This way you're able to heighten sensitivity and have more control over how deep your partner penetrates you.

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15 Virtual Sex Toys For A Long-Distance Relationship

28-06-2018 · 3 of 15. Lovense Nora Rabbit Vibrator. Lovense. 9 AT AMAZON. The Nora rabbit vibrator was made for long-distance sex. It's built for simultaneous G-spot and clit stimulation, so you can feel ...

Turquoise, Green, Aqua, Teal, Turquoise, Fashion accessory, Ear,

Courtesy of WeVibe

If you're in a long distance relationship, either for the long-haul or temporarily, you'll need to get creative if you want to get off...you know, together.

Thankfully, between phone sex, steamy video chats, and sexting the night away, there are plenty of ways to keep your sex life alive (TG for smartphones, amiright?). And the latest virtual sex toys can send your pleasure levels to another planet.

Long-distance sex toys are more popular than ever, says Laurie Mintz, PhD, a therapist, professor of human sexuality at the University of Florida, author of Becoming Cliterate. "You can accomplish a lot with creativity and the internet."

Virtual sex toys are great tools for breaking out of a sexual rut, she says, whether you're using them from the next room or across the world. Long-distance sex toys, or Wi-Fi sex toys, are also a healthy way to be more attentive and accepting of how your partner likes to orgasm, says Dr. Mintz, which will help boost your sexual satisfaction when you're back in the same bedroom.

Basically, choosing a long-distance sex toy is a personal preference, whether you're looking to practice your kegels, up your G-spot stimulation, or give your clit some extra love. When shopping, browse for one-way or two-way control, after chatting with your partner about who would like to take the reins during your Wi-Fi-enabled sex date, Mintz says. Communication about your comfort level is just as important over bluetooth as it is IRL, she adds. Preach.

「緑茶コーヒーダイエット」のやり方・効果・作り方 【1カ月で …

14-03-2021 · 緑茶:茶 カテキンと ... 炭水化物は抜かずに選ぶ! 食べながら痩せるダイエットの新常識 ... 2週間で体重10%減! おかゆダイエットの効果・やり ...

coffee and personal computer on the table

hiroyuki nakaiGetty Images

緑茶とコーヒーを1:1で割って、飲むだけのダイエット「緑茶コーヒーダイエット」って知っている? 100人以上の実践者は、平均1カ月で-6.2kgという驚異の結果を残している。そんな成功者続出のダイエットなんて気になる……。今回は、ダイエット外来ドクターである、工藤孝文さんが考案した、この「緑茶コーヒーダイエット」の効果、やり方、作り方など徹底的に解説してもらった。


① コーヒー、緑茶ともに痩せ効果がある


② 栄養素をバランスよくとれる


③ それぞれのメリットがデメリットを補う


一日最低3杯、食事の15分前に飲むだけ! 1週間~10日続けると、体重が落ちていくのを実感できるはず。









「緑茶とコーヒーをミックスしたら、まずいのでは? と思っていたのですが、飲んでみたらとても飲みやすくて、驚きました。コーヒーを少し薄くしたような味、麦茶に近いです。これなら、コーヒーが苦手な人も飲めてしまいそう」(エディターNANA)





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知っておきたい! 体のパーツ別、角質ケア方法

11-02-2018 · 角質除去の実情. 実のところ、角質除去には物質的 (スクラブ) 角質除去と化学的 (ケミカルピーリング) 角質除去という2つのタイプがある ...


Skin, Shoulder, Joint, Neck, Arm, Hand, Muscle, Close-up, Abdomen, Chiropractor,

頭のてっぺんからつま先まで、もっとソフトな肌に。定期的にニキビができる。足の裏が部分的に硬い。そんな厄介な肌トラブルと戦うためには、角質除去 (古くなった肌の外皮を取り除くこと) が必要かも。その内容をアメリカ版「ウィメンズヘルス」からご紹介。


Eye, Food, Cream,


実のところ、角質除去には物質的 (スクラブ) 角質除去と化学的 (ケミカルピーリング) 角質除去という2つのタイプがある。どちらも、新たな皮膚が出てくるように死んだ細胞を取り除くことに変わりはない。ローションや酸性のピーリング剤で行うケミカルピーリングは、顔を明るく、若々しく見せてくれる。一方、膝やひじといった皮膚が厚い部分には、スクラブやヘチマスポンジのように少し粗い物を使った方が効果的。

Skin, Face, Head, Nose, Forehead, Organ, Eye, Close-up, Joint, Eyelash,

ニューヨークの皮膚科専門医で『Beautiful Skin: Every Woman’s Guide to Looking Her Best at Any Age』の著者デイヴィット・バンク医学博士によると、グリコール酸と乳酸 (アルファハイドロキシ酸またはAHAとも呼ばれる) は、パワフルなピーリング剤。保湿クリームに含まれるグリコール酸と乳酸は、毎日の使用を想定して肌にやさしい調合だけど、マスクや病院で使用される物は強度が高め。サリチル酸 (別名ベータヒドロキシ酪酸) もよく知られる角質除去成分。ニキビの治療に使われるのが最も一般的で、洗顔料、保湿クリーム、ニキビの部分治療薬などに含まれる。ニューヨーク州スミスタウンの皮膚科専門医マリーナ・ペレド医学博士いわく、酵素はアルファハイドロキシ酸よりも低刺激なので、敏感肌にはジャンマリニのスキンザイムマスクのような酵素ベースのマスクがおすすめ。

とても寒い地域に住んでいるなら、冬の角質除去は週1~2回に抑えるのがベスト。「冬は肌が乾燥して水分を失いやすい。論理的に言えば、死んだ皮膚を取り除く一番の方法は角質除去だと考えるところ」 と語るペレド博士はこう続ける。「でも、角質除去によって肌がますます乾燥するかもしれないのが問題」。バンク医学博士によると、夏になれば肌タイプと使用する商品のタイプによって、週2回~毎日でも角質を除去していいそう。

Face, Skin, Lip, Nose, Cheek, Chin, Beauty, Mouth, Finger, Eyelash,

唇のお手入れは出来るだけやさしく。「唇の場合、個人的には洗顔料を角質除去に使うだろう」 と言うバンク博士は、サリチル酸を0.5~2%含む洗顔料で顔と一緒に唇を洗うよう勧めている。かさつきを抑えるには、シアバターをたっぷり含んだリップバームを1日数回使ってみよう。

誰もが知る、腕の後ろのピンクのブツブツは毛包の角化または “鶏皮” と呼ばれるもの。永久に取り除く術はなくても (ウィメンズヘルスでも実験済み)、ピーリングローションで若干なめらかにすることはできる。バンク博士によれば 「皮膚科学の中で最も発見しやすく最も治療が難しい」 という毛包の角化は、毛包を覆い隠す細胞が表面化し、自然と剥がれ落ちない状態を指す。

「ニキビみたいに聞こえるけど、その背景にあるのはオイリー肌ではなく乾燥した敏感肌なのが問題なので、刺激を与えすぎないように気を付けないと」。皮膚科では、グリコール酸15% (最高濃度) のローションを処方してもらえるそう。このローションをサリチル酸のボディウォッシュと併用したり、シャワーを浴びながらヘチマスポンジを使ったりすることで効果が見られるケースもある。


「皮膚が少し分厚い部位では、ケミカルピーリングではなく、ヘチマスポンジやナッツなどを含んだスクラブを使った角質除去を試してみるといい」 とバンク博士。「何事もそうであるように、スクラブも少量で十分。たくさん使えば効果が上がるとは限らない」。シャワーで角質を除去したら、タオルで軽く水気を吸い取り (完全に乾かさないのがポイント)、水分を肌に閉じ込めるべく保湿クリームを。


Nail, Footwear, Pink, Foot, Toe, Leg, Ankle, Shoe, Human leg, Finger,



キッチンで低刺激のスクラブを作ってみよう。「敏感肌の角質除去には、砂糖とハチミツを混ぜて」 とペレド博士。バンク博士によると、コーヒーの粉もマイルドな角質除去に使えるそう。アスピリン (サリチル酸を含む鎮痛剤) を潰して自家製角質除去剤を作ってもいい。


Text:Christina Heiser Translation:Ai Igamoto Photo:Getty Images

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The GHD Glide Straightening Hot Brush

13-10-2020 · 4 ghd Glide tips from ghd's hair expert, Zoe Irwin. For short fringes, 'brush from underneath your fringe and gently lift outwards and upwards …


If you've been eyeing up the ghd Glide hot brush ever since it launched (and if you have, we can't blame you), then top news: as part of Amazon Prime Day it's currently discounted by £45.01. The cult frizz-taming tool is now £93.99, reduced from its original price of £139.

Designed to make it look as if you were born with sleek AF hair, the brush works on many different hair types: From straight, to wavy, kinky, afro and more coarse curl textures.

So, what is the ghd Glide Hot Brush?

A straightening tool in the form of a hair brush, the brush heats up to 185ºC and is complete with both short and long bristles.

The idea is that the tool can quickly smooth down and re-zhuzh second day hair, giving you some extra glam and minutes in bed. Winning.

WH digital editor Amy Lane tried the brush out on her post-workout hair and found that while it was heavier to handle than a normal brush, it's 'excellent to fight against second-day frizz.' Consider us sold, Ames.

Amy's top tip: 'Do brush your hair before using the brush, because while it does have bristles, these aren’t the type that can be dragged through knotty hair – you'll find yourself in a tangle fairly quickly.'

And whilst it wasn't a magic bullet to cure all of Amy's hair woes, shs was mega impressed with the fact that when she did a 'curved motion to create a soft inward bounce at the front, it worked!'

Can the ghd straightening brush replace your normal straighteners?

Long story short: No. Because it's not a straightener. The action of clamping two equally hot plates to your hair and straightening down is very different to brushing through strands with a heated brush. Plus, you can't create the big curls or mermaid waves with this brush that you would with a straightener.

That said, if you want to tidy up some bedhead, get out jarring kinks causes by hair ties or refresh a day-old blow dry, this absolutely is the tool for you.

4 ghd Glide tips from ghd's hair expert, Zoe Irwin

  • For short fringes, 'brush from underneath your fringe and gently lift outwards and upwards to give a soft rounded fringe,' says Irwin.
  • 'For longer fringes brush from the top of the hair and smooth to the sides, before you reach the end curve the brush back around on itself to create a flick effect.'
  • If you have short hair, the Glide Hot Brush may be perfect for you as it's great for adding volume to choppy styles. 'Work GHD glide through the side sections and place the brush underneath hair and lift in a rounded motion to add volume to shorter cropped styles,' says Irwin.
  • For long hair, Irwin suggests 'to create volume from the crown by lifting up hair and dividing it in sections before straightening'.

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